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Part 28: Episode 28: "Sphere"

Episode 28: "Sphere"

Captain's Log posted:

Ugh. Where to begin?

Although we evaded the Reman trap, due to Subcommander Vreenak's actions we were unable to properly interrogate the Reman commander of the Hobus system. That means we're forced to rely on a less-than-reliable method of learning more: attempting to track a transmission sent by the Remans at the end of the battle through subspace; which would be a difficult enough task in Federation space. Admiral T'Nae has devoted a large portion of Starbase 39-Sierra's computer resources in an attempt to extrapolate the communication's course. It was a tight-beam, heavily encoded transmission. We're lucky we traced it at all, and will be even luckier if Admiral T'Nae can narrow our search down to fifty star systems or less.

As for the Subcommander? I don't blame her for her rage and grief, I can only imagine how terrible grief must be to a Romulan; their emotions are already extremely powerful and erratic; and they revel in them in a way I find difficult to understand. Perhaps I just lack the 'emotional depth' to truly understand what drives her. No matter, reminding her of her 'duty' was a risk, and one I may live (or, more likely, won't survive to) regret. I was hoping… am hoping, that she'll honor her duty to her father past his death and, hopefully, her duty to the crew of the Ozaki, but…

In Romulan culture, in their military specifically, a Romulan soldier's first duty is to the Praetor. The same Praetor who ordered her father's death. The Praetor who Subcommander Vreenak is sworn to obey without question, without thought. Her duty to the Romulan Empire demands my death and the destruction of the Ozaki as 'atonement' for her family's 'crimes'.

So really, I should not feel sanguine about putting any trust in her, but…

… she was surprised to learn that Hobus III was an intentional attack. An attack on a star made with a subspace weapon powered by the same materials the Remans were mining from Hobus III. It doesn't take an agent of the Tal Shiar to uncover the mystery of who really destroyed Romulus and Remus. The nagging questions are 'why' and 'who ordered the attack'? Was it simple Reman spite? Romulan Insanity? Or is there something deeper here? Korlissa can't answer any of those things for me.

I spent more than two hours with Korlissa, I didn't want her to be alone after learning what happened to her father, so I remained until she'd grown exhausted and asked me to leave so she could rest. I've never seen anyone switch so quickly between crying on my shoulder to smashing furniture and back. It was… a truly uncomfortable, troubling experience.

Deep in her rage and grief, she provided me with the location of a site of extreme interest. The Romulan Empire has managed to capture an errant Borg sphere… the same sphere they used to engineer the Narada. I've sent the information to Starfleet Command, and received permission to 'scout' the location of the sphere. Korlissa isn't entirely certain where the Borg technology is being studied but, if the Sphere exists, I should be able to come up with a way to track down this research facility. I should be more worried that the Subcommander is simply trying to lure me into a trap, but… her desire for revenge seems to have overcome her duty to the Romulan Empire.

At least, for the moment.

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Captain's Log posted:

My faith in Korlissa remains justified (although I'm sure your boss, Admiral Chakotay, would likely consider me a fool for trusting a Romulan). I do not believe she is currently a spy, although I admit I'm not optimistic that I would be able to identify when her loyalty will change (and I am aware that it almost definitely will).

I… don't know what to make of the Borg data we recovered from the Romulan research facility. It's too much for me to go through, certainly. I've sent all the information to Starfleet Intelligence, and destroyed the Romulan facility. Unfortunately, the Romulans are already incorporating Borg technology into their ships. The Romulan Commander even gave me the location of the shipyards as he tried to kill me, as a matter of 'Romulan Honor'.

I've sent this… Romulan Insanity to Admiral T'Nae and Starfleet Intelligence as well. We can't afford to ignore this information, but I expect it will be some time before they come to a decision about what to do.