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Part 75: Episode 75: "Finale"

Episode 75: "Finale"

"So, you're actually leaving us."
"Commanding a desk doesn't suit you. No offense."
"None taken. I happen to think I could captain a pretty mean desk, though."

"Hehehe… you probably could at that."
"Is this goodbye?"
"I'm wondering that as well. Sorry for barging in."
"It's only temporary."
"It could be years before the Iconians actually make a move…"
"Do you really think I'm going to let them put me in storage? I'll be back on the Brutus inside a month-they just want my help integrating some simulations for Academy use. Also, I'll probably have to help Admiral Chakotay move into his office. After that? I'll be back."
"And when they find a mountain of paperwork for you to do?"
"I can do paperwork from the Brutus as easily as I can from an office at Starfleet Command. They're not going to keep me away."
"Hmm-say it like that, and I can almost believe it."

BlipTV version

"All moved in?"
"Nothing to move."
"Nothing? No trinkets, reminders of home? Family?"
"My only family is up there."
"On the Brutus."

"You need me-"
"I'm going to need you-"
"-in the field."

"I've read most of your reports, and Four of Ten helped bring me up to speed. What I really need is someone out there I can trust. We both know you'll find a way to get back out there-I may as well not fight it."
"Until you find that person, I suppose I'll have to do."
"Hmh. Self-deprecating humor from a Cardassian?"
"It's served me well."
"Before I let you go, is there anything you didn't include in your reports?"

"Let me tell you about Section 31."

"Admiral on the bridge."
"Thank you, Captain. How's my ship?"
"You mean my ship."
"You're in rare form today."
"You left without saying 'goodbye'."
"Only because I knew I'd be back before I could start to miss you."

"I see they're handing out silver tongues to all the Admiralty now."
"Well, I did just get chewed out for not being diplomatic enough."

"Welcome back-"
"-It's good to be back-"
"-you magnificent bastard."

"What? I've said 'welcome back, sir' so often it feels like a catchphrase."