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Part 91: Tier 3 Starship Vote

Heh, you guys can't even wait for me to actually post the options before you start voting.

Welp, nothing for it!

Korvat just hit level 30 today, which means level 31 isn't far behind so it's time to decide on a new ship (you won't see it in use until after Video 34-38 or so (seriously, I've got a lot of footage), but that gives you plenty of time to vote for what to pick). So, here's some base info with some handy pictures!

PoptartsNinja's opinion:
Cruiser: This is a good tier to fly a Cruiser. The Galaxy's an icon, even though the other designs are utter shit. The downside? The Galaxy is the slowest turning ship in the game (turn rate 5 degrees/second) which means if one of my shield facings drops I'm in serious trouble. The Galaxy-class also has a hilarious propensity towards loosing thousands of crew every few fights, which means downtime between fights is even longer than normal unless you've got someone on the roster with Tactical Team to swap in during the between-fight times.

Escort: The Defiant is a classic murder-factory. If you think the Akira is fast and deadly, it's got nothing on the Defiant. With a turn rate of 17 degrees/second and only 28% of the Galaxy's mass, the Defiant can turn on a dime and use the inherent speed bonus all Escorts get to slaughter things even more quickly than you're expecting it to.

Science Vessel: Probably my favorite choice for the tier, the Intrepid-class is a personal favorite design. In addition to being faster and more maneuverable than the Galaxy, the Intrepid also has stronger shields making it a better tank under most circumstances. Additionally, it has access to a whole slew of Science abilities and, as you've seen, those tend to be quite powerful and are usually pretty fun to watch. It also has a small enough crew that you're not losing hundreds of people every time you get hit by a torpedo, which is a plus.

Final verdict:
The Intrepid is theoretically my favorite for the Tier, but I like all of the ships this tier; so my personal opinion shouldn't factor into this at all.

What I'm looking for:
Ship name, Ship Type, Specific Ship. Same as always.