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Part 22: Episode 22: "Korvat Shot First"

Episode 22: "Korvat Shot First"

"… Captain…"

"Are you sure? I mean, you're still injured, do you really want to go through with this?"
"I'm certain, Lieutenant; and I assure you, I'm fit for duty."
"We'll have no time to recover them after the battle, the Romulans will have killed them by then. I had to volunteer."
"-the Romulan fleet!"
"… Will take one look at the Von Braun, laugh, and send a few Remans to destroy us. Which should buy us the time we need to raid the Romulan ground facility."
"This is stupid and dangerous, Korvat. Admiral T'Nae was against it and nobody else was willing to volunteer. Why?"
"They're Starfleet, Janzer. I'm not leaving them to die."

BlipTV version

Captain's Log posted:

So, it seems the data we recovered from the Vendor starbase was accurate. The Romulans were indeed massing an assault fleet on Rator III. In addition to a Scimitar-class vessel, they were also stockpiling Subspace weapons on the planet's surface. I don't feel much need to explain how letting the Romulans amass and use weapons capable of disrupting subspace, and thereby disrupting warp travel, is a bad thing.

I can only guess the ultimate target of the Romulan attack fleet; but I must assume they meant to strike Vulcan. I've asked Subcommander Vreenak, but she claims to have no personal knowledge of such an attack. She was surprisingly sanguine, although I was forced to have her confined to quarters for the duration of this mission. I expect Admiral Chakotay will demand to have her turned over to Starfleet Intelligence… and I gather she feels the same. So far, no such message has come. Right now, I'm not sure if I would find its arrival to be a disappointment or a relief.

I've asked for a moment of silence to honor the souls lost onboard the U.S.S. Shran, U.S.S. Horizon, U.S.S. Aphelion, and the U.S.S. Milwaukee; as well as the men and women lost on still-functioning ships… including our own. I can only hope the loss of one of their precious Scimitars was worth the price.

Warning: Do Not Ram

Better Know a Starship: Romulan Scimitar

Designed and built by the Remans right under the nose of the Tal Shiar (best secret police ever), the Scimitar is goddamned retarded.

Mounting numerous heavy disruptor cannons and disruptor beam arrays, as well as at least one photon torpedo launcher, the Scimitar is capable of cloaking in combat and is, theoretically, a match for an entire fleet. In addition to its battle cloak, the Scimitar also has access to Emergency Power to Shields, allowing it to keep its shields high under even the heaviest of enemy bombardments.

The ship is not without its (serious and crippling) design flaws. The Thalaron radiation weapon is slow to charge and easily evaded and, while quite damaging, isn't as dangerous as it could be. Additionally, the Scimitar has NO REAR-MOUNTED WEAPONS and is therefore quite easy to attack from behind. The Scimitar's battle cloak almost makes up for this, however, as the Scimitar can cloak freely and move into position to launch a devastating attack with the Thalaron weapon.

Green radiation? Pfft, it's fine. Blue radiation is the deadly stuff.