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Part 58: Episode 58: "Scimitarded"

Episode 58: "Scimitarded"

Captain's Log posted:

We've rejoined the bulk of Battle Group Omega. The Borg have been quiescent since their last attack… it's given the battle group a little time for some R&R. Captain Four of Ten is currently holding talks with the Klingon General-I don't know his name. This could be the start of some new peace treaty.

Starfleet is extremely interested in that 'ghost ship' we encountered. They're pouring over records to try to find any matches. So far, we've had no luck. Anyone who can destroy a Borg Cube so effortlessly would make a powerful ally, I admit, but… that ship. I don't ever see whatever beings reside onboard that ship as friends.

I've beamed over to the U.S.S. Montgomery Scott with several other captains. A new holodeck program is spreading like wildfire, and I've been asked to participate. I've heard it described as a 'worst case scenario' program; but from what I've seen… it seems to be based loosely on one of my old missions.

BlipTV version

"Wait, Korlissa. Korvat is not in love with me."
"Yes, he is."
"No, Korlissa, he's not. He wants a Cardassian woman."
"And we both know how many of those you'll find in Starfleet."
"Wouldn't you prefer a-"
"It's pragmatism, Captain. I can't have a Romulan. I don't understand why you're so squeamish about the idea."
"You're nowhere near as drunk as you're pretending to be."
"I'm never as anything as I'm pretending to be. That's what pretending is for."
"So, are you just pretending to be in love with-"
"I don't have to answer that, so please don't ask."
"I'll take that as a 'no'. You should argue with him more."
"… What?"
"He's a Cardassian. Cardassians find displays of open annoyance to be a sign of attraction. I suppose it's because it means the person is being honest with them, which is a rare thing for Cardassians. You're frustrated and annoyed-go yell at him about it. It'll get his attention, if nothing else. If he tries to pacify you, he's probably not interested."

"I'm serious."
"… That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard."
"I know, but it's true. It sounds like you need to have a talk with him more than I do. I can't decide whether he's my friend or my enemy-and he's been making it very, very hard to tell the difference since I've joined the Brutus' crew."
"The other-universe you we encountered certainly seemed to be interested. I just assumed-"
"Other universe me?"
"She almost killed him, because he caught on. Stabbed him, right here, with a Klingon knife. Apparently, in that universe, Bajor and Cardassia were very close. That was innuendo."
"I caught that."
"So, you've really never considered..?"
"Considered what?"
"Y'know… you and the Captain..?"
"No. The idea never crossed my mind."
"Because he's a Cardassian?"
"Because he's my commanding officer."

Thanks for the help again, guys!

I do have some bad news, however. I won't be able to do another update until Cryptic releases a very specific set of mission rewards, so I'm stalled until STO gets an update. The next mission is also brutally difficult (read: buggy as hell), and I'm going to try to solo it. As a fallback, I think I'm going to do the 'let's read' of Planet X (in this thread) so you'll have something to look at while we all wait for Cryptic to get off their asses and release something that should've been (and they still claim is) included in the Season 3 update.