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Part 26: Episode 26: "Noble Rescue"

Episode 26: "Noble Rescue"

Captain's Log posted:

We've received a distress call from the U.S.S. Nobel near the Romulan neutral zone. They were responding to reports of a medical emergency when they came under attack by Romulans. The call was just received, and we're less than an hour away at maximum warp. I've ordered the crew on full combat alert. By the time Starfleet receives my report on the Nobel's distress call, we'll already have rescued the ship.

Still no word from Franklin Drake about methods to get the Ozaki back in time. This isn't a task the Guardian of Forever would support, and I have a feeling the Department of Temporal Investigations will be displeased as well. Still, traveling back in time to destroy a single rogue comet doesn't seem like it will have a huge impact… but I'm still wondering whether it's the right thing to do.

I've had a few conversations with the Grigori Rasputin program. He seems rather… contrite now that he knows I have ways around his passive-aggressive photonic bullshit. He seems an… interesting character, and I've been studying history texts about him. Quite interesting indeed… I just don't know if he's trustworthy enough to be 'freed' from the confines of a holodeck. I've already had to kill one crazy hologram recently, it would be a shame to have to kill another.

Captain's Log posted:

We've tracked the Nobel's warp signature leading back across the Neutral Zone. It appears as though the Romulans have captured it. I've made a command decision that may turn around and bite me later, but… I've ordered the Ozaki across the Neutral Zone. I will not allow the Romulans to keep that ship or her crew.

BlipTV version (coming soon)

(Yes, I know it's 'Nobel' and not 'Noble'. Silly mistakes is just what I get for filming four episodes worth of content before actually making content out of them.)

Captain's Log posted:

The state of the Romulan defenses surprised me. A complete planetary shield complete with independently-shielded satellites is… extremely power-prohibitive. Sometimes, I'm amazed by what Romulan quantum-singularity technology is capable of.

I have to praise the Nobel and her crew. Even heavily damaged and with no weapons systems, they stuck around to recover both their crewmates and a team of civilian scientists the Romulans were holding against their will. I've heard no reports of any scientific vessels going missing in the vicinity, and communications with the Nobel have revealed these scientists were all targeted specifically by agents of the Tal Shiar for their knowledge of Borg technology.

The only known ship to successfully integrate Romulan and Borg technology was the Narada. If the Romulans are conducting similar experiments again, the Federation's border with the Romulans may be even less stable then we believe.

A few things about the "audience participation" mission I'm planning:

1) I can't promise it'll happen on a weekend, it depends on my schedule

2) I can't promise everyone'll get to come, so if you can't make it or the team fills up, you have my sympathy (but I don't want to hear any whining)

3) I can't promise I'm going to do anything like this again, I'm a terrible organizer so if this turns into a nightmare (for me) it won't happen again.

4) I can't promise a lot of notice. It's going to depend on how many days off I have and what day of the week they happen to be, whether or not I have Korvat at a respectable level for the mission, and whether or not Admiral T'Nae actually gives it to me since the Romulan mission arc is sorta bugged and can show up badly out of order.

5) It'll probably be first-come, first-serve. I can only bring five people along on this mission, although I'm pretty much fine with anyone of any level joining in if they're available, since I'm going to be in a ship my skills don't support at all.