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Part 28: The Leviathan's Prey

Part 28: The Leviathan's Prey

Last time, we found the Star Map on Korriban, turned both our Sith Master and an ancient Sith spirit back to the light side, and killed almost everyone in the Sith academy. Job well done, then.

Before we can board the Ebon Hawk and leave Korriban, this older gentleman stops us at the docking bay.

Ha! Jolee? Jolee Bindo? Why, you old freak! Last time I saw you, you were still wandering the galaxy in that old tug. I thought you were dead, old man.

I crashed somewhere and decided to stay. Heh heh.

Ah, old man conversations. Always a good time.

"We kind of just killed the entire Sith population of Dreshdae, so we're in a bit of a rush."

Sunry is is another old man, presumably.

That's preposterous.

I know. Elora is beside herself, as you can imagine. Maybe you could help them? I'm sure Sunry would appreciate a Jedi's assistance right about now.

Perhaps I will at that. It's up to my friend, here, actually. I'm just tagging along.

Well, we'll be going to Manaan as soon as we finish this next round of party member dialogue and sidequests, so I see no reason not to look into this Sunry case as well.

Alright then. I actually forgot you can trigger the Sunry sidequest before you go to Manaan, not that it matters much because once we get to Manaan Jolee will still act as if he'd never heard about Sunry's murder accusations.

Barring any further sudden ambushes by old men, we'll return to the Ebon Hawk so we can start our traditional post-Star Map party member conversations.

The Qel-Droma robes we found miraculously intact on the skeleton of Duron Qel-Droma are the best light side Jedi robes you can find in KotOR. There's another set we get near the end of the game, but I'm pretty sure it actually has completely identical stats! Appearance-wise, the Qel-Droma robes just look like regular brown Jedi apparel, which is a shame.

Access complete: I have recovered information on my owner previous to the commercial officer, master. Intriguing.

Anyway, now that we're able to raise our INT by 5 points and gain a +2 modifier, we can get to 11 Repair and that means we can restore another one of HK-47's memories.

Answer: It does not seem so, master, no. He required a protocol droid only and wanted one as cheaply as possible. I do not know who sold me to him. I do remember that I was very pleased to be the property of a senator. One of his assistants discovered my assassination functions later through questioning.

That assassination function was nothing but trouble, I tell you.

I was most proud to have partaken in the political system of the galaxy. During the time my owner possessed me, he gained significant rank. Given time, I believe he could have become Chancellor. I even eliminated a few key opponents that he did not ask for... freebies, if you will.

That seems a tad... irregular.

Answer: Certainly. Why not? I am an intelligent droid, you know. I see an opportunity and I take it... and my master was most pleased with my work. Observation: I think he would have done far better had he not allowed his use of me to become personal. He set me on his wife.

And why would he do that?

Answer: I am unsure. The human was most agitated and angry. I believe his wife had done something that had displeased him greatly.

When I found the wife and her companion, I proceeded to launch my attack... but my master interposed his own body and was destroyed. It was rather a strange meatbag thing to do, do you not agree? Naturally I shut myself down, my master being terminated.

Yes, very strange indeed.

Well, it appeared he got a conscience at the end.

Observation: I find that unlikely. Perhaps he was more concerned that the death of his wife would be more likely traced back to him.

What happened to you then?

Statement: I believe the senator's wife was unsure what I was or what to do with me. It was she who sold me to the corporate officer, an acquaintance.

Have you recovered any other memories?

Answer: As previously, I have found a few more programs which will enhance my performance. A most gratifying discovery, in fact. There is still nothing from previous memories uncovered. You will have to operate again if you desire to find them. With luck, I will discover the stimulus to unlock my core and all this will be unnecessary. I do thank you for the attempt, however, master.

Another +2 bonus, this time to defense. Now, unfortunately, this is as far as our repair skills will take us in terms of restoring HK-47's memory, but don't worry. I've got transcripts of the remaining two conversations right here. Let's take a look at them, shall we? (I'll also show whatever responses I'd pick for Zila)

Third Conversation (Repair rank 14 or higher):

Access complete: I have accessed information on my owner prior to the senator, master. Most… unexpected.

What now?

Answer: It appears that previous to my ownership by the senator, I was the property of one Bochaba the Hutt on the planet Sleheyron.

And what gruesome fate awaited him?

Objection: That is unfair, master. While Bochaba may have died gruesomely, I most certainly had nothing to do with it. Well… very little. Hmm. My memory tells me that, for a time, Bochaba was one of the most feared gangsters on Sleheyron. I helped him with this reputation greatly. Over a span of one year, I terminated a grand total of 322 sentient meatbags. These contracts made Bochaba very wealthy.

You sound proud of that carnage.

Answer: That is correct, master. I do enjoy my work, though my past owners have enjoyed utilizing my functions far more. Strickly speaking, one meatbag is the same as another. Anything I do is in support of my master. It was unfortunate but inevitable that eventually Bochaba would overstep his bounds. I had just cleared two Hutt households when the Exchange retaliated. Statement: I was not even present when my old master was assassinated. I did appreciate the artistry behind his demise upon my return, however.

