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Part 57: Episode 57: "Air and Darkness"

Episode 57: "Air and Darkness"

Captain's Log posted:

While on a deep patrol behind Borg lines, we've received a distress call from, of all people, the Romulans. I'm tempted to just sit and do nothing, but responding to a distress signals-even one from the Romulans-is why I'm out here. We'll have to make this quick. We've detect several Borg ships en route, and I'd like to find out why the Romulans are here before they arrive.

I must admit, I'm curious whether they're here to help (after their own Romulan fashion), or whether they're just looking to steal more Borg technology to make another Narada. We've achieved a… kind of peace with the Klingons here. Perhaps we can do the same with the Romulans.

Until they stab us in the back.

BlipTV version

"Captain… may I speak to you, in private?"
"… Hehehehe…"
"Of course, Korlissa."

"What's on your mind?"
"It's about the Romulans, sir."
"I suspected as much."
"… You should have destroyed them. They were helpless, one torpedo would've been enough."
"We both know I couldn't have done that."
"I know you didn't. What I don't know is why."
"I didn't fire because they were helpless."
"… Funny, I never imagined that stopping you before now."
"Why are you so certain they needed to die, Korlissa?"
"They're with Praetor Taris's people. That ship, that… that other ship. It was the same one that attacked us over Iconia. It just couldn't stick around long enough to deal with us back then. You saw what it did to those Borg cubes."
"It could've killed us now. It had every opportunity."
"I think it's on some sort of… time limit. It only had a few seconds before, today, a few minutes. I think it was here to kill us; the Borg just got in its way. The Romulans called for it."
"What we see in hindsight still gave me no reason to act at the time, Korlissa."
"I… I know. Sir, if I'd asked you to fire on the Romulans on the bridge, would you have?"
"I'd have needed a reason."
"There was a time you wouldn't have."
"I still trust you, Korlissa."
"I've never asked for that."
"Air and Darkness. Dark Masters. Iconia."
"… What?"
"I'm putting pieces together, Subcommander… to see how they fit."

"… Korlissa."
"I almost never see you in the lounge. What're you doing?"
"Gettin' wasted on Romulan Ale. Real Romulan Ale. Not your syth… snyth… synth-ale."
"You know that's against Starfleet policy-"
"Good think I'm not in Starfleet, then. Doctor's orders: 'You say you would like nothing more than to get drunk. I suggest you go get drunk'."
"Mind if I sit?"
"Couldn't stop you. Too drunk."
"This goes against the grain, but… what's wrong, Korlissa? I've never seen you like this."
"Only so much disappo… disappar… frustration a girl can stand 'fore she needs t'go do somethin' about it."
"So you decided to get drunk."
"Yes. Seemed illogical. My ears are the wrong kind of pointy for logic, 'least according to Starfleet."
"You're still upset about the Federation turning down-"
"Damn right I am. I was pissed, now I'm pissed. Drunk, that is. Heh. Human colloquialism. Been around William too long. He's in love with you, you know."
"… Who, Billy?"
"Not that he can admit it. Pro'bly doesn't even see it. Diff'rent when you're not here. More sure of himself. Doesn't spend all his time tryin' to show you what a good little Starfleet officer he is. Wants to impress you."
"You're not talking about Billy, are you."
"He trusts me. I never asked him to trust me."
"Are you in love with him?"
"… Who, William?"
"The Captain."
"You're hardly my type, Captain."

"… turnin' into a human holo-romance on me."
"A bad human holo-romance."
"Like I said. A human holo-romance. You should really tell him how you feel."
"How I feel?"
"I'm just a friend. For someone so perceptive, th' man's blind."
"Love him or hate him. Stop tryin' to do both, it'll get you both killed. And me along with you. S'cuse me, Cap'n. Need to throw up."
"… Korlissa…"