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Part 20: The Madclaw's Return

Part 20: The Madclaw's Return

Last time, Bastila reconnected with her mother and Mission found out her brother is a worthless deadbeat. With our business on Tatooine now finished, we are free to go and search for another Star Map, and for that we'll be heading to Kashyyyk.

But first, we've got more party member chats to get through. Carth, you're up first.

Saul Karath, in case you forgot, was Carth's mentor before defecting to the Sith. Carth would like nothing more than to kill Saul with his own hands, but there seems to be more to the story than he's letting on.

Carth still isn't too forthcoming with that information, so we'll have to press him for it a bit more.

Come on, Carth. Let's hear it.

I told you about my homeworld. Telos. Four years ago, Saul led the Sith fleet there and demanded its surrender. The planet refused and Saul proceeded to devastate its entire surface. Millions died. I had... a wife and son on Telos. I thought they would be safe there. But my task force arrived too late to be of much help. We didn't have enough medical supplies. The colony was burning and the dying were everywhere. I remember holding my wife and screaming for the medics. They... didn't come in time.

So there you have it. As annoying as Carth can be with his constant mistrust of you and everyone else, he definitely has a valid reason to be the way he is. That doesn't make his behavior any less frustrating, mind, but he's certainly not whining about nothing.

I... miss them. I know killing Saul won't bring them back, and it won't make me happy again... but I have to do it. I don't expect you to understand. I have to pay him back for what he's done... I have to. It's all I have left.

She had courage... and she was stubborn. Heh... a little bit like you in that respect. I could never talk her out of anything once she put her mind to it. And she hated it when I signed back onto the fleet at the start of the war. I had planned on... on leaving soon, to join her...

So what happened to your son? You didn't say.

His name was Dustil and I don't know what happened to him. The colony was a complete ruin, and we never found any trace of him. I made inquiries and followed the reports from Telos for years, but... I stopped. Anyway... that's the story. For what it's worth.

Thank you for telling me.

At least Carth now seems to trust us enough to really open up about his past, so we've definitely made progress on that front.

We'll get back to Carth later on. For now, Bastila also has something to say.

The truth is, I have come to depend on you. Not just for the sake of the mission, but for my own sake as well. I am... I am glad you are with us.

You don't say.

Teasing Bastila is always fun. If you're playing a male character you'll get to do a lot more of that as part of the romance plot, but Zila gets some opportunities as well.

I know my manner can be a bit taciturn. I know you must be getting sick of my lectures about the dark side and... and everything else. I spent all my years being hounded by my instructors. Being told so often how gifted and important I was until I was sick of it.

Understandable. As was pointed out earlier, Master Vrook was the only one of the Jedi Masters on Dantooine to show even a modicum of concern for Bastila as a person rather than a weapon against the Sith. I know they're desperate, but the Jedi are putting entirely too much pressure on Bastila and she's had a hard time coping with it.

Sorry, couldn't resist.

But maybe it's time to change that. You deserve to know how much I respect and admire you. I thought... I just thought I should tell you.

She's having some difficulties showing it, but Bastila does care about us and respect us, which we certainly appreciate.

But enough soul searching for now. We should probably continue on with our mission.

Indeed we should, and we will.

Kashyyyk. The planet known for its giant Wroshyr trees and as the homeworld of the Wookiees, first introduced in the infamous Star Wars Holiday Special in 1978, in which it was called "Kazook". As an aside, possibly the worst headache I've ever had in my life occurred immediately after I had seen the Holiday Special for the first time. I'm not sure if the special itself or the incredibly low-quality RealVideo file was to blame, but I'm going to assume a bit of both. But I digress.

There's our next Star Map. Looks to be on the forest floor somewhere, which really doesn't narrow things down very much because Kashyyyk is all forest.

This is probably my favorite of the planet landing cutscenes. I really like the night sky and the full moon above the treetops here.

