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Part 40: Episode 40: "Viper's Nest"

Episode 40: "Viper's Nest"

Captain's Log posted:

The Undine vessel slipped away in the heat of combat, but thanks to our trans-spectral sensor array, we were able to plot her course.

She's heading straight for Deep Space Nine. I've set a course at maximum warp… we should be able to make it there in less than two hours, but that still gives the Undine plenty of time to act. It seems this is another ploy of Captain T'Vala to destroy me… I don't know why she spent her surprise on Captain Howard and the Carlisle, with our shields down a single, full-yield Photon Torpedo could have… my only assumption is that the Undine posing as T'Vala viewed the Cerberus-class Carlisle as a greater threat, and expected to pick us apart at her leisure. In that respect, I'm glad to have disappointed her; but the loss of the Carlisle with all hands… this has not been a good day so far.

BlipTV version

"Glin Vorlaj, you look troubled."
"… Prying into my mind, Commander?"
"It doesn't take a telepath to see you're upset."
"Oh, and I suppose you're an expert on my psyche now?"
"You two can flirt to your heart's content later. What's troubling you, Glin?"
"We're not-"
"I'm... Ffff, it's those ships. The Cardassian ones. I don't know much about these… Undine, Captain, but the Malvern? The Rexton? I served on both of those ships. To find them here, under the control of… of alien shapeshifters? I had friends on the Rexton, I… Captain, Commander, who are the Undine?"
"A deadly enemy, originally provoked by the Borg. They come from another dimension, filled with a bizarre… fluid. Beyond that, we know very little about them. They view our universe as a threat, and have been trying to destroy it. They're… like the Founders, but infinitely worse. No blood test, no phaser sweep will reveal them. Even death isn't enough to cause them to revert after they've polymorphed. They're… an extremely dangerous, frightening opponent, Glin Vorlaj."
"There has to be more information than that!"
"I'm afraid there isn't. We simply don't know enough about them, and what we do know could be compromised. For what it's worth, I'm sorry about your friends on the Rexton."
"… We can't trust anyone, can we?"
"We can, and we should. The Undine want us to feel alone, afraid, and helpless. I'm not going to let them win. We're not going to let them win. Do you all understand?"
"Yes, sir!"

Priority Message, Section 31 posted:

I have to hand it to you, sir.

Whatever you did to motivate Captain Cardie worked wonders. He's nothing like the Korvat I remember from the Academy: he's not the odd one out in the Academy Cafeteria, eating by himself while studying up on Federation history. He's got confidence… when you need him, I think he'll be ready.

… If not, I certainly will be.