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Part 19: Family Matters

Part 19: Family Matters

Now that we've heard the history of the Sand People, let's make our way back to Anchorhead to finish our business on Tatooine.

Fazza seems impressed by our hunting prowess. We could sell the krayt dragon pearl to him, but we most certainly will not.

Next up, the Czerka office. We'll show the Czerka protocol officer our collection of gaffi sticks.

Yes, here it is.

I think I'll give you a bonus for this. You've more than lived up to your side of the bargain. Czerka Corporation thanks you.

[Success] It would be valuable to have someone on call if the Sand People made another incursion. I think you're right.

Fleecing Czerka Corporation of their cash is always a good time.

We got a pretty hefty chunk of XP for that quest as well. We're done with Czerka for now, so let's head back outside.

Err... which datapad was that?

Uh, sure.

I think we'll do exactly that, and hope it doesn't blow up in our face or something.

This quest is for dark side characters only and involves assassinating various NPCs. Well, you can do it as a light side character as well, but you end up amassing a huge pile of dark side points along the way. That means we won't be doing it.

As we make our way towards the gate where Iziz the Jawa is waiting, Bastila stops us. Let's see what she has to say this time.

Tell me how you joined the Jedi, then.

I was found to be strong with the Force at a young age, as most Padawans are. As a girl I was given to the Order to be trained. When I joined the Order I left my family on Talravin, as all Padawans do. My family is still there, the last that I heard. I have had little contact with them, as it is discouraged.

As we all know, the Jedi steal children from their families. Surprisingly, most people seem to be okay with this arrangement because it's meant to be "for the good of the Republic."

Not so sure about that, frankly. Yes, that is what the Order's teachings say, and of course you do want to control negative emotions like anger, but suppressing all emotions seems like a disaster waiting to happen.

It doesn't seem Bastila wholeheartedly agrees either.

I was not on good terms with my mother. I was only a little girl when I left, but I was old enough to resent her and the way she treated my father. She pushed my father into treasure hunting. I spent all my young life on ships traveling from one false lead to the next. She whittled away my father's entire fortune, and I hated her for it. I think she was relieved to give me to the Jedi, but my father was heartbroken.

You never tried to get in touch with your father again?

A child is too young to understand the sacrifices that must be made. It is better if they have no contact with their family once they are removed.

Is it?

Even a Jedi cannot always control the feelings of the heart. We must do our best to guard against it, no matter what the cost. But some sacrifices are harder than others. I... I do not wish to discuss this anymore. I would rather return to our mission.

In Tales of the Jedi, which heavily influenced KotOR, Jedi falling in love - even with each other - was no big deal at all. As I alluded to before, Nomi Sunrider's husband Andur was a Jedi until his unfortunate and unintentionally comical death, and at no point was that relationship treated as anything out of the ordinary. Naturally, Tales of the Jedi predates the prequels, which was where this sort of thing really started and the Jedi Order's portrayal in those films subsequently bled over to the Old Republic era as seen in KotOR.

It is as was agreed, as Iziz hoped it was. I have things to give you... take and be welcome.

Right, let's see what item we got.

Uhh... nothing? Apparently, the actual reward is an Echani Shield, but for some reason it's not shown in the feedback at all. You can also persuade Iziz for 500 credits, but I didn't feel like demanding a bigger reward from him.

We walk around Anchorhead some more, and Bastila chimes in again.

You need to see what the dark side represents in its entirety, for it is what we battle. Only the wisdom of a Jedi Master can truly explain this, but I will do my best to make you understand.

The dark side grows stronger and more insidious the closer you draw to it. It begs you to surrender to it, to release all its terrible power... and it becomes harder and harder to resist. And once you stop resisting, it is too late. It twists you up inside and... and turns you into a mockery of everything you once stood for.

We need only to look at the atrocities which have been committed by those under its sway to understand the terrible, corrupting evil of the dark side. Millions dead, and far more suffering. What sort of person would you have to become to perform such deeds gladly?