This platform was not constructed by the Wookiees. You may have noticed on the Galaxy Map that there's a Czerka outpost on Kashyyyk, and the platform and other walkways were built by Czerka for easier access.

Kashyyyk is a lush but simple and undeveloped world. I would not have expected to find the alien technology of a Star Map here.

Who knows what else is down there? These trees can be several kilometers long.

If the Star Map is located far beneath us on the planet's surface, as our vision seems to suggest, it is unlikely the Wookiees even know of its existence.

I hope someone can point us in the right direction, because searching the entire surface of the planet doesn't seem particularly inviting.

Before we start looking for the map, we've got a few more conversations aboard the Ebon Hawk.

Although I suppose only Malak is left, isn't he? Turned on his own master, not that Revan didn't have it coming. Heh. Typical for their kind, I guess.

Carth has been a Republic soldier for a long time and fought in the Mandalorian Wars, so maybe he saw Revan and Malak in action when they were Jedi.

In the fleet, we didn't see much of the Jedi. I only met Malak once, but I was impressed by him. I guess that just shows how much the dark side can change someone.

Do you know why they turned to the dark side?

Nobody does. When they left after the Mandalorian wars ended, they were Jedi. When they returned... they were something else.

How did they get away with all this?

Well... when they returned from wherever they went, they had an entire fleet with them. Nobody knows where they got the ships. They had a lot of them and as the years have passed there always seems to be more and more... while our forces dwindle. Did they really get away with it, though? Revan was betrayed by Malak... and Malak hasn't won. In the end, the dark side won't help him.

Malak hasn't won, but as the Jedi Masters described it it's only a matter of time before the Sith overwhelm the Republic with brute force and sheer numbers.

I'm starting to think it's different for the Jedi, however. That there's this evil watching them, waiting for its chance. You have so much courage and strength in you... yet, somehow, I have no trouble imagining it differently. Like the flip side of a coin. It's not just you. It's Bastila, as well. She's so... intense. I don't pretend to know much about the Force... but I know evil.

Neither you nor Bastila are fully trained on how to handle your power. I'm just concerned at what might come.

Again, he has a good point. Neither us nor Bastila are fully trained Jedi, and we're quite susceptible to the dark side. That said, for us there really isn't much of a conflict there at all. Even though the dark side is supposed to be insidious and corrupt you before you even notice what's happening, the options we get in the game don't really support this and it ends up being very easy to resist the supposed lure of the dark side by simply trying to be a decent person.

I hope he doesn't take this little comment as flirting. He's totally going to take it as flirting.

I suppose finding the Star Maps is more important than your training... and your safety. I just hope there isn't a price for you to pay.

Well, we did get him all flustered for a bit. We'll leave him alone for now and talk to Bastila again, because these guys just want to keep chatting.

In our time together I've been watching you. You are a true servant of the light, you follow the tenets of the Jedi Order despite the lure of the dark side. And with so little training. For me it has always been a constant battle. Don't you find it difficult at all? You make it seem so easy. Or is that only an illusion?

As I said, it's not difficult at all. It probably should be, but it's not.

I've always struggled for control over my passions. I've always been too quick to anger, too quick to get involved. My instructors constantly berated me for it. I've often dreamed that I might be able to confront Darth Malak myself. I dream I can use all this power I have to kill him and stop all the death and destruction. I just think about all the evil that the Sith have caused and I... I get so furious. Yet we are told that these feelings are the path to the dark side.

That's the problem, isn't it? You tap into the dark side just a little bit, with good intentions such as wanting to take down Malak, and soon you'll find yourself heading ever deeper down the dark path. For all we know, that's what happened to Revan and Malak themselves. It's really a shame the morality system in KotOR doesn't allow this kind of struggle for the player character, because it would be really interesting.

I shouldn't even be asking you this. The Jedi teachings are clear; who am I to question them? And even worse, who am I to try and make you question them?


These are dangerous thoughts, the indulgence of a vain mind. Please, forget I ever mentioned this. Let's just return to our mission.

