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Part 74: Episode 74: "Klingons"

Episode 74: "Klingons"

"Mister Korvat, a word?"
"Yes, Admiral?"
"That was good work with the Undine, even though your mission wasn't successful in the classic sense. If the Iconians are provoking them too, it can only mean my theories are correct: the Iconians are living backwards through time."
"So, you know about the Iconians as well, Admiral?"
"Well, it's not a very difficult puzzle; and I have you to thank for discovering most of the pieces. Still: no rest for the wicked, the Klingons have launched another heavy raid. We're assembling a fleet, and I want you to lead it."
"I'm hardly qualified to take official control-"
"You've done it before, Vice Admiral, under more trying circumstances."
"-Vice Admiral?!-"
"Well, yes. Admiral Chakotay is going to need a capable assistant with a good grasp of what's going on in the Alpha Quadrant if he's to fulfill the role his Undine double volunteered him for, and it's come to our attention that you need a little more direct oversight. No offense, the last thing we need right now is another Captain Kirk sparking diplomatic incidents all over the quadrant. These little brushfire wars are starting to wind down, as we predicted. With the Undine blockaded in Fluidic Space, the Borg are slowly pulling out of the sector; and the Cardassians and Romulans have been quiet. We just need you to deliver one last, crushing message to the Klingons to remind them why they decided to be friends with us, after which it's time for our Young Picards, like Captain Elerena, to take over for our Young Kirks."

"You, meanwhile-we're holding in reserve, for the day the Iconians do decide to launch their final-and by 'final' I mean 'first'-attack. Now, get to it, Vice Admiral. You have a battle to win."
"Yes, sir."
"Yes Admiral."
"My apologies, sir. It won't happen again."

BlipTV version

"Should I order Gavrax to play taps, sir?"
"You look dour. I just assumed someone died."
"They promoted me."
"To Admiral?"
"Vice Admiral. I'm Admiral Chakotay's new assistant."
"To reiterate: bullshit! What about us?"
"The Brutus is being recalled to spacedock, so the Starfleet Corps of Engineers can go over it with every tool at our disposal. She's still my personal ship, however, and since it seems I'll be trapped behind a desk for most of the rest of my career, that means I'm going to need a good field commander-Captain Janzer."
"I refuse, categorically."

"No offense, sir-desk job or no, you'll get yourself killed without me around to bail you out of trouble-"
"Which is why I want you on the Brutus. It means I'll always have a reliable captain-and crew-to call on when I need them. I won't stop you, if you'd prefer another command-any of you-but this isn't over. Not by a long shot."
"I'm with you, sir."
"I'm not welcome anywhere else."
"We'll see about that.

"It'll be a good test of how much influence I actually have, if nothing else."
"What about me, sir?"
"Chances are-I'm going to need the Calvin Hudson, too. Besides, Janeway seemed convinced that we're going to need some more 'diplomatic' Captains. You're a lot better at diplomacy than I am."
"That is true. Ja'rod is far easier to deal with when you're not browbeating him."
"So I understand."
"Do we have a course and heading?"
"They want me back at Starbase 01… but they didn't say when. Take us around the block a few times, Traxas."
"Aye-aye, sir!"