It is so easy to think that we would never fall prey to such a horror; that we have unlimited control, vigilance and foresight. If only that were true. The Sith have become powerful because there are many Jedi who have succumbed to the lure of the dark side and joined their cause. What greater weapon is there than to turn an enemy to your cause? To use their own knowledge against them?

The dark side is of course quicker and easier, and you don't have to deal with all the bullshit the Jedi Order requires of you. I can easily see some young, hot-headed Jedi deciding it's not worth it to stick with the Order and joining the Sith's cause.

But words alone cannot save one from the dark side. Come, we should continue with the task at hand. When the time comes I only hope we are all strong enough to do what we must.

Following this conversation, we'll return to the Ebon Hawk. No, we're not leaving just yet, but there is something I want to make happen.

Once you've advanced Bastila's dialogue far enough, this scene should trigger the next time you're at the docking bay in Anchorhead.

Oh, yes. I worked for your father on an expedition years ago. Your mother showed me holos of you before you... well, before you left. Such a pretty little girl you were.

Is there something I can do for you, miss? As you can see, we are in quite a hurry.

We're very much not in a hurry right now, all we were doing was running around town and waiting for this scene to trigger.

Oh, you... you don't know? Oh, dear. I just thought... I assumed that she had found you. When I talked to her last, she was desperate to find you...

I have not seen my mother since I joined the order. Do you know what has happened? Did she... say anything about my father?

I'm sorry, dear, but your mother is very ill. So she told me. She didn't say anything about your father, however. I didn't see him.

I see. Where did you meet her, do you remember?

That seems like the right thing to do. Even though Bastila is not exactly on the best terms with her mother, maybe we can at least find out something about her dad.

Looks like we're finding Bastila's mother, then.

What's this all about?

Oh no.

Seen her? Human, you couldn't miss her if you tried. She strolled into the cantina like she owned the place.

Is she still there?

Probably. I don't think anyone else could top her attitude, so she won't be leaving. I won't be going back while she's there, though.

Maybe we are.

Here's the cantina. Let's hope Helena is still inside.

That must be her.

You knew as well as I communication would be impossible once I joined the order. Now what is this about? Where is Father?

Then you haven't heard. I should have known.

Isn't this a lovely reunion? Already she is flinging insults at me. Tell me... you're one of her friends. Do you treat your mother this way?

I was told you were sick. Are you actually dying, or is this merely melodrama for my benefit?

Oof, that's pretty cold.

You never accepted that your father loved going on his treasure hunts, leaving you alone with me. I was always to blame for everything, what else is new? So yes, fine. I brought your father here to look for krayt dragon pearls. He took an expedition into the Tatooine desert and he died.

How can you be sure of that? Father is an experienced --

Do you think I would look for you if I wasn't sure? They were attacked by a krayt dragon and one of the guides fled the battle. He saw your father killed.

Don't be insulting. I want you to use those senses of yours. I want you to find him. I want you to bring back his holocron.

Wow, Bastila is not holding anything back here. She clearly despises her mother, that much is obvious despite her Jedi training.

Kinda getting the feeling this should be a private conversation.

But since we're here, we should try to support Bastila as best we can. Let's see if Helena will tell us about her illness.

That's the kind of response I would expect. Very well. We'll look for the holocron if we have time. I can't promise any more than that.

I believe your father was headed north towards the Sand People enclave. I would check along that route, dear. Do please hurry.


Before we leave, let's just take a quick look at the cantina. There's not a whole lot of interest in here, we can talk to the bartender or play pazaak with one of the patrons but that's about it. We should go find the holocron, and in order to do that we need to make the trek back to the Eastern Dune Sea.

This equipment pack won't appear until we talk to Helena, so we couldn't have found the holocron before now. It's completely possible to advance Bastila's dialogue enough to get this quest before killing the krayt dragon, especially if you don't do Tatooine as your first planet, but here we had to make a return trip.

Before we do anything else, we should have a chat with Bastila and find out what she's thinking at the moment.

Do you think I should?

I don't want to talk about this any more. Let's... keep going.

