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Part 47: Episode 47: "Link's Awakening"

Episode 47: "Link's Awakening"

"How are you feeling, Captain?"
"I've been better."
"Well, you're lucky. Another inch, and…"
"I'm aware. Thank you, Ensign."
"Perhaps we should leave him alone for a while."
"That won't be necessary. Thank you, for your concern; and you doctor, for saving my life."
"Are you alright, sir?"
"It wasn't really Janzer. So yes, I'm alright."
"There've been no sign of Mirror forces since you disabled their transport inhibitors. Tre'gata has been studying them… they're apparently based on Romulan technology. He's been helping the Deep Space 9 engineering team upgrade their sensors, and thinks they'll be able to detect these devices if they turn up again."
"Good; thank you, William."
"We received a priority message while you were unconscious, sir. The Federation has been analyzing our sensor data and… we believe we've located the source of most of the New Dominion forces in the area. I took the liberty of setting a course, sir. They'll be dispatching a fleet to help us out."
"Thank you, Commander. What's-"
"Sir, I have to advise you to take it easy on this mission. You've-"
"I'll take that under advisement, Ensign. Am I unfit for duty?"
"N-no, sir. I just want to keep you under observation for a while. Make sure you have no complications. We wouldn't want you catching Lupus or something."
"… Heh, alright, Doctor."
"Sir, I really think-wait, you're not going to argue?"
"Why would I?"
"Does that mean I'm not worth flirting with? You've made angry-eyes with everyone else on the crew."
"… What?!"
"Not the best time for jokes, lil' lady."
"Ok, ok, sorry! … I couldn't help myself. You left yourself wide open for that one."
"… Yeah. It would appear I've been doing that too often lately. Excuse me."
"… Damn it."
"You're going to need to be more careful if you ever want a second pip on that uniform, Ensign."

BlipTV version

Captain's Log posted:

We've received a message from Deep Space 9. The Jem Hadar of the "New Dominion" are upset at the death of a changeling, and have called upon their True Way allies to launch a full-scale assault on Deep Space 9. I've ordered the Calvin Hudson to set a course. The Jem Hadar couldn't have picked a worse time for their revenge, as our trans-spectral sensors reveal over a dozen Federation starships en route in response to Deep Space 9's distress call.

I'm already in contact with most of the captains of these ships; and we'll be adjusting our speed to arrive simultaneously. With any luck, this show of force should be a hammer blow to the so-called "New Dominion" and send their True Way allies slithering back under their rock.