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Part 66: Episode 66: "Execute: Order 66"

Episode 66: "Execute: Order 66"

Captain's Log posted:

We've received a distress call from, of all people, Captain Ja'Rod. I never would've seen him as the type to beg for help, but here we are. We'll be arriving any minute now, and I detect several other Federation vessels responding as well. I'm trying to coordinate with them, but there are several strange radiation anomalies in the area that are making communications quite difficult.

I've settled for adjusting our speed to attempt to arrive simultaneously with at least one other vessel. Hopefully, the other inbound ships will do the same.

BlipTV version

Well, my videos are still processing (I started right after the STF ended and ran them 'till 2:00 AM, and still have over 30 left to process), so I don't have a real update finished for today. Please to be enjoying these unused screenshots from back when Korvat was still on the Ozaki.