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Part 55: Episode 55: "359"

Episode 55: "359"

"There. Much better. Go show those Borg a thing or two. That is, if the task isn't too difficult for you to comprehend."

BlipTV version

"Satisfied? We've jumped through your little hoops, Q. Now leave us in peace."
"Funny, I'd have expected a little more gratitude after I went out of my way to help you plug that little hole in space-time that your adorable little 'temporal officer' didn't notice. You should be thanking me."
"Thanking you for leaving us with a Borg cube?"
"Tsk, tsk… oh, mon Capitan, I couldn't just send them away. To dangle a ship in front of them and then not let them have at it? I know better than to provoke the Borg. You could at least thank me for saving you from assimilation."

"This is why my father never much cared for you Cardassians. He always said 'give one a cookie, and he'll grump at you about it for the rest of his life.' But Aunt Kathy taught me I should always try to be generous, even to the undeserving. So, I will be generous."


"Ensign, divert power to shields; fire a full spread of... of… where am I? Captain?"
"B-but, you're dead! How..?!"
"Captain, I'm getting intruder reports from all over the ship, it's-"
"The crew of the Ozaki."
"All of them but the Undine spy, at any rate."
"Why not simply save the whole ship? It seems like that would've been far less difficult than displacing the entire crew in time."
"Captain, I have to go back. I can still save the Ozaki-"
"And deny you the opportunity to pine for your dear, lost friend Captain Janzer? Please, I'd never deny myself such gripping drama."
"I begin to understand why Janeway hated you Q."
"Captain, please-"
"Aunt Kathy? Hate moi?! Surely you jest, mon Capitan-"
"-I can still save-"
"Enough of your prattling. Really, Captain, if this is what you have to put up with, it's no wonder you're so grumpy. I expected more from a Vulcan. The Ozaki was destroyed so logically, sending you back is suicide. Captain Korvat is going to need you for what's coming, Doctor, so please…"
"Don't. Get. Killed. AGAIN."
"Anyway, where was I?"
"Well, I am an extraordinarily busy entity. I shall depart, but I will be back if you need any more help."
"I don't think I can stand any more of your 'help'."
"He's gone, Captain."
"I hadn't noticed."
"That wouldn't surprise me, you've never been especially perceptive."
"Perceptive enough to sa-"
"Oh my, they're so cute when they're flirting."
"… Hehehehe…"
"Q! Go away!"
"Well, at least one of you has a sense of humor. Hm, I wonder, if I combined you all into a single person, you may just be more interesting… ah, well, we'll save that for next time, shall we? Ta-ta!"
"… Captain… and Captain… would either of you mind explaining what just happened?"