I don't know, I'm starting to get a bit worried about Bastila. Around this time should also be when the romance scene triggers for a male protagonist if you've been pursuing that.

We can ask our party members their thoughts about whichever planet we're on, but usually they don't say anything relevant. Maybe Zaalbar would have something to say about Kashyyyk, since it's his home planet and all.

I'm not sure what I could tell you. Or even what I would want to. You are an outsider here too. It angers me.

He still doesn't have a lot to tell us. Oh well. I wonder how Mission's doing.

And now he's gotten himself mixed up with the Exchange. Sometimes Griff can be so stupid! Part of me just wants to let him get what's coming to him.

I don't like these options. I don't want Griff to get hurt by the Exchange thugs he's involved with even though he is an idiot, but I also don't want to go "well he's your BROTHER so you must stand by him at all times!" The relationship between Mission and her brother is far from healthy and she'd be better off without him, but there should be some middle ground between these two choices (the third one you can't see is basically "I don't have time for this shit").

Maybe a couple broken knee-caps will do him some good! Maybe that's the kind of jolt he needs to turn his life around! Only... what if they do something worse? They might kill him! I don't want him to die; he doesn't deserve that. But I can't just keep supporting his crazy schemes. Someone has to teach him a lesson!

Oh hey, a somewhat reasonable dialogue option.

Maybe if we get these tach glands for him things will work out. Or maybe he'll finally see the light and turn over a new leaf. I know it's not likely, but it's all I have to hope for.

Canderous and Juhani have nothing new to say and we still don't have enough Repair skill to do anything with HK-47, so let's get out there and see what Kashyyyk has to offer us.

Why would we not take these two with us? I think Zaalbar is forced into the party in a couple of minutes anyway, and Mission would probably love to see her best buddy's home planet.

The Czerka Corporation will see to your needs, of course, but there will be a 100 credit docking fee. In advance, I fear.

Of course there will.

Upon collection of the correct fees, I will extend what resources the Czerka Corporation can offer. I'm sure you understand.

If we had the Affect Mind power or its stronger Dominate Mind variant, we could use a Jedi mind trick to get through situations like this. That is a terribly petty way to use the Force, as our Jedi party members will be all too happy to point out, and since that applies to most uses of the mind trick in this game it's not really worth spending the points.

[Success] *sigh* Normally I wouldn't do this, but I don't feel like arguing. I'll consider a promise of future business payment enough.

It's easy enough to persuade these idiots anyway.

Very well, though only the most adaptive people seem to comprehend the Wookiee language, such as it is. Now then, please follow me to our information center. I will answer any further questions there.

I guess we could follow the Czerka drone, just in case he can tell us something useful.

I have not been here long, but I can already see I will not be as welcome here as I had hoped.

Hey, it's a familiar face from Tatooine. How's it going, Komad?

I have come here to seek even greater prey than what we faced on Tatooine, but the climate here is politically cold, and I don't know if I will be allowed to hunt.

Whose permission are you looking for?

An astute question. Czerka Corporation seems in control here, but they don't care if I wander the Shadowlands, so long as I have paid their docking fee. Instead, I hope to gain the trust of the native Wookiee population. I'm not here to just kill the biggest thing I can find; I want to understand how they hunt.

What are you doing to gain their trust?

Very little. I'm sure they have had enough of off-worlders like the Czerka claiming good intentions. I will simply try to stay out of their way. I have heard of an off-worlder that has gained respect by living in the Shadowlands for some years. Perhaps I will attempt the same. It could just be hunter tales, though.

An off-worlder? Interesting.

It certainly would, but sadly this is the last we'll be seeing of our buddy Komad.

I think this is where Zaalbar forces himself into the party if you don't take him. I'm not 100% sure, though, because why would you not take him in the first place?

I am an exile. The slavers on Kashyyyk only took me after I was forced to leave my village home, 20 years ago.