Nice to see you too, Helena.

You were the one who pushed Father to go on one treasure hunt after the other. You loved living in wealth. You think I don't remember the fights? You were eager to send me to the Jedi, even though I didn't want to go. You took Father away from me, and now this holocron is all I have of him.

Yes, before we do anything rash, let's actually hear her out. We should hear her side of the story.

I find it difficult to believe anything you say, Mother.

Your father loved you so. He wanted you to be just like him... he wanted to take you on his hunts, but I said they were too dangerous.

So that's why you gave me to the Order?

What do your father and I have to show for all those years of hunting? Nothing. That was no life for anyone, especially not someone as gifted as you. Your father... he spent all his last years trying to pay for my treatments. That's why he went for the pearls. I begged him not to, but...

I told your father to let me go, but you know how he was. Stubborn. Like you.

I'm so sorry, Mother. I don't know what to say...

Keep the holocron, Bastila. It would do me good to know you have it. This... talking to you... this is what I really needed before I...

Bastila can probably take care of herself, but we did promise to support her as she supports us, and we won't go back on that promise.

It doesn't matter, dear. Don't you worry about me.

Here. Take these 500 credits. It's all I have. Go to Coruscant and find a doctor. I'll meet you there after... after what I have to do.

But I already told you there's nothing that can --

Having made peace with her daughter, Helena leaves. We don't know if her illness can actually be treated, but let's hope she can recover and can reconnect with Bastila once this is all over.

I'm sure she does.

Thank you for urging me towards it. After all my training, I would have thought it would have been easier. Apparently I still have much to learn.

We all do, I'm sure.

I spent some time trying to get Mission's personal sidequest to pop up, but it wasn't happening on Tatooine so I decided to leave. Apparently, that quest can bug out if you come to Tatooine first, but I don't recall ever having a problem with it even though I literally always come to Tatooine for the first Star Map.

Now that we've gained some levels, let's talk to our crew and see if they've got anything interesting to say. We'll start with Canderous and his war stories.

In those days we were sweeping across the Outer Rim. Destroying all who fought us. Young Mandalores would prove themselves in real combat with unknown opponents above a thousand worlds. Each brought back the story of his achievements.

I remember sitting there in my armor, linked directly with the Basilisk thrumming beneath me. My heart racing with fear at the coming battle.

The doors opened in front me and the air was sucked out of the drop bay, scattering crystals of frozen vapor across my path. I can't describe what it feels like to look directly down at a world, falling continuously as you circle it, with barely fifteen centimeters of armor plate protecting you. When the magnetic locks disengaged on my droid I plunged out of the drop bay towards the battle that waited below.

A 80 kilometer plunge through the atmosphere, dodging and weaving, the outside of my armor glowing like the sun with the heat of re-entry. And with barely thirty meters to spare, I twisted and skimmed the surface, firing at the giant beam generators that were in my path. The explosion from that sent shockwaves that levelled the entire complex around it. It was the moment of my life.

Who wouldn't want a Basilisk war droid after that? Canderous' war stories are some of my favorite content in KotOR, because the guy is one hell of a storyteller.

But I don't really want to talk about this anymore. I trust I've satisfied your curiosity for now?

Certainly. We'll hear more later.

Let's see if we can do anything with HK.

"You stole that from Futurama!"

HK, you're really not helping your cause here.

I suppose that is a fair point...

Maybe later. First, there's more to talk about.

Are you damaged?

Answer: I believe I have been damaged several times in the past, master. I have always been repaired... but perhaps full functionality has not been restored.

Is there any way to repair you?

Answer: Some of my motor functions can be safely repaired, master... but anything in relation to my memory core is extremely sensitive. I have safeguards installed to protect that core that I cannot de-activate. It is not impossible that other, lesser, memory functions could be restored, however.

So I can restore your memory?

Answer: You may attempt to restore portions of my deleted memory, master, but some skill at repair is required. The deeper functions of my core memory, however, would still be unadvisable to tamper with. Conjecture: It is possible that some external stimulus might result in the memory core being reactivated... but I am unaware of any program existence to do so.

