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Part 69: Episode 69: "Gunship Diplomat"

Episode 69: "Gunship Diplomat"

"Did I wake you?"
"Sorry, sir. You asked me to. We've gotten a response from Ja'rod."

"Sir… permission to speak freely? You've been a real bastard ever since we rescued you from the Undine."
"… I know. I-"
"-have a lot on your mind. I know. I'm sorry, sir."
"Actually, I was going to say 'I'm sorry, I have no excuse'."
"Now my worldview is shaken. I didn't think you understood the concept of apologies."
"Says the woman who may or may not have doomed my ship."
"Low blow, sir."
"I joke, because the random crap growing out of our hull doesn't seem dangerous yet. You couldn't have known. Stop blaming yourself."
"I should've had better judgment."
"That's an easy call to make in hindsight."
"I know."

"You couldn't have known. It's as much my fault for taking Null Set with me."
"You had to, or Molly wouldn't have been able to track you on the ground."
"Immaterial, either way. The ship is fine-"
"-and the crew's ok. Are you?"
"Are you?"
"Uuugh, really?"
"So, Ja'Rod said?"
"Oh, right. That you weren't enough of a warrior to be worth his time, and that you'd have to kill a hundred Klingon warriors to be worthy of the honor of speaking to the scion of the House of Duras."

"What are you going to do?"
"I'm going to go be a bastard."

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"Ja'rod is hailing."
"It's about time."
"You've made your point, Captain. What do you want with me?"
"I can continue doing this all day, Ja'rod. Please be a little more diplomatic. Close channel."
"Channel is closed, sir. Ja'rod is hailing again."

"Sir? What are you-"
"I'm making him wait."
"He's stopped hailing."
"Wait for it…"
"He's hailing again."
"On screen."
"-son of a Targ, I-oh. Captain Korvat, it is a pleasure to speak with you again. For what reason do you honor me with this conversation?"
"That's much better. Captain Ja'rod, we have a common enemy."
"The only enemy I want to kill today is you, Isshan Korvat."
"If you really want me to defeat you again, Ja'rod, you know where to find me. The Undine have infiltrated into positions of power in the Federation high command."
"How do you know this?"

"Pfah, keep your secrets, Cardassian. I don't see how this is any of my-"
"You have Undine prisoners."
"… Yes."
"We have a means to detect Undine infiltrators, but it needs more testing, which means we need more live Undine. If the tests prove conclusive, we will share this technology with you. You will be a hero of the Empire. You will rendezvous with us."
"You're in no position to be making demands! I am a Klingon warrior-"
"-who has run away from me twice. Very heroic. Very honorable."
"Qu'vath guy'cha v'aka."

"Resistance is futile."
"At what coordinates should we rendezvous with you, Captain?"