The fight was stopped, but my father did not believe me when I told him about my brother's actions. I was made an exile, disowned by my home and people. I should not be here. They will not accept me back.

Surely he would've at least looked into the claim Zaalbar's brother was dealing with slavers? Why would Zaalbar get exiled for that, anyway?

Our claws are tools, not weapons. To use them in battle is to become an animal. It is madness without honor. I am forever a madclaw in the eyes of my people. Nothing I say is to be trusted. They were right to cast me out.

This is something that still holds true in the new canon. The term "madclaw" isn't used anymore, but Wookiees have a certain code of honor that prohibits the use of their claws as weapons.

Aw, come on buddy. We'll sort this out.

More named NPCs, let's see what their deal is.

Err... okay.

Just be sure to pay cash. The interest on his loans will drain you like a Deluvian fatworm on a Hutt's backside.

Well, thanks for that wonderful image.

Poor fellow, he's been waiting for his friends to return with my money for a standard month now. Ah, but you don't need to hear of this. What can I get you?

Something about this seems iffy.

Enslave? I resent that. Simply fair business. This man's fellows left without settling their debts, so he must make up the difference.

I know, I know, it's standard trading rules. I just want to know where my crew went. I was only gone for two days. This isn't like them.

Yes, very sad that they would abandon you, especially while you were doing me a favor and helping repair one of my freighters.

Very iffy indeed.

Oh, it isn't about the amount. After all, as a skilled mechanic, Matton is worth much more than what is owed. Especially on this remote planet.

*ahem* As I was saying, it's a matter of principle. I am nothing if not honest in my dealings, and I demand the same. He will be free to go when his friends turn up and the debt is paid. I honor my deals. Let no one say otherwise.

Right. This may be something to look into if we can find the time, because something about the whole situation doesn't make sense. We could buy some stuff from Eli, but he doesn't have anything we particularly need so let's just move on.

To the left is progress, to the right is the Czerka information center. We're not fans of Czerka, but maybe they could point us in the direction of some interesting ruins on the forest floor.

Oh, they've just got a caged Wookiee right there in the office. Very subtle, guys.

I need supplies. What is available here?

For material goods, I would suggest you speak with the general vendor near the docking area. He keeps his store well-stocked.

That'd be Eli.

If you're here to purchase local species, however, you must wait for a licensed Czerka Corporation trader to return from deliveries outside the system.

I mean, we can see the caged Wookiee right there on the floor, and Zaalbar said his brother was dealing with slavers. I think we can figure out what "purchase local species" means.

Your current Wookiee seems displeased with the situation, but I fail to see a concern. You seem to be a satisfied customer.

Ah, a very difficult thing to stage. I commend you for it. So much easier than relying on restraining collars.

I am merely a servant of the corporation! The Wookiee leadership is in agreement! Harvesting is made as delicate as possible! Please! It is not my decision! It is... an acceptable practice, I assure you!

I'll bet.

We won't be any more understanding, but more information is always good to have.

We are kept profitable and an agreeable leader is kept in power. It keeps the process from becoming a constant firefight.

What is this leader's name?

I believe his name is Chuundar. I don't deal directly with them, thank goodness. Far too brutish.

It sounds as though your thrall has an opinion about our arrangement with this leader, but it doesn't matter. Chuundar is unquesfioned.

What about it, Zaalbar? What's the matter?

This is not something I will talk about. Not yet.

Please, is there anything else? I have work to do.

I forgot to look at his weapon stock, but who cares.

The planet is still very much untamed, and we do not send out patrols for lost tourists.

I think we'll manage without Czerka's help.

So, let's continue on.

Wookiee hunters usually keep numbers down, but I think they leave certain areas infested, just hoping a Czerka guard will get killed.

I'm going past you. I paid the landing fee.

I won't stop you, but you leave this area at your own risk. We're here to protect the company, not you.

Great, thanks.

Onward we go.

No katarns or even a Kyle Katarn here, just a bunch of kinrath. These forest kinrath are very weak and go down without much of a fight.

