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Part 71: Episode 71: "Actually Fun (Part 2)"

Episode 71: "Actually Fun (Part 2)"

"I'll be monitoring you from here, sir. Go get some Borg for me, 'kay? I owe these ones."
"… Good luck, Captain."
"If anything comes down to luck, we'll be in more trouble than I'm anticipating."
"It's been my experience that a little luck never hurts."
"That was rather arrogant of me, wasn't it? Thank you, Korlissa."
"Just make sure you come back in one piece. I'd hate to have to shoot you, sir."
"I'll try to keep that in mind. Captain Janzer-you have the bridge."
"Beaming into a secret facility full of Borg may be the stupidest thing you've ever done, sir."
"That, I'm going to take as a compliment."

BlipTV version (seems to be having problems again. )

"Eeeeeee, you're OK! Welcome back, Captain!"
"Oof, Molly, not so-"
"No enemy ships on sensors. We seem to be in the clear."
"I've ordered us back to Condition Gre-"
"Red Alert, raise shields!"
"Donatra was Assimilated by the Borg. She's out there, somewhere."
"Hhgk! Donatra?! But she's dead!"
"Well, apparently she got better; except now she's a Borg. A female Borg. Who uses the word 'I'."
"A Borg Queen?"
"Yes. And she beamed up to something."
"T-that's bad? I'm arming weapons-"
"Thank you. Set a course for the Borg time portal. Perhaps it's interfering with our sensors, Ayna-where the hell is Ayna?"
"She's in her room, taking a nap. Her door chime must be disabled, I wasn't able to wake her."
"-I begin to question the value of having a Temporal Science Officer who's never actually around when we encounter temporal anomalies."