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Part 90: Tier 2 Starship Vote Results

Voting is over, we have a winner!

Vote Tally:
Ship Type:
28 votes for escorts
3 votes for science vessels
30 1 vote for cruisers
3 votes with no class or ship specified (for the sake of argument, I'm going to count those as 1.5 votes for 'cruisers')

Ship Class:
19 votes for the Akira
2 votes for an Akira with the Oslo saucer section
3 votes for an unspecified custom Escort
2 votes for the Zephyr
2 votes for the Oslo
2 vote for the Horizon
1 votes for the Cheyenne
1 vote for the Olympic

Ship Name:
11 votes for USS Ozaki (Thanks, Agent Interrobang!)
2 votes for USS Riel
2 votes for USS Alcibiades
2 votes for USS Shiro Ishii
2 votes for USS Von Roenne (keep up the von trend and we eventually could've had the USS Von Doom)
2 votes for USS Ali
1 vote for everything else

And, for those of you wondering exactly how big an Akira is, well... here's the Ozaki with a Galaxy, an Intrepid (voyager), and in the upper left-hand corner, a little Quasar-class almost-Nova.