So yes, we can try to restore HK-47's memory with sufficient repair skill. That's why I've been putting points to Repair, but it's not going to be enough to finish all the repairs.

It is quite possible that tampering has simply erased my core permanently. If that is so, a meatbag will surely pay!

My physical abilities are well-above those of your average meatbag, as are my sensor functions... an assassin if you would.

Err... I won't tell anyone.

Commentary: Good, for I would truly hate to be turned into spare scrap, master. That would be a waste of my genius engineering. Answer: My assassination functions are currently non-functional, having been de-activated by the meatbag Yuka Laka on Tatooine. Were they functional, you as my master would be able to specify a target and I would operate independently to the best of my ability to terminate it.

Who programmed that in?

Oh. Yeah. Oops.

I would like to try restoring some of your memory.

Affirmative: If you believe your skills are up to the task, master, then I can certainly guide you through the process. Request: I only ask that you be oh so very careful, master. I am too valuable and well-crafted to perish at the hands of ineptitude.

I mean, we probably are.

Let's get started.

[Repair] Statement: As you wish, master. The first stage is the simple one, and that is accessing my central control cluster. This may take awhile. First you will need to open three panels...

Come on, come on, we've got this!

Oh. Balls.

We'll do this later.

As you desire, master. I cannot help but claim a small amount of relief. Signing off.

We currently have 7 points in Repair. The first Repair check for restoring HK's memory is 8 points. If we were smarter, our INT modifier could bring our total to 8, but our 10 INT isn't enough for that. Since Galduran Calrissian's utility belt is not available on the Xbox and we don't yet have Knight Valor or Master Valor to raise our attributes, there's not a lot we can do right now.

Instead of fruitlessly futzing with HK's memory core, we'll go talk to Juhani instead. She's completely willing and able to tell us about her past.

They, all of them, were so very... invigorating.

In retrospect I can see it was a little bit tragic...

But to us, they seemed invincible, especially their leader, who they talked about all the time. Paragons of light and justice, sweeping away all iniquity before them. It was like looking at gods...

They were enthralling... Everyone wanted just to touch them. Some people thought it would bring them luck. Not that the peace they brought lasted very long...

I think we can guess.

The oppressed become the new generation of oppressors. The human oppressed that is... The non-humans were never treated well in any case... We felt the brunt of both administrations...

Okay, what the fuck are these options? One of them pretty much trivializes the oppression Juhani must have gone through, the second one implies she and the other non-humans deserved what they got, and the third one reads like whataboutism. I... guess I'll pick the first one?

But no one looks out for the injustices we suffered! Oh, no! But... I am sorry, I should not have outbursts like that.

Don't you see? The very fact I mentioned it means it has its influence. Anger can lead to the dark side and I must be ever careful that I do not fall back into those ways. I... I thank you for your support. My outburst was uncalled for, but you did not lash back at me. You are a much better Jedi than I, it would seem. But let us not speak more of this now. We should continue on our journey. Perhaps later we will talk again.

What are you thinking about?

She has more to say right now, so let's hear it.

I am not used to such unbiased acceptance from one who is nearly a stranger to me. We Cathar do not make friends easily, or for long. Even on Dantooine, I remained alone. Not ostracized exactly, but... separate.

It is... warming. I feel almost welcome. Needed. You seem to be very decisive when it is required of you. It is reassuring to know that I can count on someone like you.

Just... Thank you for accepting me.

I guess next on the party member chat agenda is good old Carth.

I was just so desperate to finally face Saul directly in the battle over Taris, and now the Jedi have us looking for these... these Star Maps. I know this mission is important, it's just... I feel a bit useless. I can fight, sure, but I'm no Jedi... all this feels completely out of my league.

I just hate not knowing what's going on and feeling this... helpless. But I shouldn't have taken that out on you. I've been a royal pain in the backside, haven't I?

That would be putting it mildly, yes.

So... I'm sorry. Will you accept my apology?

