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Part 65: Episode 65: "For Curiosity's Sake"

Episode 65: "For Curiosity's Sake"

BlipTV version

"An interesting theoretical simulation, Captain. I am curious-what did that prove?"
"I don't believe that was a theoretical simulation, T'Nae. I believe our rescuer has actually seen action against a Scimitar."
"That is correct."
"And this simulation…"
"An extrapolation based on Rear Admiral Ross's orders during the battle; and our own data on the Scimitar."
"I should point out the San Jose was destroyed in the first few minutes of the battle, so Admiral Ross's orders-"
"His strategy was worked out ahead of time-"
"Which proves..?"
"-that small unit maneuvers may prove more effective against-"
"The only thing I have ever seen 'small unit maneuvers' do is get our best captains killed, Captain."
"My experience-and our rescue-should prove otherwise. We've both been gone a long time, Admiral. I gather there's less direct oversight of individual ships now?"
"That is correct. With so many low-ranking and inexperienced Captains due to the war, the Admirals-the ones who aren't Undine infiltrators-are overworked just trying to manage basic logistics. This is more like the Alpha Quadrant as Captain Kirk knew it."
"So you're proposing that we introduce our Operations cadets to the prospect that they may have to be the next Captain Kirk?"
"If necessary."
"I find your logic unsound. The chances of the Romulans launching an attack-"
"Is extraordinarily high. Excuse me, Admirals. Captain-your projections of the Scimitar's maneuverability is 15% too high; and your estimation of weapon's power is 20% too low. Also, she has several cannon turrets that can cover the rear arc-she's hardly helpless from behind."

"My apologies for interrupting."
"Is there something you need, Korlissa?"
"Yes, sir… If the Admirals can spare you for a few minutes, I'd like to speak with you. In private."

"This isn't like you, Korlissa. What's going on?"
"Molly showed us your simulation of our most recent mission against the Borg."
"… and?"
"It was well put-together and well thought-out-"
"Thank y-"
"-for a suicide mission. Captain, when are you going to talk to Dr. Dhoitnogk?"
"Why would I need to talk to Dr. Dhoitnogk?"
"He wants nothing more than to help."
"I know. I've heard him say that something around a half-a-million times since he was assigned to us."
"And the fact that my parroting him doesn't make you smile is part of why I'm so worried about you. When's the last time you took some leave?"
"There hasn't been any-"
"Time. I know. Sir, how long do you think Captain Kirk or Ambassador Picard or… you get the idea-would've lasted without shore leave? There will always be another crisis. You're working too hard."
"Nearly went crazy trying to handle every emergency herself. It's a wonder she brought her crew back at all. You're not Admiral Janeway. Even Admiral Riker takes a day off every now and then."

"I'm not backing down on this, captain. Even my people know our crews need a break, and you've been in space a long time. How long do you think it'll be before Elerena or Dr. Hauzhan notice how fatigued you've become?"

"So, the way I see it: you can either talk to Dr. Dhoitnogk-he's singularly unhelpful, believe me, but sometimes talking helps; or you can find us a quiet planet with some nice beaches to do a scientific survey of-which you won't do, because you have to protect the Admirals and you don't want to breach our quarantine (which, I should remind you, was instituted by an Undine pretending to be you); or you can spend some time playing, not working, in the holodeck. There're other options as well, but those're the three that won't raise Admiral T'Nae's pointy Vulcan eyebrows."
"I really don't think any of that is necessary."
"If the crew's morale was suffering, you'd do it."
"You worry about everyone's morale but your own, sir. You're the heart of this ship, and you're working too hard-and you don't have to be a doctor to know what happens when a heart works too hard for too long."
"You may have a point, Korlissa."
"Of course I do, you're just a typical Cardassian male-too foolish and stubborn to budge an inch. It's no wonder Gul Vorlaj's reports speak to you in such glowing terms."
"They do? I haven't read-"
"Well, grudging respect is probably more accurate-but from her, that's as close to a glowing review as you're going to get. I, on the other hand, will start being a lot less forgiving if you don't start taking care of yourself."
"I owe the crew my best, Korlissa. I have to be prepared."
"You're not giving them your best by over-preparing so much that you burn out, Isshan. You're going to find the time to join me in the holodeck today. I know this nice little progra-"
"Warning! Multiple Borg ships on sensors!"

"I'm not going to try to stop you."
"I guess we'll both just have to work a little harder to make time for that holodeck session."
"Hm… I suppose we will at that."