Zaalbar, you're kinda out of the shot.

I must warn you of one thing... I don't know if I will be a help or hindrance to you here. My father was very powerful... a chieftain. Perhaps his feelings have mellowed, but if my brother had his ear all this time... I may be very unwelcome.

We'll have Zaalbar's back no matter what happens.

I'm sorry, I've taken enough of your time. We should press on.

We can reactivate this droid to help us with some of the wildlife. Probably don't need to, but might as well since it's there. More importantly, that certainly looks like a group of Czerka goons standing over the body of a Wookiee up ahead.

What a lovely bunch.

This Wookiee slave got a little... rebellious. We had to put it down.

That was probably not the best thing to admit in front of an angry Wookiee.

As much as we'd love to sic Zaalbar on these guys and have him rip their arms off, it might be a better plan to solve the situation peacefully even if the Czerka thugs don't really deserve it.

I will do so. For your sake, not theirs.

Zaalbar takes some convincing, but eventually he listens to us.

Just shut up, you trigger-happy idiot.

Do your superiors approve of you killing Wookiees?

No, of course they don't. Why would you ask me that? Are you doing some sort of snap inspection?

In the background, we can see our droid engaging with some of the hostile critters.

Is that a joke? Who do you think you are?

There's a Force Persuade option here if you've got the power for it.

That being said, our Persuade skill is so high that in most cases we might as well be using Jedi mind tricks.

Yes, I say so. Move out. This place just isn't worth the trouble.

Those guys were slaver scum and probably should've been killed, but hey, light side points for solving the situation without violence!

Further ahead, we run into more forest kinrath and a stronger viper kinrath. The viper kinrath can actually deal some damage, and also took out our droid.

The forest kinrath stalkers are also quite strong compared to their regular counterparts, so we occasionally have to heal up while fighting these things.

More forest kinrath, as well as... cliff racers? Sure, why not.

The Wookiee hunters really should do a better job around here. There is a path to the Shadowlands nearby, but a Wookiee guard blocks our way so we can only head further north.

The supply boxes next to the terminal are locked up quite tight, and even Mission's Security skill isn't enough to open them. Captain Dehno back there would have dropped his access card if we had killed him, but obviously we didn't do so. We could use the terminal to open the boxes, but there isn't anything good in them anyway so that would be a waste of spikes. I guess we could also bash the boxes, but

Oh, these guys again.

Yes, so we've heard.

Let's get this over with.

Like their brethren on Tatooine, the Dark Jedi drop some pretty decent loot including several lightsabers and crystals. The Nextor crystal provides the Keen bonus which increases your critical threat range and stacks with other crit threat bonuses, so that'll go on one of our sabers at some point. We also get the Damind crystal, which is just +3 to Attack.

This must be the way to the Wookiee village.

Stand aside! This human is with me and I want access to the home of my people!

The guard is none too happy to see Zaalbar.

Shut up! GROWWLL! You are nameless with dishonor, mad-claw! Yours is a foulness that disgusts me! RRaaaghh! Enough talk! You and the outcast mad-claw will be taken to Chuundar now!

At this point, Zaalbar is removed from the party and we won't have access to him until later on. We'll find out why shortly.

So that's the great Chuundar, brother of Zaalbar.

You are a mad-claw without honor. You have no voice among your own people. I, on the other hand, am Chieftain.

You may talk, but no one will believe you. I've had a long time to guide what my people think. They trust me, the mighty Chuundar. Even with my brother insane and father enslaved, I rose to protect my people despite it all.

What would a Wookiee clearing their throat even sound like?

I may be able to put you to use on a menial task. Zaalbar will have to stay here, of course.

What is this task?

A simple thing. Another Wookiee has suffered the same fate as Zaalbar, gone mad and been exiled. He now lurks the Shadowlands. More importantly, he's pestering my Czerka allies during their Shadowland expeditions. It is not good for business.

Why would we do this for him?