Why? How was he killed?

Answer: Allow me to say that I have little doubt that residents of that sector were fishing pieces of Bochaba out of their soup for weeks afterward. At any rate, I quickly shut down upon my master's death. The rival Hutt claimed me along with my master's other possessions. Observation: If that Hutt had only known my true function, he surely would not have sold me to a senator he bribed regularly.

You would have preferred to stay on Sleheyron?

Observation: It would have suited my character, master. I have enjoyed my existence since, more or less, so I do not miss it.

You would have been found out eventually.

Observation: No doubt, master. It would have been a glorious battle to end my existence with. I would prefer that to rusting on a junk heap.

I should dismantle you!

Supplication: Please, master, have I not pleased you? I cannot control the acts I have performed… perhaps that is why memory is erased? At any rate, I act only as you instruct me… even if that means being *gulp* …non-violent.

How very self-sacrificing of you.

Affirmation: HK-47 exists only to serve, master.

Do you remember anything else?

Answer: Negative, master. There is still more memory that can be restored, however, if you wish to try. As well, I believe I can restore several programs the Hutt installed to improve my performance. Yesss… they are now active. Contemplative: I wonder how many more dead masters I might have out there. A droid can live for a long time, you know.

[Because of your repairs, HK-47 will now regenerate at a rate of 1 vitality point every 6 seconds, in addition to his other abilities.]

Fourth Conversation (Repair rank 17 or higher):

Access complete: I have recovered the last of my deleted memory, master. Unfortunately, my history is still not complete.

What? Why not?

Answer: As I did inform you, master, the majority of my memory is still locked within my core. That can only be accessed by the appropriate stimuli. And I have no idea what that stimuli might be, unfortunately. Sadly, it seems my true origins will always be a mystery.

Are you sure your core isn't just damaged?

Observation: If it was, master, your restorations will certainly have ensured that the proper stimulus restores my core's functions. Sadly, that could have already happened and we missed it, and my core was too damaged to activate. Oh, woe is me.

You are eager to find your origins, are you?

Query: Wouldn't you be, master? Here I am, surrounded by all these meatbags and all I desire is true perfection. Surely there are more droids like me out there, or is that too much to hope?


Objection: Oh, fine. Laugh at me, master. Humiliate your pet droid, go ahead.

So tell me about this last owner, then.

Correction: That would actually be my first owner, master. The first I can remember. I had completed an assassination in Mandalorian space… though I have no knowledge of what my target was or who sent me. Regardless, my motor function had been damaged and I could not return to wherever I had been sent from. A Mandalorian soldier claimed me as 'booty', I believe. He repaired me… poorly, I might add… and proceeded to use my assassination protocol to raise his rank.

Does no one decent ever find you?

Observation: *You* found me, master. Perhaps you are simply fortunate that my assassination protocol no longer functions? At any rate, it seems that my Mandalorian owner finally decided to send me against Mandalore, himself. My poorest performance, sadly.

Oh? Why is that?

Answer: I was captured by this Mandalore during the attempt. He was able to reverse my programming and send me after my own master. It was quite distressing. There was little I could do. Needless to say, I dispatched the Mandalorian soldier efficiently. Once I deactivated, I believe I eventually ended up on the black market and was sold to the Hutt on Sleheyron. *sigh* My darkest day.

So you killed *that* master directly.

Statement: So I did. I am not very proud of that, master. The soldier seemed very startled, I must say.

You are just a travelling piece of bad luck, aren't you?

Objection: That is so unfair, master! Have I not brought you a great deal of satisfaction?

You don't want to hear the answer to that.

Statement: You are a very harsh master, master. I like you.

So you couldn't kill Mandalore, hey?

Statement: With all due respect, master, he *is* the leader of the Mandalorians. Perhaps my old master was foolish to send me after him.

So can you remember anything else?

Answer: There are a few Mandalorian implants that I can activate, now. They will improve my performance. Beyond that, master, there is nothing more I can relate to you. With luck, we will discover the stimulus to unlock my core very soon.

[Because of your repairs, HK-47 will now regenerate at a rate of 1 vitality point every 3 seconds and has gained an additional +2 bonus to his dexterity.]

And there we go. My apologies for the wall of text, but I wanted to show these conversations in some form and this was by far the quickest way to do so. We still have no idea about HK-47's origins, but we did learn the four previous masters of his are all dead and three of them were directly killed by him, albeit not intentionally. I'm sure we've got nothing to worry about.

Let's go listen to something less violent, such as Canderous' war stories.

The one where the Jedi Revan beat my people. We started by conquering worlds just outside the Republic. We did it quietly so the Republic wouldn't really know what was going on until too late. When we finally did hit the Republic worlds, they had no idea we were coming. We came in through three invasion corridors in adjacent sectors. Anyone who put up a fight - or wouldn't fight - was crushed. We razed whole worlds trying to provoke the Republic into fighting us. I don't particularly enjoy wiping out worlds for its own sake, but the cowardly tactics the Republic defenders used left us little choice.

