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Part 56: Episode 56: "Goon Rush"

Episode 56: "Goon Rush"

Captain's Log posted:

We've been temporarily recalled to Starfleet Command. Admiral Janeway was most interested to hear about our encounter with… Q and, as his godmother (apparently), she wants to debrief the crew in person. It will also give Starfleet a chance to give Doctor Tamora a full… I'd say 'physical', but 'psychological evaluation' may be a better word.

The Commander is not taking his 'death' (and 'resurrection') very well. He's remained in seclusion, meditating. I intend to stop by Vulcan on our way back to Gamma Orionis, for his sake. I also expect Sarfleet Command will take this opportunity (and I mean to advise them to do so) to find her a new command.

I won't let her career stagnate while I try to decide how I actually feel about her (if I feel anything for her). She was the bane of my existence back at the Academy, but I knew how she thought and knew I could trust her (to always assume that I had the worst of intentions). She was always fun to provoke… still is, it's quite easy, but our arguments aren't… adversarial anymore. I'm not sure when that changed, but Q's intimations were… eye-opening. Of course, he also said I was inevitably going to betray the Federation, which is highly unlikely (although now that I've mentioned it in a log, I'm sure you'll have a field day reporting it to Admiral Chakotay).

I suppose I've always wanted to earn Janzer's respect. I worked far harder at the academy because of her antipathy. I suppose I had something to prove. Maybe I still do. I suppose to a human, assuming my logs are being read would seem the sign of a guilty conscience. Even without the Obsidian Order logging everything in triplicate, it's always safest to assume anything you write down will be read at some point, and probably by someone who doesn't have your best interests at heart. And yes, Starfleet Intelligence, that's confirmation that I was born and raised on Cardassia. You can stop wondering now.

… This log has gotten a lot more adversarial than I'd intended. I suppose I just have a lot on my mind. I don't like owing a being like Q anything, but when I was assimilated… he 'reset' me. Picked me back up, told me to be more careful, and let me continue as if it'd never happened. I don't know what to think about that. He's a menace, and I owe him my life.

Janzer thinks I'm a menace, and she thinks she owes me hers. I can see how that would be frustrating. Ever since I met her… well, because of recent events, speaking to her has been awkward. I really should sit down and talk with her, but it's hard to find the ti-

"Captain, we're receiving a distress call. It's a Captain Brott-"
"… Again?"
"-of the S.S. Azura-"
"I suppose it's true what they say: Creativity among Space Captains is dead."
"-She's under attack by… Orion pirates."
"Again?! That woman just can not catch a break. Set an intercept course."
"Sir, I detect several other Federation ships moving to intercept as well."
"… Tell me more."
"Eyes on your console, Ensign. Get us in touch with those ships-we'll try to synchronize our arrival. I'm in no mood to be toying with the Orions."
"They do be a mite savage fer polite comp'ny."
"… The S.S. Azura… now that brings back some memories."
"We can reminisce about Captain Brott later, assuming her ship doesn't explode again. These Orions have pushed their luck a bit too far once again, and it's time someone knocked them back down."
"I… yes sir."

BlipTV version

Acting First Officer's Log posted:

The Captain remains infuriating. I thought we'd parted on good terms (as good as I could allow, anyway), but now that I'm back… it seems like I'm the one who's suddenly not trustworthy. Or perhaps he's just over-worked, I've seen him snap at everyone but Molly and Korlissa.

I can't recall the last time he's taken any leave, and I admit… I'm getting nostalgic for the 'old' days fighting Klingons. Now that the Borg are returned, the Captain seems preoccupied. Nothing at the Academy prepared us for this. I don't know of anything that could.

I still can't get a lot of information out of him about his time on the Cardassian front; it's been like pulling teeth-but from what Molly's told me, it's not like anything traumatic happened: just some Cardassians here and there, and some old follower of Gul Dukat or some such, but I get the feeling I'm not getting the whole story. I miss the Korvat who always seemed to know what he was doing. Now, he seems almost as lost as I feel. The encounter with the Q didn't help… a creature who could casually snuff us out of existence with the snap of his fingers. Snap. No more Janzer.

I really hope this time on Earth does us all some good-but I have a feeling Admiral Janeway will keep the Captain on the hot-seat. She always does.

Maybe I should get in touch with Captain Elerena.