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Part 46: Episode 46: "Rabbit Hole'd"

Episode 46: "Rabbit Hole'd"

Captain's Log posted:

We've received a message from Commander Maxwell, asking me to come see him on the docking ring. This is highly unusual, I've never met Maxwell. I have a feeling this is another of Franklin Drake's ploys, so I've ordered the crew on high alert.

Still… I'd hardly picture Commander Maxwell as a member of Section 31. His record's too spotless; and that's what has me so worried. Something is going on and someone very clearly wants us at the docking ring. The real question is: who, and why?

BlipTV version

"… Where am I?"

"Captain Brott?"
"We are the Prophets. We will speak."
"We have always been. We will always be. We are of Bajor."
"… I am Captain Korvat, of Starfleet. …and Cardassia."
"It is linear. It is limited."
"It is a viper. Perhaps it should be eliminated."

"No anger? Interesting."
"Perhaps it can be useful."

"We will answer your questions."
"… Can you tell me about the Orb of Possibilities?"
"The Orb is not of this Bajor."
"It vas not meant to be found here. Not this time. Not this place."
"It is wrong."
"What happened to Bajor should not have happened."
"Let me guess… our Orb is in the other universe, and theirs is here?"
"Correct. The Orb has a Mirror. A Twin. A Reflection."
"You must cross over to the other side. Bring the Orb and its Mirror together. Only doing this will restore the balance between dimensions."
"Bajor will be as it should be."
"… Wouldn't that be like combining matter and antimatter? I thought the so-called 'mirror' universe was-"
"The Sisko has convinced us to leave this task to you."
"It is your Destiny, Captain. Find the Mirror. Restore the balance. The path is for you, and you alone."

"Wait, I have-"
"Captain, you're back! What happened?"
"I just had a… chat with the Prophets. Commander… set a course for Deep Space Nine. I think I need to contact some Admirals."
"… And you'll get to see Commander Janzer again, hehe..."
"Yes, that too. If anyone can tell me about the Prophets, it's her."


"Have a good chat with Kurland?"
"He's ordered a full mobilization watching the Wormhole. It's all we can do for now. They're preparing mines, but with luck, we won't have to use them."
"Any more sign of the Terran Federation?"
"None, fortunately, but somehow this feels more like a beginning then an end."
"I know how you-"
"-their back on the other. It was an interesting couple of hours."
"Hahaha. It certainly sounds it."
"I found her, Captain."
"Thank you, Glin Vorlaj."
"Commander, Glin Vorlaj, do you mind if I borrow your illustrious leader for a bit?"
"Er, no. Not at all."

"So, is Gilana my replacement?"
"Hardly a replacement. I haven't had a good argument since you left."
"You never were very good at flattery… It's good to see you again, sir. I didn't expect to find you on Deep Space Nine."
"I could say the same, I didn't see the Ozaki docked. Thanks for the help, earlier."
"It was like old times, I'm just sorry the Ozaki and I couldn't join in on the fun. She's still at her posting, by the way, I just had some leave stockpiled and wanted to take the opportunity to visit Bajor."
"Well, it's good to know Drake's promise to keep me informed was a lie."
"What was that?"
"Nothing. I thought you were stockpiling your leave for the Time of Cleansing next month. Did you change your mind?"
"Let's just say… it's more important that I be here, now."
"Cryptic. How have you been, Commander? It feels like it's been months. Is the doctor doing alright?"
"Just fine. The Calvin Hudson looks like a nice little ship, by the way. When I spotted you on the promenade, I half expected to learn you were commanding a Sovereign."
"The Federation seems disinclined to trust me with our best hardware."
"The Federation has always been a bit foolish. They did let you into the Academy."
"Oh, I know. They give you your own command."
"They let you design your own uniform. You have horrible fashion sense, by the way."
"I'm a captain, not a tailor. I didn't know you spent so much time contemplating my clothing. I'd have thought a Starfleet commander would have better things to do with her time."
"Someone has to do it. So, are we fighting or flirting this time?"
"Do you have to ask, Hela?"
"So, both then?"
"I didn't say it was either."
"Hahaha… I've missed these talks with you, Ijan."
"I've missed you too, He-"

"… Captain?"
"-What did you call me?"
"Shit! His name's different here, why didn't they tell me his name's different here?!"
"Try to finish that, and I'll finish you. I'm sure you recognize the D'k Tagh… a little deeper and you'll be needing an artificial heart, so please, don't push your luck."
"Don't you… think this goes… a little beyond flirting, imposter?"
"So flippant. I've always hated that about you, Ijan, or whatever you're calling yourself. You've never taken me seriously."
"Quite the contrary, you just stabbed me. I'm taking this very seriously."
"Good. I told you I don't want to kill you, and that's true. You've done good work today, Ijan. Anything that sets the Terran Federation back is aces in my book. So really, thank you."
"Mmm… if you ever find yourself on the other side, look me up. I'll make it worth your time. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!"

"Se… Security to.. east… ov...urgh."