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Part 25: Episode 25: "Real McCoy"

Episode 25: "Real McCoy"

Captain's Log posted:

I've received word from our 'friend' in Section 31. The Devidian attacks in the neutral zone are growing worse and, according to Mr. Drake, the bulk of the Department of Temporal Investigations is currently working on a defense for the Orb of Time due to rumors that the True Way intend to steal one of the Tears of the Prophets.

That means the portal in the Computer Core of Drozana Station is still there, still active… and people are still dying. I've extended our shakedown cruise to include Drozana station; Tre'gata wants to test the Ozaki's performance at maximum warp and I think this is as good a time as any to make sure the Nacelles are in good working order.

Drozana's neutral ground for the Klingons, so I'm not expecting any trouble; and my visit to the station will give most of the crew an opportunity to try out the Holodeck. It's all they've been talking about since we encountered the Hirogen.

BlipTV version

"… And I demand to speak with Captains Carson."
"We're back, ev… what's going on?"
"Hsst, shh. Apparently there's a 'Grigori Rasputin' program in the Holodeck that's gained sentience. Apparently, Captain Carson made it some promises before he retired. It activated itself while Ensign Temujin and Ensign Ramirez were on a holo-date, disabled the holodeck safeties, and took them hostage. We've been trying to negotiate, but it's demanding Captain Carson and won't talk to anyone but him."
"Hhhhhhhgn… if it's not Borg tribbles opening and closing the doors, it's crazy photonic lifeforms. Has it made any other demands?"
"No, it's just asking to speak face to face with Captain Carson."
"Computer, end all holodeck programs."
"Unable to comply, command not recognized."
"We tried that already, Captain. He's somehow figured out how to prevent the computer from understanding the forced shutdown command."
"Uh-uh! I don't suggest tryings that again, or I'll kills a hostages! Now, where is Captain Carson?!"
"Computer, terminate all Holodeck personality emulation subroutines."
"Holodeck personality emulation subroutines have been disabled."

"Your girlfriends is such a pretty things. Would be great pity if something were to happens to her."
"You keep yer mitts offa her, or I'll show you how my family in Afghanistan treats Russian assholes!"
"Ha ha ha! You are very amusing, yes! You make joke at expense of Mother Russia, annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn"
"… What's he doing?"
"I… have no idea. It's like his mind isn't there anymore."
"Huh. Computer, re-engage holodeck safety protocols."
"Holodeck safety protocols have been re-initialized."
"Um, ok. End program?"
"Holodeck program terminated."
"… Woohoo! Thanks for saving me, Billy!"