Hopefully that means Carth has finally pulled his head out of his ass. Maybe that's too much to hope for.

One more chat with Bastila. I'm sorry if these party member chats are tedious, but this is just how the game works. You (well, I) want to exhaust all their dialogue at the earliest opportunity, that's how BioWare games are, and I don't want to miss out on any content either just because I didn't talk to our companions enough.

Besides, the events on Taris proved that the Force wanted to bring us together for this mission, and there is little left to chance when the Force is involved. Is that not enough for you?

It's nice we can actually bring up how weird it is the Council didn't send a Master along with us, or that we don't trust the Council.

I get the feeling that there's more going on than I know.

I wondered if the Council wanted to see how I would help and guide you on our quest. I wondered if they were testing me to see if I was ready to become a Jedi Master myself.

She's not even a Knight yet! The Council called her "Padawan Bastila" earlier, so unless she got a promotion offscreen I wouldn't worry about becoming a Master just yet.

That sounds like an excuse. We're already drawing unwanted attention from the Sith, so it couldn't hurt to have a Master with us. Right?

I'm still not so sure, but eh. Let's go with that, I suppose.

Let's not argue about this, and get going instead.

There certainly is.

Right now, we'll head back to Dantooine.

I wanted to make sure I hadn't missed Calrissian's Utility Belt (I had not), and also figured that maybe we could start Mission's sidequest here instead of Tatooine.

Apparently, we can. So this is Lena, the girlfriend of Mission's brother and recipient of many unflattering nicknames.

I'm just passing through. Griff and I broke up a few months after we left Taris together. Probably for the best. Your brother can be charming, Mission, but he's bad news.

Don't you start trashing my brother, you cantina rat! Take that back or I'll smack you so hard your head-tails will pop off!

Whoa! Settle down, Mission.

There did seem to be something strange going on. Of course we just met her so we can't really make any proper judgements of character, but Lena seems like a nice person and not at all like Mission describes her.

Is that what the Hutt-spawn told you? I wanted you to come with us, Mission. I even offered to pay for your ticket! Why not? I paid for everything else while I was with that freeloader. But he told me you didn't want to leave Taris. I said we shouldn't even go then, but he said we'd come back and get you after we struck it rich on Tatooine - just another one of his lies!

No - you're the one who's lying! Griff wouldn't... he wouldn't try to leave me behind!

After we left Taris he told me looking after you was holding him back - Griff's always looking to blame other people for his own problems. That's why he abandoned you. He did the same thing to me, too, as soon as I ran out of money. He started blaming me for all his problems. Like it's my fault his get-rich-quick schemes never work out!

If even half of this stuff is true, Griff must be an utter piece of shit.

But Griff is my brother! I can't just pretend he doesn't exist! If he was here to defend himself Lena wouldn't be saying all this bad stuff about him!

Hey, if you want to talk to Griff go ahead. Last I heard he was going to make a fortune working the Czerka Corp mines on Tatooine. But as far as I'm concerned he's out of my life forever!

Don't tell me you believe Lena's lies? Griff might be working as a miner on Tatooine, but the rest of her story is bantha poo-doo! You can't trust someone like her. At least Griff's free of her clutches. I'd like to go speak to the Czerka Corp rep on Tatooine, if we have time. Maybe I can arrange to see my brother again.

Let's go. I don't think Mission's going to like what we'll find, though, as much as she wants to hope Lena was lying about Griff.

Only one way to find out.

On our return to Tatooine, we bring Zaalbar along just in case. He levels up a few times and receives some more Computer Use points (bringing his current total to 12), and learns Master Power Attack. With that out of the way, let's go see if the Czerka rep can point us in Griff's direction.

Ah, of course you don't.

We hired that Twi'lek some time ago. Not a good worker according to his crew chief: always complaining and faking injuries to get out of work. He entered false time sheets and slept through his shifts. We even suspected him of stealing Czerka Corporation supplies, although we could never prove it.

Honestly, in this case we can't blame the guy.

Oh. That may complicate things.

