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Part 49: Episode 49: "Sneaking Mission"

Episode 49: "Sneaking Mission"

Captain's Log posted:

Deep Space Nine's repair crews are really something. Less than a week after the Jem Hadar attack and there's barely a scratch on the station.

The Calvin Hudson has been detailed to support work; the Federation has been trying to support the Cardassian Union ever since the Dominion bombardment of Cardassia Prime. Unfortunately, they've been providing far less help then either we or the Federation would've liked; which has given the True Way a bit firmer hold on the hearts and minds of the people than the Detapa Council would care to admit-

"Captain… excuse me, I'm sorry if I interrupted you, but…"
"What can I do for you, Lieutenant?"
"Well, I wanted to say 'thank you' for your recommendation-"
"It's nothing. I'm of the opinion that talent should be rewarded; and you earned that promotion."
"I was… actually hoping you'd be willing to take me on a ground mission, sir. I know you'd rather me up here, but I could be of real use."
"You don't strike me as the 'away mission' type, Lieutenant. You could also be a hindrance."
"I know that, sir. I'd still like to test myself on the ground; things are less challenging when you have access to a state of the art medical center and-"
"And don't have people shooting at you while you're trying to work."
"… I'll just head back to the med bay then. I know I'm not certified for field medicine, but-"
"This mission isn't exactly going to be the most trying of circumstances, Lieutenant. We're just installing a water purifier to help a farm; the worst medical condition you'll be likely to bump into is a pulled muscle."
"I know, it's fascinating. To think, one flower is capable of saving hundreds or thousands of Cardassian lives every year with an unsynthesizable compound… I'd love an opportunity to study-wait, does this mean I can come?"
"It's probably better to cut your teeth on some easy ground work. That way, if you're not cut out for field work, we can find out before anyone starts shooting at us. Just remember to-"
"Thank you, sir! You won't regret this, I promise!"
"-bring your phaser. Huh. She can really move when she's excited."

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A Note posted:

I thought you might appreciate this. We found it on a Deferi freighter that had been destroyed by the Jem Hadar.

Your Friend,
F. Drake

A Letter posted:

Captain Isshan Korvat,

I wish I could say calling you 'Captain' was the strange or frightening thing, but we both know that's not true. Writing to you is the part that feels strange, as is sitting in this chair.

Is news as hard to come by out there as it is out here? For all I know, you know every little skirmish we've been involved in, but I haven't heard anything from your neck of the woods until recently. Just in case, we've been involved in several minor skirmishes. The Remans have gotten a bit more bold lately, but nothing like Iconia, or Hobus. The Ozaki's performing better than ever, I think you'd be proud of her. I will say, things are a lot less exciting without you to get us into trouble. Nobody's been court martialed since you left, and aside from some interesting conversations with our friend Rasputin (he tried to take over the ship again, I had to use the tactical 'shotgun' command you had set up to kill all non-combat related processes ship-wide in order to save crewman Lee Laman) and one near-suicide attack by a bird-of-prey things have been pretty quiet.

I'm sure you remember that I have some leave coming up, so I'll be visiting Bajor in a few months for the Time of Cleansing. If you're in the area, I'd love to take the opportunity to show you the Fire Caves. I can't promise to be good company, especially later in the fast, but I'd love to see you.

One thing I am worried about, though… Isshan, you should really do a database search on 'Calvin Hudson', if you haven't already. My grandmother loved tales of the resistance and the Maquis, and… I think whoever named your ship just painted a bull's eye on you. Fortunately, I expect you'll be assigned to the fleet protecting Deep Space Nine, so there should always be help nearby if the Cardies take umbrage, so I'm probably just worrying for nothing. At least the name of your ship should make you more welcome in all of the Federation's border colonies. They were always supportive of the Maquis, and seeing a Starfleet ship named after one will do a lot to confirm that they're not forgotten out there.

I hope you've been taking good care of Tre'gata. An Intrepid's a lot smaller than the Ozaki, and you know how he gets around windows. Anyway, I don't have any more time. I'm not sure when you'll get this letter, but a Deferi trader said he'd deliver it on his way back from Starbase 39-Sierra.

Prophets watch over you,
Captain Janzer Hela

P.S. They promoted me again.