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Part 37: Episode 37: "Left Behind" "Riker's Dick Endangers the Galaxy (again)"

Episode 37: "Left Behind" "Riker's Dick Endangers the Galaxy (again)"

"Welcome aboard. I'm Commander Elerena Galti, first officer aboard the U.S.S. Calvin Hudson."
"It is a… pleasure… to be here. I am Glin Vorlaj."
"We're glad to have you aboard, Vorlaj."
"… Commander Galti, it is a customary form of respect to refer to me by my title and name."
"Of course, Glin Vorlaj. I'm afraid I've been a bit distracted bringing this ship up to speed."
"I was under the impression that this ship was in full working order."
"Oh, it is; but most of the crew is new to the ship, and the Intrepid class can have a bit of a… reputation. We've simply been running last-minute diagnostics."
"I understand. Will I be meeting your Captain soon?"
"Soon. He's running several last minute checks of our tactical systems."
"I'd like to meet him."
"That will… have to wait until he's ready."
"I'm not sure I understand. Does your Captain have something against Cardassians, or just against Liaison Officers in general?"
"In all honesty, while there are some aspects of having you aboard that trouble him, it's my reassignment as his first officer he's most displeased with. He lost a good officer, and I'm afraid I've gone out of my way to antagonize him in the past."
"I… understand. I think."
"You don't, yet… but you will soon enough."

"Hhh… yes, Commander Galti?"
"I just thought you should know; our new Liaison officer has completed the tour. I was wondering if you'd finished-"
"Yes, Commander, I have. I would appreciate it if you'd bring her to the bridge for a formal introduction. We're about to depart, and I'd like to make sure she's familiar with our tactical stations."
"Right away, sir."
"… I begin to understand. He really doesn't like you, does he, Commander? Does he have something against telepaths?"
"No, that's… that's not it. He doesn't… dislike me, but I've… forfeited his respect. His reasons are… understandable."
"But you're not going to share them."
"No, I'm not. We're here, so there isn't the time. Perhaps… we'll discuss it later. Captain! I'd like to introduce you to Glin Vorlaj of the CDF. Glin Vorlaj… our Captain, Isshan Korvat."
"… Is this some kind of joke?"
"No, Glin Vorlaj; I assure you it is not. I am afraid further discussion must wait. We've just received new orders: there is a band of True Way pirates launching attacks from the Badlands."
"How do you expect to find them? The Badlands can wreak havoc with sensors. Our patrols have never-"
"Then it's a good thing we're not onboard a Galor. This ship is equipped with a trans-spectral sensor array, the 'anomalies' in the badlands will offer the True Way no protection."
"I… I see."

BlipTV version

"Captain Korvat, may I speak with you?"
"Of course, Glin Vorlaj, please come in. I assume your queries to Cardassia Prime's central databanks turned up no information about me."
"I… yes, you are correct. I would… appreciate an explanation. As would central command."
"I am the only Cardassian in Starfleet."
"How… Why?"
"Perhaps if I told you I'm half Andorian."
"I would tell you that I find that unlikely."
"You would? I suppose I would find your mistrust shocking."
"… You don't mean to tell me anything, do you?"
"And deny you the chance to solve this mystery?"
"… Well, one thing is certain. You are Cardassian."
"You know, I have always suspected as much."