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Part 41: Episode 41: "Where Prophets Lie"

Episode 41: "Where Prophets Lie"

Captain's Log posted:

The U.S.S. Rapier is overdue.

She should have arrived from the Gamma Quadrant sometime during our battle with the Undine, but she never emerged. There are worries that the so-called New Dominion may have captured her. The Rapier may be an older ship, but it's up to date enough that losing it, letting the Dominion reverse-engineer it, could give them an advantage over current Federation designs.

Since Deep Space Nine's defense forces can't be spared for the search, I volunteered. This is exactly the sort of mission the Calvin Hudson is intended to fulfill. We'll see the Rapier's crew rescued and home safe. They're Starfleet, and I'll be damned if I'm going to leave them to die.

BlipTV version

Captain's Log posted:

The Rapier is safely back in Federation territory. It seems our worst fears were realized, most of the Rapier's crew was killed by Jem Hadar. I've put Lieutenant Baker up for a commendation. I wouldn't want to command any ship through a combat zone with weapons offline. Fortunately, the Jem Hadar were more interested in bringing the Rapier back intact, and she only took a minimal amount of fire.

I just wish we'd gotten to her sooner. Lieutenant Baker's crew deserved a better fate.

"… Captain. May I come in?"
"Well, since you used one of the tricks Section 31 taught you to bypass the lock, you may as well."
"I'm not-"
"Yes you are. It's immaterial. What can I do for you?"
"I was hoping we could… catch up. I haven't spoken with you since the Academy."
"You never spoke to me at the Academy."
"Hhh… I'm trying to get to know you, Captain. I have many talents beyond medicine. It would be a mistake not to take advantage of them."
"You're requesting permission to join an away mission."
"Yes. You take the Romulan, you take the Cardassian, but you don't take me. I was… curious, to learn your reasons why."
"You'd prefer I leave the Subcommander up here unsupervised?"
"That may be true for the Cardassian, but it's not for the Romulan. You trust her. That's foolish."
"You've been reading my logs."
"I'd report you, but your boss would just make that report vanish."
"He would. He's a brilliant man, and he'll save you from yourself yet, Captain. I'm curious… when did you make me as one of Drake's operatives?"
"I knew Section 31 would try to get someone onboard my ship eventually, and you're just the type they like. Brilliant. Ambitious. Easily convinced that Section 31's way is the best way. I didn't know you were one of Drake's until you admitted it just now."
"I… see."
"Some advice, Ensign. Just because you are brilliant does not mean you are devious. You may wish to reconsider becoming a professional spy. If I remember right, you never could resist an intellectual challenge. Cryptography would be more up your alley."
"I'll keep that in mind, sir; but you make my case for me. I may not be 'devious' enough to slip by you, but Korlissa Vreenak is. I'm going to be blunt: she's playing you like a Vulcan with a Lytherette."
"I know."
"You don't und-you know?"
"I do. She's a Romulan, manipulation is what they do."
"Then… why haven't you done anything about it?"
"That's a very good question."
"… Are you going to answer it?"
"And deny you the satisfaction of figuring this puzzle out by yourself?"
"Wow… Drake was right."
"You are a bastard."

Well, it's Black Friday… and while I have a lot of footage waiting to be processed, I may not have a video for you guys tomorrow. I'm going to do my best, but the next episode is taking more time to process and some of the upcoming videos have 30-50 minutes of content for me to sift through and deal with. I'm going to do my best, but I may have to do another text update tomorrow.

And yes, I do intend to show some Klingon content. I can't say for sure how much, because it's so spread out that I'd have to devote a ton of time to grinding in order to hit a reasonable level, but I will make the attempt.