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Part 38: Episode 38: "ARGHH"

Episode 38: "ARGHH"

Captain's Log posted:

After our brief foray into the Badlands (where we uncovered not only a True Way base; but a group of forgotten Maquis captives left over from the Dominion war thirty years ago), we've been assigned a scientific mission in Federation space. It should be a good opportunity for the crew to get to know each other.

A Kotakian trader passing through the area discovered several anomalies which he described as 'swimming through space'. Cosmozoan life forms are extremely rare, and the thought of being the first to properly catalogue such creatures has the whole crew excited. Even Glin Vorlaj seems pleased by this assignment. Our interactions so far have been cordial (at least as cordial as any conversation I've ever had with my own people). She has quite a keen mind, and doesn't seem as… trapped in the typical Cardassian mindset that stresses duty and mindless loyalty over all. Honestly, I take her willingness to talk back to me as a good sign: she has a mind and she's willing to use it; which can't have made her popular among her commanders in the CDF.

Unfortunately, Subcommander Vreenak has brought to my attention that several of the enlisted crewmen have been… for lack of a better term, 'harassing' her. I know the Calvin Hudson's new crew isn't used to the idea of having a Romulan onboard, but I will act if they don't settle down in a few days. Korlissa is a Romulan, with all that entails. I may not understand her 'honor', but I do understand that it's likely one day, that 'honor' will require her to betray us. So far from the Empire, however, I suspect her continued presence will not be a problem. Although she hasn't asked, her computer logs show that she's been researching the requirements for Federation citizenship. If she does make her petition, she will have my full support.

BlipTV version

"Very good, Captain. You passed with flying colors."
"You son of a bitch!"
"What does that expression mean?"
"It's a human expression, I believe: expressing a desire to kill an offending party; but also demanding information and giving the offending party time to explain aspects of the situation that may currently be unknown."
"Thank you, Subcommander Vulcan. I'm sorry, I can't remember your name."
"It's 'Vreenak', and I assure you, I'm no Vulcan."
"Now Korvat, we both know there's no call for such agression! After your abysmal performance in the Badlands, I had to put this little test together for you, to see if you were still up to the task; to see if you still have that 'killer instinct' I so appreciate."
"I don't appreciate this, Drake."
"Which is a pity, since I did it for your sake, Captain. At least now we can be reasonably certain that none of your crew are Undine. You got my message?"
"I did."
"Good. They're after you, Captain."
"They're after everyone."
"No, Captain, I mean they're after you, specifically. You should be proud. You've put paid to so many Undine plots that they'd be much happier if you were one of them. Or dead."
"And if I were already an Undine?"
"Hah, if I had any suspicions of that, we wouldn't be here having this conversation. So don't push your luck, Captain, I know you find tests like this distasteful, I just needed to be sure you're still able to do what needs to be done."
"Mister Drake, the only thing that needs to be done is my duty to the Federation. If a bunch of alien shapeshifters want me dead for that, then I appreciate the warning; however I'm hardly about to go 'hide under the covers' and wait for things to resolve themselves. If the Undine do make an attempt on me, I will be ready. I've been expecting it since I killed the first one on P'Jem."
"Very good, that's the Captain Korvat I remember. I take it that means you're done moping about Commander Janzer's reassignment?"
"Ensign Hauzahn is hard at work already, I see. The next time you stick me with a watchdog, Franklin, you should make it a less obvious one."
"… I'll keep that under advisement."