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Part 89: Tier 2 Starship Vote

Good news, everyone!

Korvat just hit level 21 today, so it's time to decide on a new ship (you won't see it in use until after Video 22 or so, but that gives you plenty of time to vote for what to pick). So, here's some base info with some handy pictures!

Not Available: Excelsior-class, Nebula-class. Sorry, guys, I do wish they were an option, but they're not available to me; we're stuck with the designs above.

PoptartsNinja's opinion:
This is a good tier to fly a Cruiser. The extra weapon in back gives them a firepower advantage that almost makes up for their inability to turn. HOWEVER I don't think you'll enjoy watching me fly a cruiser. Cruisers are more likely to afflict me with 'fatigue' due to their inability to accomplish anything quickly. Remember, a cruiser's specialty is getting shot (and living), not shooting back.

Escort: Probably my favorite option for this tier, although we'd be losing access to most of our awesome Science abilities. The Akira is a personal favorite of mine and escorts are a blast to fly. The extra 50 crew really helps with the downtime and I'm kinda itching to show off heavy cannons.

Science Vessel: What can I say about these things? The designs are terrible but they're still extremely mobile and quite a lot tougher than the other ships. An additional front phaser means I can ditch the stupid pew-pew cannon I've been relying on for extra all-around DPS and will enable me to better kick ass... I just personally think these things look pretty stupid. The Olympic's a medical ship, the Hope's also a medical ship, and the Horizon is designed to study "gaseous anomalies"... I'd make a fart joke here but it's not worth the effort.

What I'm looking for:
Ship name, Ship Type, Specific Ship. You can vote for Cruisers if you want but I'm applying an "I don't find them fun" penalty so it'd take a clear majority to get me into one (that isn't a Galaxy). Plus I can show off the Commander-tier cruiser in a bonus video since I have another character who's in the Commander-tier and flies a Cruiser.