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Part 33: Episode 33: "R&R Redux"

Episode 33: "R&R Redux"

You guys get a double update today, because this one? … Well, this one's not a "full" update, since it's just a video of myself and the guys from last time screwing around in runabouts.

Captain's Log posted:

I've decided to accept Commander Discordia's offer to participate in a little… 'exercise'. I think the commander of the Bounty will glad to have rid of me for a few hours.

Commander Discordia's ship is… interesting. Unlike the other ships built along the same lines, the Horizon is a science vessel, not a medical ship. The crew seems prone to making jokes about 'gaseous anomalies', however. I have to keep this brief, since I believe I'm the first to arrive.

BlipTV version

Captain's Log posted:

Well, that was… interesting. Commander Discordia apparently put together a holodeck simulation based on some three or four hundred year old, uh… 'video-vision' program, or something. I'd never seen it before, so we watched… 'an episode' beforehand. It was… well, between this, the laughable plots of their mysteries (only one guilty party? Really?) and that music Ensign Khan spends most of his time listening to, well, if this is what humans consider 'classical art', it's no wonder they're such a strange bunch.

In any case, the… holodeck adventure was surprisingly enjoyable. I had no idea how maneuverable those little Danube Runabouts really were. I can see why the Maquis prized them back in the day. The old phasers aren't especially powerful, and I almost wish I'd thought to upgrade them to something a little better; but at least the chronoton torpedoes I was using during the simulation were reasonably effective.

Ready everyone? It's Morphin' Time!

… I don't think we're doing this right.

Poptarts' Notes:
I don't have a lot to say about this episode. We had a lot of fun filming it, but you've seen Starbase 24 before… just not with Runabouts. The runabout is interesting: it comes with a custom phaser with a 360 degree fire arc, BUT the phaser is technically Mk 0, it does less damage than any other weapon in the game.

I was also using a new torpedo weapon here: Chronoton Torpedoes. ChronoTorps are one of the worst torpedo weapons in the game. Every hit has a 33% chance to massively slow an enemy ship, but they're very weak (they do half the damage of a regular Photon) and have a 10 second recharge.

If you look closely, you'll probably notice that with the Runabout's inherently high speed, I can outrun photon torpedoes when I've hit evasive maneuvers. They'll hit eventually, but if you're out of range (more than 10 km away) from the ship that fired them when they eventually do hit you, they'll do no damage.