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Part 70: Episode 70: "Actually Fun (Part 1)"

Aaand to re-rail the thread:

Episode 70: "Actually Fun (Part 1)"

"Aren't you going to ask us how things went?"
"You discovered two Undine on the Kang, hidden among Ja'rod's crew. The results look pretty conclusive."
"You take all the fun out of my being amazing."
"He started in tactical. It's to be expected."
"Need I bring up your recent Tribble abduction?"
"S-sorry, sir."
"Oh, come on-at least we didn't sneak any tribbles into Ja'rod's mess hall. I was tempted, though, the Klingons certainly know a thing or two about making messes. I bet his ship would've been filled with tribbles inside a few hours…"
"Welcome back, both of you."
"Thank you, sir. So, a question?"
"If you're asking if it's alright to ask one, then ask. If it's about T'Nae… I need to go over my options. Don't discuss your results with anyone."
"Understood, sir."
"Captain, this is Tavrax, you're needed on the bridge immediately. We just received an Omega Priority message from Four of Ten. There's an emergen-"
"I'll be right there. Please plot a course, Warp Fourteen."
"Sir, using the Borg enhancements to our engines is a direct violation of-"
"Do it. An Omega Priority emergency means that an Omega Particle has been detected, a single one could disrupt subspace throughout the entire sector."

BlipTV version

"Sir, it's-!"
"The Vega Colony! I know! Maintain Red Alert-"
"Sir, I'm reading a massive complex beneath the surface. We'd never know it was there if the Borg hadn't beamed down-"
"Get Ayna up here, we'll need her to monitor the timeline-and get me in contact with those other ships, we're going to need to break the back of this invasion or Starfleet will never stand a chance…"
"We could send a message to-"
"All that would do is create an alternate timeline, there's no point."
"Plus, if we did, Korvat wouldn't be Captain!"
"We could also save you from becoming a Borg-"
"I'd be willing to make that sacrifice if it resulted in something meaningful, but-"
"This is Time Travel, Janzer. That means it's stupid."