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Part 27: Episode 27: "Kelvin and Hobus"

Episode 27: "Kelvin and Hobus"

Captain's Log posted:

By order of the Praetor of the Romulan Star Empire, the captain and crew of the U.S.S. Ozaki have been cordially invited to the Hobus system for a scientific survey of the planet Hobus I. This makes us the first Federation starship allowed to visit the system since Admiral Janeway diplomatically bludgeoned her way through the Romulan bureaucracy and made a visit. The Ozaki bears the distinction of being the only ship the Romulans have ever invited to the system.

It is, of course, a great honor for myself and my crew.

If you consider walking into an obvious trap deep in enemy territory to be a 'great honor'. I just wonder if they're after the Ozaki, me, Subcommander Vreenak, or all three of us.

BlipTV version

"You… surprise me, captain. Mercy, for a defeated enemy? Your time in the Federation has contaminated you. Where's your vaunted Cardassian efficiency?"
"It's far more efficient to learn what we need to know now, from you."
"Ha ha ha! As if I'd tell anything to a viper like you! You will regret sparing my life!"
"Aww, the hole-grubbing monster is trying to salve his ego."
"He may be right, Commander. Remans are dangerously telepathic…"
"I have nothing to say to you, Captain. Use whatever piddling tortures your Federation allows; I will not talk. I do, however, have a message for the girl."
"Oh, this ought to be good."
"Pathetic wretch! Fatherless exile! Your family's betrayal of the Romulan Star Empire has been rectified by the order of Praetor Taris herself."
"You're the last Vreenak now, girl, and you'll be killed on sight if you ever show your face on a Romulan world again! Ah-ha ha ha ha ha!"
"Korlissa, is-"
"It's alright, Commander. I know how Remans think. He'll say anything to get me to kill him. He's lying."
"He isn't."
"What? He's… he's not…"
"Calm down, Lil' Lady!"
"Nngh… let go of me!"
" Subcommander Vreenak! Remember your Duty!"
"Sss… huhh… I... I…"
"… The Reman… He's dead, sir."
"Ensign, please let her go before she breaks something. She's Romulan, remember? She's a lot stronger than you."
"Er, y… yessir!"
"I'm… I'm sorry, Commander."
"It's alright, Korlissa. We understand-"
"We do?"
"Shh-ixnay! Notinfrontofthe azycray omulanRay."
"-Let me walk you to your room. I'm going to give you some time off-"
"I… I can… can still perform my duties, sir."
"I know you can, Subcommander. You can return to them once you feel you're ready; for now, your duty is to honor your father's memory."
"I… thank you, sir."
"It's going to be… you're going to need some time to think. To grieve."
"I… I'm going to need some ink."