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Part 64: Episode 64: "Bij"

Episode 64: "Bij"

Captain's Log posted:

Things have been quiet, lately. I'd say too quiet, but that's a cliché. We've seen no sign of the Undine, and heard nothing from the Sol system. I've kept our recovery of the Admirals quiet, although Four of Ten says there're already rumors spreading among the crews of battle group omega. She says she hasn't heard anything specific, but even though there's no way she could be Undine, I don't dare bring her in on this. That would just make the Victory into a target, and we're going to need the Victory if we're to have any hope of stopping the Borg. So long as the rumors amount to 'the Brutus is off chasing vague threats to the Federation' (far preferable to: 'the Brutus was destroyed by a vague threat to the Federation,' don't you agree?) I advised her not to spend any more time refuting them then she would any other rumor.

Still, I didn't realize so many people paid attention to the USS Brutus. I don't know what to think about that.

In other news, I'm told that Gul Vorlaj has been interviewing members of the crew about their personal experiences fighting the Borg. I've been told that she's putting together a report for Cardassia to try to garner support for the Federation efforts here-or, at least, to keep the True Way from gaining too much influence in our absence. She has yet to interview me, however, which is unusual-Cardassians generally want the experiences of the person in the position of highest authority. My only fear is, as a Cardassian myself, my presence would inflame True Way sympathies and render my experiences pointless.

Addendum: I have a surprise for Subcommander Vreenak, if I can find her. She's been all over the ship today. Captain Janzer says she's assigned Korlissa some busywork to keep her occupied. I don't see why that's necessary, but Janzer swears it's 'vital' and that she'll send Korlissa my way once she's finished.

BlipTV version

BlipTV version

"So, Korlissa, what did the captain wa-aah!"
"That's… unexpected."
"What? Haven't I done enough to earn it, yet? She gets one."
"I was invited."
"She has a point… under normal circumstances, I'm not sure that-"

"Congratulations, Korlissa. It suits you."
"Thank you."