He'll stay until the mad-claw is dead. The Czerka would never let me hold you, but they don't care what I do with fellow Wookiees.

Oh, that's why. Okay then.

I need Zaalbar with me as a guide.

No, you won't need him to find your way. Over the years I have had my people trained to understand galactic Basic. I tell them it's to better understand the enemy. They think it will make the Czerka easier to fight. Actually it makes them easier to obey. Remember, you can't beat me here. No one would dare oppose me to join with an outsider or an exile.

He went as mad as you when he finally discovered the slavers. He dared challenge them alone and has not been seen since. That was years ago. Let him go, Zaalbar. I rule now. I'll take the Wookiees forward, but there are prices to pay.

And yeah, that is why we can't have Zaalbar with us for most of this section.

Damn right, Mission.

Now we can get past the guard that was blocking the way earlier. We could've talked to him and he'd have told us we need to speak with Chuundar.

Okay then, we know where to go next.

Before we meet up with Gorwooken, there's a couple of things we can do in the village of Rwookrrorro. We could try to talk to the random Wookiees walking around, but they barely tolerate our presence and won't have much to say.

However, to the east we've got two points of interest. Let's visit the home of Woorwill first.

What are you doing here? Have you come to laugh at us? Come to gloat about how many of us you take? Can you even understand me?

Then why are you here?

Can I ask you some questions?

I hope not. I hope you slavers didn't get him. N-not that you're a slaver. I'm sorry. I'm very tired. I haven't slept much lately.

Who was Rorworr?

Rorworr? Oh, he's the greatest! He's led hunting parties to the Shadowlands, and even fought outsiders! Slavers... like you probably are. He's taught me a lot. He said I could grow up as strong as him, that I'd fight you too. I will, too. I will.

Woorwill here is supposed to be quite young, perhaps the Wookiee equivalent of 15 or 16 years old. You can't really tell from his appearance because he's just as big as all other Wookiees, but his dialogue makes it obvious.

Anyway, maybe we should look into this situation with Rorworr.

But what if they know something? Maybe they could help?

Outsider, you talk to me if you must bother us at all. Leave him alone.

The other Wookiee doesn't want us talking to Woorwill, so we'll try him instead.

I have nothing to say to you. Go and learn what you can while bleeding our planet of its people and honor.

Should we ask if they've seen Rorworr? They understand us. Most outsiders don't bother to learn our language.

It isn't an easy language to learn, what with all the growls and howls. Big Z told me the whole point was to make it difficult for outsiders to understand.

I will not speak to them and neither will you, Woorwill. I won't allow it.

I'm Zila Galcyon, and I'm here with Chuundar's permission. Show a little respect.

Fine, let's namedrop the big man then.

You taint us... and bring out the worst in everything. You will get no respect from me.

I must leave.

Good riddance. Don't come back, outsider.

Fine. Let's check the other door we saw on the map.

This is apparently where we'll find the local law enforcement.

Can I ask you some questions?

Well, not unless you can tell me where young Rorworr is. Do you keep track of slaves taken?

I have no way of knowing one way or another. You'll excuse me if I don't take you at your word.

When did Rorworr go missing?

It could be ten days or more. He was planning a hunt, and nobody seems to know when he was leaving. He is now overdue. I don't know where to start. It is strange...

Why do you think it is strange?

I don't believe he was taken by slavers. Their slave transports haven't been seen around here. If it wasn't slavers, perhaps he fell in the Shadowlands... but he knew them well. I would search for him, but I don't know where to start. My days of hunting the lower forest are behind me.

Hm. We are going to the Shadowlands, so maybe we could keep an eye out for Rorworr.

I'll be going now.

Farewell then. Bacca keep you well.

Bacca was a great Wookiee warrior from long ago, still widely revered to this day.

Next time, we'll make our way to the forest floor. Can we find the Star Map? What about the outlander who supposedly lives in the Shadowlands? What other surprises might lurk in the Shadowlands? We shall find out.