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Part 63: Episode 63: "Resistance is pretty effective, really"

Episode 63: "Resistance is pretty effective, really"

"So, Lieutenant…"
"… Yes?"
"We, uh… we hear you're getting some people together for a holodeck session later."
"What th' lad's tryin' ta say is, iffin' it please ye, we'd be more'n happy ta attend."
"Sorry, boys. It's girls-only this time."
"Ah, sorry lass. I dinna' know, did ye, Traxas?"
"Of course I did, why did you think I wanted to go?"
"Why Traxas!"
"Oy, laddie, ye canna-"
"-I didn't know you were a woman, or I'd have made sure Commander Galti invited ye. I mean, you."
"Bluh! I'm not a-"
"Ah-haha-hahahaha… Ye walked right inta that one, laddie."

"This is quite the program, Elerena."
"The Parallax Colony mud baths-this program's been a favorite on Betazed ever since Ambassador Troi introduced it to us."
"Mm, who knew that mud could be so relaxing?"
"Relaxing is definitely a word for it."
"It's pretty enjoyable, I think-you Federation types certainly lead interesting lives. You should join us, Molly."
"No thanks-mud plus whatever these exposed wires do is probably bad for my health. I'll stick with the neck massage. How is it, Gilana?"
"It's… interesting. I'd prefer a nice sauna, myself, but at least it's plenty warm."
"I increased the ambient air temperature for your comfort. And dimmed the lights-the Parallax Colony loves floodlights, apparently."
"Warmth and darkness-is that a Cardassian thing?"
"We don't much like the cold."

"… what?"
"That's right, you were in a 'collective' with him-"
"So, Molly, what's the captain really like?"
"I must admit, I'm curious too."
"Did you actually share a single consciousness with him; or was it just current thoughts? Do you know his history?"
"Hey, ease off a bit everyone."
"Thank you, cap-"
"I'm interested, too. Does Korvat have any embarrassing secrets he doesn't want shared?"
"He's a Cardassian."
"Of course he does."
"C'mon, Molly, tell us. Who's he got a crush on?"
"-I can't tell you!"
"Not fair! You know I can't tell you."
"She makes a good point."
"I do?"
"The way rumors spread here, the whole ship would know by the end of the day. Still, there has to be something you can share with us, Molly."
"No, there-"
"Not even a holodeck program?"
"Your resolve is weakening. You want to share something with us. It's hard work keeping secrets from so many friends."
"You guys are mean… hehehe…"
"What harm can it do to show us how Korvat relaxes?"
"… Fine. I'll run the program Korvat completed most recently, but only on one condition."
"What's that?"
"I get to pretend to be the captain."

BlipTV version

"Well, that was… interesting."
"The Captain runs programs like that to relax? That was more like… like-"
"A warzone."
"A Cardassian relaxation method?"
"Not hardly. Anyone who ran a program like that to relax would probably wind up diagnosed with some form of mental illness. Molly, does the captain always make programs about things we've done-but vastly more difficult?"
"I never said he wrote this program for fun."
"You implied it."
"No, we just assumed. C'mon, Molly-how about a real program? We wanted to see what Korvat does for fun."
"I've got to go-I'm on the B-shift today because chief St. Croix's out with a cold. Maybe next time, girls."
"It'll be months before we'll be able to schedule something like this again. Don't leave us hanging, Molly!"
"… Fiiiiine. Computer-"
"-replay last program. Ehehehehehehehehehehehehehe!"
"Borg ships detected on sensors!"
"Huh. I think Molly just played a practical joke on us, girls."
"…Vengeance prank?"
"Vengeance prank."
"I'm in."
"Alright, girls… here's what we'll do…"