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Part 73: Episode 73: "(Diplomatically) Fire Torpedoes!"

Episode 73: "(Diplomatically) Fire Torpedoes!"

"Captain Korvat, what's the meaning of this?!"
"Captain, have you gone mad? You fired on the-"
"The Bounty has only been disabled. Security, have Admiral Chakotay arrested."
"Explain yourself, Captain!"
"Gladly, Admiral. I have reason to suspect that the 'Admiral Chakotay' here with us is, in fact, an Undine infiltrator."
"That's ab-"
"Be quiet, imposter. We recently rescued the real Admiral Chakotay, along with a very fake Admiral T'Nae, from an Undine prison."
"You have proof?"
"Conclusive proof. The data is all right here."
"… Interesting, how did you-"
"And where-"
"He's on the U.S.S. Victory. The whole of Battle Group Omega is currently undergoing voluntary testing for infiltration. That just leaves the Admirals in this room."
"Captain Korvat, I find your presumptuousness rather-"

"I'm not playing games, Admiral. Either you all voluntarily undergo testing, or I will be forced to assume that you are Undine infiltrators, and will take the appropriate action."
"You're out of line, Korvat!"
"I'll have you relieved of duty for-T'nae, what are you doing?"
"While the Captain's methods may be foolhardy, his data seems conclusive. It's only logical to set the example for Starfleet, and voluntarily undergo testing."

"Plus-Captain Korvat has proven to be unquestionably resourceful in the past. If he has uncovered an Undine infiltrator-"
"I will not subject myself to-"
"Yes you will, Admiral."
"His data is impeccable. Captain, we'll be discussing how you acquired this data at a later time, however-I do believe it's in our best interests to undergo testing."
"If you don't mind, Admiral, my security officers will keep this room sealed until the testing process is complete."
"… My point is proven. Thank you, 'Admiral Chakotay'. Gavrax-please have that thing escorted to our brig."
"Aye, sir! Ach, laddie, get a move on!"
"Yeah, yeah. Ugh, this thing's heavier than it looks!"

"That was a big risk, Captain."
"Yes, Admiral. It was. It was the only way."
"Was it, now?"
"The Undine weren't sure what information I had. If I'd sent a warning, not only would you have not believed me, but the Undine could've uncovered some way to discredit our test-or destroy us en route. As it is… with all of the recent Borg 'modifications' to the Brutus-they don't recognize it as the same ship that rescued Admiral Chakotay. I'm just gratified to find out that Admiral Chakotay was the only Undine infiltrator among the Admiralty."
"As am I. Well, Captain, once again I can't punish you for your continued reckless and irresponsible behavior, but I must warn you: You're walking a very fine line. One I tried walking once, and failed. You need to step back from the edge, or it will destroy you."
"Now that Admiral Chakotay is off my ship, it's a line I don't have to tread."
"Indeed. Captain Korvat-I do have a mission I feel will be right up your alley. I'd like you to escort a diplomat into Undine space. Now that we know how to detect their quantum singularities, and now that we can detect their Infiltrators freely-"
"You're welcome."
"Don't push it, Captain. I'll be brief: We need you to escort a diplomat into Fluidic Space, and see if we can make contact with the Undine. With any luck, we'll be able to come to some sort of accord."
"I wouldn't hold your breath, Admiral."
"I'm not the one about to take my ship swimming, Captain."

BlipTV version

"Nicely done, Captain! I'd clap my hands, but then I'd have to set down my drink. What have we learned?"
"That you always pop up at the most inopportune times?"
"Really, Captain, and after all I've done for you?"
"Someone is poking and prodding everyone in the galaxy to provoke a dozen little wars."
"Very good. Why?"
"Well, the obvious answer would be 'to weaken us', but that's too obvious. More likely, for revenge."
"Hm. A curious assumption."
"If they just wanted to take us over, they could do it. Their ships seem powerful enough. They're playing with us, which tells me this-all of this-is personal for them."
"… There may be hope for you after all. And here, I'd assumed you were just a dullard. You'll make a name for yourself yet, Captain. Ta-ta!"

"What did he mean by-?"
"It's not important. R-right, Captain?"
"Not important at all."

Edit: Filming for the (second to last) episode will start in about 30 minutes (at 3:00 MST). Bring your Admirals if you want to participate!