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Part 45: Episode 45: "I.K.S. Gargoyle"

Episode 45: "I.K.S. Gargoyle"

"… So then I said… hey, wait. You there!"
"HALT! Identify yourself, what business could you possibly have on Qo'nos?!"

"Are you talking to me?"
"Who else would I be talking to?! IDENTIFY YOURSELF!"
"I don't see you making demands of anyone else, Warrior."
"That's because everyone else is Klingon!"
"I. AM. KLINGON! I am Gul Iath! COMMANDER Gul Iath of the House of Martok! Ship commander of the I.K.S. Gargoyle of the Klingon 'Defense' Force. You DARE question me, Warrior?!"
"Um, er… yes."
"You insult my HONOR!"
"Urghk! Blagh"
"You, Warrior, retrieve my D'k tahg."
"… Er, ship commander, your D'k tahg seems to be in order."
"Do you question my honor, warrior?"
"No, ship commander. You say you are Klingon, and a Klingon's word should always be trustworthy. How did you come to look like a… er-"
"It is the fault of the honorless Federation! We were raiding against a Cardassian battlefleet near Drozana station when the Federation interfered. I slew many vessels, then beamed down to the Cardassian flagship and singlehandedly took it in the name of the Klingon empire; but as I was beaming back the Federation cowards attacked and there was a transporter accident. I slew them all for their temerity."
"Come, warrior, let us drink a toast to my success and for this young warrior's swift journey to Sto'Vo'Kor! HA HA HA!"
"Yes! A TOAST! Bloodwine, to honor your glorious victory! HA HA HA!"

"… This is way too easy."

BlipTV version

"How are you feeling?"
"… That's a question I should be asking."
"Duma says the drug's been completely purged from my system."
"We both know that doesn't answer my question."
"No. I suppose it doesn't. I almost killed you."
"I know. Doctor Tamora would've been quick to point out that, from a purely logical standpoint, it wasn't your fault."
"Intent means more."
"It does. You intended to kill me, and I have to wonder if somewhere deep down, you still think of me as an enemy. You were able to hold your aggression towards everyone else."
"I wasn't."
"… What?"
"You were the only one who presented me with the opportunity. You trusted me completely."
"Yes… I suppose I did. Of course, now I'm reminded of an old axiom. Never turn your back on a Cardassian."
"So… what happens now?"
"How are things between you and Vorlaj?"
"Yeah… I can imagine. Still no idea whether you wanted to kill her or sleep with her?"

"… Hahaha, sorry. I'll take that as a 'no'."
"At the time I just wanted her dead. In hindsight, things are much less clear."
"How much do you remember?"
"All of it, but… it's all wrong. I betrayed all of you."
"It's the first time any of us have really had to confront your Cardassian nature, that's true."
"My Cardassian nature?"
"Ooh, does that mean I have a Romulan nature?
"… Heh, ok. Must be my Betazoid nature getting the better of me, sorry. It's good to have you back, sir."
"… Yeah, it is. So long as you don't shoot me again."
"Well, not unless you have to, anyway. Alright?"
"Heh, alright."