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Part 87: Tier 1 Starship Vote

So, Korvat just hit level 11 today, so it's time to decide on a new ship (you won't see it in use until after Video 8, sadly, but that gives you plenty of time to vote for what to pick). So, here's some base info with some handy pictures!

PoptartsNinja's opinion:
Cruiser: We're tooling around in a mini-cruiser right now, so picking a cruiser would be more of the same except fights would take a lot longer because cruisers can't turn for shit. At this early point, picking a cruiser may make the videos boring so I'm sorta hoping you'll pick something else.

Escort: The escorts are tiny and really, really good at murdering things; but also are very squishy and are easily worn-down by tougher enemies. Fights will be quick and interesting, but will consist of me using a specific set of skills on my bridge officers to maximize the face-melting since Escorts can't tank for crap.

Science Vessel: I love the Nova, but I've never flown one. I'd really like to. The Science Vessel is a good compromise between the escort and the cruiser; it has powerful shields and it's nimble enough that it can move to protect an overwhelmed shield facing pretty easily; and it's no less combat-capable than a cruiser of the same level. Fights will be fairly quick, and I'll get to show off a wide-variety of tactics because the science officer abilities are some of the best ones.

What I'm looking for:
Ship name, Ship Type, Specific Ship. All votes for the 'Vesper' class will be ignored (I'm serious, that thing was a last-minute addition to the game and it shows--the Vesper looks terrible and you're a bad person for wanting me to fly one).