In the end it just wasn't cost effective to keep searching. All miners sign a waiver absolving Czerka Corporation of liability in these circumstances.


That's all I can tell you. I shouldn't even have said this much; this is all privileged corporate information. I could lose my job!

As I said, all employees have signed waivers absolving Czerka Corporation of any financial liability if this occurs. It is the industry standard. I suppose you could apply for special dispensation from the Czerka Corporation Representative Kiosk on Coruscant. Business hours only, please.

Very helpful, thank you. Let's talk to Mission and see what she has to say about this.

Griff may be a slime but we have to go rescue him! We can't just leave him with those... those... those monsters!

Got it.

Looks like we'll have to have another talk with our Sand People chieftain buddy, and that means bringing HK-47 along. Sorry, Zaalbar.

Extrapolation: I would assume we are free to take him. It is doubtful they will even waste the effort to kill him. Perhaps we could do it, master?

I don't think Mission would appreciate it. At least not yet.

There he is, the man himself. Let's say hi.


I... I have to ask you something, Griff. It's important. I ran into Lena. She said... she said it was your idea to leave me on Taris. It's not true, is it?

Ah, well... there's the truth and then there's the *truth*, you know? I always meant to go back to Taris, sis. Just as soon as I had the credits to pay off my debts. But credits have been hard to come by.

Oh dear. This won't go down well.

That's it? That's all you have to say to me after all these years after deserting me on Taris?

Well, that and uh... could you please get me out of here? You've got a tough looking friend there.

We would love to leave him to rot here for the rest of his days, and I think Mission might agree right now, but we'd probably regret doing that so I suppose we'll tell him he's free to leave.

What an absolute hero.

Mission has finally seen the truth about her brother, and it's not pretty.

You may have saved my life, but I don't have a single credit to my name. Say, you wouldn't be able to spare me some credits? Just till I get back on my feet, you know?

It'll be the surprise of the century if we ever see this money again, but we have more than enough so whatever.

Greeta, the manager over at the Czerka supply shop, said I could come work for him if I ever get tired of the mines. I think I'll go take him up on his offer. You know, maybe there's something else you can help me with. I need to talk to a guy first and set up the details, but if you're interested in a job come see me in Greeta's shop.

I'm sure this will be good.

Okay then. At least we freed the guy, let's see what idiotic scheme he's got cooked up this time.

The pleasure, I'm sure, is all yours.

We haven't got all day.

Tach are small monkeys that live on Taris and Kashyyyk, and apparently one of the ingredients for Tarisian ale is some undefined "gland" from one of these monkeys.

The Exchange? This can only end well.

If you can get your hands on one of those tach glands I'll make it worth your while.

Well, that is certainly a scheme he's got going on.

Griff, you absolute putz.

Since we're going to Kashyyyk anyway (spoiler: that's our next Star Map destination), we might as well keep an eye out for these monkey parts Griff so badly needs.

I kind of told him I already had the stuff, so if he shows up and I'm empty handed... well, let's just say I really, really hope it doesn't come to that.

I think we've all known someone like Griff at some point. Maybe not quite as comically hopeless, but still. In any case, that's all our business on Tatooine done for now, so let's return to the Ebon Hawk.

I put the krayt dragon pearl and the Opila crystal in our off-hand lightsaber for some damage and attack bonuses and massive criticals. Didn't change the color of the blade yet, though, but that'll happen eventually.

Finally, before we head to Kashyyyk, we'll stop by Suvam's station again. He has a lot to tell us about himself (he's been here for 50 years and was originally brought to Yavin IV as a slave for the Sith during the Exar Kun war, and he was one of the slaves working under the Baragwin who at that point were the "best damn weapons merchants in the galaxy") but in the interest of not making this update any longer than it already is I won't go through all that in detail.

We could get one of those Baragwin armors for Mission, at least if we ever used stealth.

However, we're actually here to sell our race bonds. All 120 of them.

Next time, we'll travel to Kashyyyk. Unfortunately, I don't think it's Life Day just yet.