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Part 35: Episode 35: "Bughunter"

Episode 35: "Idiot Array"

Captain's Log posted:

We've received word from Starfleet Command; a Federation science vessel has gone missing in the area. They were on a routine scientific survey near the Romulan border, and they've gone silent. Odds are, the Romulans mistook them for some sort of Federation spy mission (which may very well be the case, but it's not really my duty to question).

I've set a course for their last known coordinates; which appears to be a debris field of some sort: a conglomeration of starship detritus that has merged into a sort of… cosmic junk yard, or some such. With luck, it will be just a simple comms malfunction, but from my experience, it's never just a simple comms malfunction.

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 Sorry about this, guys. The cliffhanger was too tempting to not use. It's almost a pity we're not in the Intrepid yet.