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Part 30: Episode 30: "Escape to Skull Planet"

Episode 30: "Escape to Skull Planet"

"I thought as much."
"… Are you disappointed with my answer?"
"In all honesty? No, it's what I expected."
"I'm sorry, sir… I didn't even get to say 'goodbye'. I idolized my father, but I was… angry when he sent me to join your crew. I… I… Idol. Idol, Idol…"
"… Idol, Icon! Iconia! Commander, the transmissions at Hobus, was Iconia on the list of potential destinations?"
"I'm not sure, let me check. …Yes, it's-"
"That's where you'll find them! The ones who destroyed Romulus, they're there!"
"The Reman mentioned Praetor Taris, like he'd spoken to her recently. Taris has always been fascinated by Iconia, ever since she was nearly killed there a few decades ago by some sort of Iconian computer virus. She's funded dozens of expeditions and they've always come back empty-handed. Please, Commander, you must trust me!"
"If I were to send this information to Starfleet Command, they'd tell me I'm a fool for trusting a Romulan; that you're simply leading me into a trap and should likely be turned over to Starfleet Intelligence for 'debriefing'…"
"S… sir…"
"Lieutenant Commander Janzer."
"Yes, sir?"
"Set course for the planet Iconia, Warp 8."
"Yes sir!"
"Thank you-"
"Don't thank me yet. Can you get us through the Romulan sensor net, Subcommander?"
"Yes, Commander, I can."
"Then you'd better return to your post."
"Yes, sir! I… Korvat, thank you."

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Captain's Log posted:

We just abducted one of the leaders of the Romulan Empire and breached the Neutral Zone without explicit orders. The Admiralty is not going to be happy when I turn up with Praetor Taris is 'safely' in our brig, although judging by the Romulan reaction, they either don't realize we have her, or simply don't care. Perhaps Franklin Drake…

No. I can't believe I'm contemplating turning her over to Section 31 (Oh, I know you'll wind up with her eventually, I'm sure, but for now) I'll go to T'Nae with our prisoner and our evidence. She did give me permission to 'pursue the matter further' which, I hope, will be enough.

I still don't know anything about that mystery ship. In the few seconds it was… visible? Tangible? It attacked us with some sort of anti-proton weapon. Even Korlissa couldn't identify it, but I do know it didn't cloak. It just… appeared, then vanished. I can only assume it relates to the mystery individual who escaped through the Iconian gateway on the planet's surface.

I'm… pleased with Subcommander Vreenak's performance today. Even learning that Praetor Taris really was responsible for the destruction of Romulus and the… decimation of her family, she resisted the… temptation? Opportunity?… to execute the Praetor on the spot.

When I asked her about it, her response was 'Commander, would you have kept any respect for me if I had killed Taris?' Of course, she could simply have seen an opportunity to blackmail either the Federation or myself at some point in the future, but… I just don't think that's her intention. Perhaps she feels subjecting Praetor Taris to a Romulan's Lifetime of human food is revenge enough.

Prophets know I find human food torturous.