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Part 44: Episode 44: "There Are Four Lights"

Episode 44: "There Are Four Lights"

Captain's Log posted:

Our Trans-Spectral Sensors have finally paid off. With Glin Vorlaj's help, the Calvin Hudson has been tracking True Way movements across the entire sector. There are very few commonalities; they strike and move on, however… I'm starting to see several patterns emerge. We've already uncovered a True Way mine supplying raw materials to the, ahem, less advanced Cardassian industrial replicators; but every base we uncover is small change: Nearly every True Way ships has, at one point or other, received a subspace transmission from the Trivas system.

The True Way's leadership is at Empok Nor.

I never thought I'd see that miserable place a…s anything more than a picture in a history textbook. From what I've heard, most of the station lies derelict and barely functional, with whole sections sealed off due to hull breaches and other issues. It's the perfect hideout, but it's hardly safe: my people filled it with booby traps when they left it. I expect the True Way has disarmed most of them, but if Starfleet's… friend, Elim Garak, fails to come through with the station's access codes we'll never make it aboard without triggering some sort of internal defense system. I wouldn't put it past the True Way to rig Empok Nor to self destruct if anyone uninvited pays them a visit.

No matter how this ends, it's time to take the head from the serpent.

BlipTV version

"Captain, are you..?"
"How… is… Korlissa?"
"It's a good thing you toggled over to heavy stun at the last instant, sir, or she'd have been atomized."
"She'll make a full recovery. I'm more worried about you, and Glin Vorlaj. Whatever was in the air down on that station was…"
"We need to be isolated."
"That's not necessary; the airborne drugs only affect Cardassians. It's not contagious-"
"We need to be isolated. From everyone, especially each other. Commander, I'm turning over command to you until whatever this is can be purged from our systems."
"Understood, sir, but is this really necessary?"
"I didn't toggle over to heavy stun."
"What?! Then how-"

"Sir… are you alright?"

"Computer… erect Level 3-"
"Level 5."
"-Level 5 containment field around Captain Korvat. Do the same around Glin Vorlaj."
"Don't I get any say about this?"

"… Aaargh, I feel like I'm going crazy!"
"You ARE! And your pacing is driving me crazy. Can't you sit still for ten seconds?!"
"Why, so you can keep staring at me?"
"Why would anyone want to stare at you?"
"… And you wonder why I shot you in the back. Traitor."

"… Well?"
"Mm. This is fascinating, Cap… Commander. I've done a search of Starfleet databases, and apparently this was encountered before. It's some sort of psychotropic drug created by the Obsidian Order to heighten aggression… but it was too effective, too powerful. The good news is, now that they're away from it, the drug should wear off in a few hours."
"Is there any way to speed the process along?"
"Well, yes. Doctor Bashir's solution is quite elegant. I'd have loved to have met him in his prime. Still, this is a wonderful opportunity for scientific research-"
"The Calvin Hudson needs her Captain more than you need material for a dissertation, Ensign. Understood?"
"Understood. Sir."

"Oh, you shot me in the back and now I'm the traitor?"
"What was it Gul Madred asked you? 'How are your parents?'"
"That was after you shot me. He was bluffing."
"Yes, but how you responded? 'How's your daughter'?"
"Because she's dead. I've read the files for all the known True Way leadership. I said it to make him angry and keep him from trying to make a run for it. It worked."

"Stop staring at me."
"You first."
"Like I'd turn my back on you."
"We're in separate force fields. I couldn't lay a finger on you even if I wanted to."

"Fine. You turn your back first."

"No, I really don't think that's going to happen."