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Part 52: Episode 52: "Smoke on the Water…"

Episode 52: "Smoke on the Water…"

"… It's true…"
"You alright, darlin'?"
"What's true?"
"The Borg are here… they're here!"
"It'll be alright, Mol… calm down…"
"Don't tell me to calm down, they're here! I can hear them!"
"Lieutenant Ramirez."
"Y-yes, Captain?"
"You don't have to be afraid. We're not going to let them get you."
"That's right! There ain't a person on this crew who'd let them lay a finger on you."
"D'awww… thank you, Billy! I know you won't let the Borg get me again!"
"And if they do comes aboard, I has 'special surprise' in stores for them."
"Vladimir, I'm not a fan of 'surprises'-"
"Is hologram trick! Hologram crewmembers flooding the decks is being good distraction, yes? I see in movie, once."
"I suppose it would be. Good thinking, Vladimir."
"Thank you, sir."
"Is everyone clear on what we're doing, and why we're here?"
"If not, you're an idiot and the summary is: Fight Borg, save colonists."
"Aye, that be true, if horribly impolite."
"A bit less sass please, doctor-save it for the Borg."
"Yes sir! … I'm sure they'll be giving one of their speeches soon enough. Permission to sass the Borg?"
"… Hehehe…"
"Alright, we've been assigned to check up on a colony that we've recently lost contact with. It's a small colony, only a few hundred people. We're to provide assistance as needed, but hopefully our presence will prove unnecessary. Any questions?"
"… I want to go, sir."
"On the away mission. You and Billy will both be going, I want to go with you. You'll need… need someone who knows how the Borg think, and I think that's probably me."
"I'm going to; you'll need me in the field."
"Actually, I think my best doctor should probably stay with the ship, in case-"
"Aaaw, no! That means I must stay on ship and will not be going on mission!"

"No, see. Is funny because I am being better doctor than you."
"… I don't think I like you."
"Is fine. I like me enough for both of us."
"I'm going on the ground mission, Captain. If any of the colonists are infected, they'll need treatment immediately."

"You raise a good point, both of you. You're in. Traxas, what's our ETA?"
"Two hours, sir."
"Inform me if anything changes."
"Where are you going, sir?"
"To pay a visit to one of your patients."

"How are you feeling?"
"Probably about as well as you did when the Breen nearly killed you."
"That well, huh?"
"Doctor Hauzahn says I'll be back on my feet in no time."
"I hope she's right. I've been missing the council of my best science advisor."
"Have I really been taking up that much of the Doctor's time?"
"I was referring to you. Why would you think otherwise?"
"… The Doctor wants me out of here 'as soon as possible', so I'll stop 'wasting a bed' that could be used for Federation personnel."
"She said as much?"
"Yes. I'll be honest, Captain… I miss the 'good old days' on the Von Braun."
"The good old days when nobody trusted either of us?"
"You always had a knack for putting things in the best possible light."
"Sorry, the last thing I want is to depress you. You may be laid up, but I prefer to keep you in the loop. We're about to face the Borg. Any thoughts?"
"I liked your old uniform better."
"It had armor. This looks better, but you can't fight the Borg with looks."
"Says the woman with the shortest skirt on the ship."
"You'd prefer I didn't wear it?"
"I don't think armor will be much help against the Borg. Stealth or mobility, maybe, but letting them hit me in the face? That doesn't seem especially wise."
"Heh… maybe not. I was growing a bit concerned."
"How so?"
"I was starting to fear you were losing your devious streak."
"… Heh, no danger of that; not now that Franklin Drake has decided we're the 'best' of 'friends'."
"He's plotting something, Captain."
"… Be careful down there. There's no telling what you'll actually find."

BlipTV version

Captain's Log posted:

To Admiral Chakotay, and Starfleet Intelligence.

I have a feeling this will be the fastest way to get a message to you, although it's traveling through other channels as well. I have confirmation of Undine in Gamma Orionis. They are resisting (and by that, I mean 'killing') the Borg (and anyone else they encounter). The situation out here may be more dire than first believed-the Undine presence is significant. I suspect that Gamma Orionis or a nearby sector may be their entry vector into the quadrant.

The U.S.S. Brutus lacks the sensor capability to detect the Undine's singularities, which I suspect are likely hidden in deep space away from any inhabited planetary system. I suggest having every available science vessel conduct high-resolution scans of the quadrant. The Borg are bad enough, but if they catch an Undine ship unaware… I fear to think what an Undine of Borg would be capable of.

"Sir, we've rejoined the battle group."
"Thank you, Lieutenant Commander."
"The U.S.S. Victory has launched a shuttle, sir. Something about 'replacement personnel'."
"Replacement personnel? That's unusual, we haven't lost anyone. Replacement for who?"
"Asking now-looks like, a replacement first officer."
"… They're promoting Tre'gata?"
"No, they just want him off the bridge and back in engineering where he's most comfortable."
"… Sorry, Captain. I've been fighting that promotion since I got it. My place is with the engines, not up here staring into space. I'll let you people do that, you're better suited to it. Excuse me, I'll be down in engineering making sure the Old Man hasn't dropped a plasma torch into the warp core."
"Alright, I suppose. Dismissed. I suppose I'll head down to the shuttle bay to greet our new officer. Care to join me, Molly?"
"Me, sir? Why?"
"Well, we'll need to introduce our new officer to the crew-and there's nobody better at that then you."
"… Hehehe…"

"Welcome aboard the U.S.S. Brutus, I'm-"

"-surprised to see me."