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Part 31: Episode 31: "Bughunter"

Episode 31: "Slingshot"

Captain's Log posted:

Things have… 'quieted down' a bit. I suspect Starfleet wants the Ozaki to keep a low profile-we've made quite a name for ourselves here on the Romulan border, and I suspect we'd be near the top of the Romulan military's 'shoot to kill' charts… that is, if they weren't so intent on shooting first and never asking questions.

The sad thing is, many of our missions along the Romulan border could have been peaceful if it weren't for the Hirogen, Romulans, and Remans. It seems they've grown out of their 'stand off, hold a polite but guarded and innuendo-filled conversation filled with vague threats' phase and into a more Klingon-like 'kill all intruders' phase of their society; which is a shame. It seems I'll never have a peaceful conversation with any Romulan who isn't Korlissa Vreenak. Her way of looking at things is… even more alien than the humans', but she has a keen mind and she's an interesting conversationalist. She tends to bring up points others miss, but I'm digressing again.

Starfleet has been… oddly silent of late. I would be more concerned, but we just received a 'suggestion' from our 'friend' Franklin Drake to head to a nearby, uncharted star. I'm not entirely certain what his purpose is, but I suspect it has something to do with Drozana station. He also mentioned that he had a… 'surprise' in store for me as well.

I'm not certain I like the sounds of that.

BlipTV version

Captain's Log posted:

There are days when I understand the obscure human saying of 'slamming one's head into one's desk'. This is one of those days.

The holo-emitters (which, for lack of a better term, I am calling the 'D7 Device') which Franklin Drake had quietly installed on the Ozaki by unknown parties in the crew were… in a word, incompatable with the ship's systems. They tied the entire system into our deflector array and sensor net, and hid the entire system in the barely-used Cargo Bay 5 (curse my propensity to organize the contents of the cargo bays to keep similar types of supplies in the same location).

The holo-system by itself isn't the problem, however. The Borg-tech Temporal Warp device? THAT is a problem. It activated automatically right after Franklin Drake's message played. It got us back to the right time, but we're still at Drozana station several thousand light years from our post along the Romulan border. Even better? The chronoton surge interacted with the D7 Device and fried our entire sensor net and knocked our navigational deflector completely offline. The navigational deflector is completely irreparable, it will have to be replaced.

I am not looking forward to explaining this to the Admiralty. I did manage to reach Franklin Drake, however. He was concerned about the success of our mission, although he wasn't entirely certain what the 'threat' we'd been sent back in time to deal with actually was. He suggested we blame the failures on an encounter with an unstable wormhole, and that Admiral Janeway was 'particularly likely' to accept such an explaination.

I suspect, personally, that that excuse will hold up only until someone reads my logs.

Other News:
The voting goes extremely well. We now have a frontrunner, I expect voting will end at 12:00 noon MST (11:00 PST, 1:00 CST, 2:00 EST) (so, in about an hour and a half) when I'll announce the winner. I'm not going to say who's in the lead, but I will say we've received over a hundred votes this tier (as compared to: 21 votes in Tier 1, 35 votes in Tier 2)!