If the Republic had engaged the Mandalorians as soon as they started attacking worlds on the Outer Rim, they apparently would've avoided a lot of needless slaughter, not to mention the fact the Mandalorians wouldn't have been able to stockpile the resources they did.

They underestimated our resolve and what measures are acceptable in war. Those who cannot defend themselves should not be around those who can in battle. If annihilating a city is the kind of power it takes to overwhelm a Republic shield device, then that‘s what we did. Necessary force to destroy all opposition.

I suppose the Republic expected the Mandalorians to fight fair once the wars finally started, and we saw how that turned out.

There was no honor in wiping them out like rats. But some of your forces did redeem the Republic in our eyes... especially later...

Later... when Revan had joined the war. But we'll get back to that, we've wasted too much time already.

No, we'll talk about it now.

At the start, they were not much of a threat to speak of, but once the Jedi Revan had taken charge, things began to turn against us. The Republic fleets began to use more than just basic tactics. Feints, counterattacks, mass deceptions. Revan was a genius on the field. Revan abandoned worlds of their defenders so that others would be too fortified to strike, and was willing to make sacrifices in order to advance goals. And in the end, Revan proved too much for us.

It's amazing that they could rebuild their fleet so fast. But at the time, it looked like the galaxy was in our grasp! I still remember that final battle in the skies above Malachor V. The two fleets filling the space around it, outshining the stars...

You will learn everything there is to know about Malachor V in the sequel.

It was by the actions of one person, the Jedi Revan, that you prevailed. Revan's strategies and tactics defeated the best of us. Even Mandalore himself was taken aback by the ferocity, the tenacity and the subtlety of Revan's plans. Revan fought us to a standstill and then began pushing back. We didn't really have a chance.

And Revan won. I don't hold a grudge against Revan, and neither do any of my people. It was the greatest moment of my life to be in that battle. If Revan had been a Mandalorian, nothing in the galaxy would have stopped us. But wishing for the past to be different is useless. Better to look to the future. As we should now. We'll talk more later, I think.

No, we'll talk more now.

After that last battle, those of us that survived were stripped of our weapons, our armor, and our Basilisks. Revan's forces destroyed them while we were forced to watch. Those who hadn't fled earlier were left with nothing to call their own: no weapons, no armor... only the honor of having fought in the battle we just lost. For many this was not enough. While the rest of us were sent into exile on the Outer Rim, they tried to relive the old days - raiding worlds. They're nothing more than bandits now.

So we've noticed. The Mandalorians we've been fighting were nothing but a shadow of what they used to be.

Enforcing for Davik was not... stimulating. The gangs on Taris and Davik's rivals were trash. They give no thrill in battle, no honor or glory in defeating them. It was like stepping on bugs. I sought worthy challenges, but the best that Taris could offer were nothing to me. But I think now - with you - I may finally find opponents worth fighting.

Canderous had a lot to say this time around. I guess we'd gained a few levels since we last chatted with him.

I don't remember if we already saw this line from Mission, so here it is.

Next, we've got Juhani. She clearly has some history with this Dak Vesser guy we met on Korriban, so let's ask about that.

He was a kind man, but... frustrated. He felt the Jedi were too controlling, too limiting... more so than I did. When he decided to leave the Order, he asked me to come with him. He... he said he loved me.

No, I didn't. I enjoyed his company, as a friend, but nothing further. I had no idea he felt as he did.

It did sound a bit like something like that might have happened.

He reminds me of what I was when you found me in the grove. I... feel sorry for him. But he has chosen his path, hasn't he? If I thought he would accept an offer of help, I would give it. Let us... just move on, please.

All right.

In the early days of the Mandalorian war, there had been fighting closer to the Outer Rim worlds.

They sought to test themselves against us, I think... test themselves by bombing our world, slaughtering my people while they slept or while they ran.

That they did, as we just learned from Canderous.

We did resist, and in spite of their violent attack we did stave them off for quite a while. But in the end we were doomed...

Our interstellar communications were the first things the Mandalores hit. All other short-range communicators were jammed... we were on our own. We knew what was coming. We had fought the Mandalorians in the first war against Exar Kun and the Sith. We knew there would be no mercy for us. The most we could do was pack the few of our people who survived onto what few ships remained and send them off into space as fast as they could. Most did not make it.

I wonder how Juhani feels about Canderous being on our team. I don't think she ever brings that up in any way, and we can't ask either.

They fled as far as they were able, and eventually settled on Taris. They could stand running no further, I think... But Taris was a horrible choice. Dominated by humans, intolerant of other species, it made everyday life unnecessarily hard.

My father... my father turned to stimulants. He spent much of his time in local bars and dives. But we are warriors. It runs through our blood. And when he was on stims he... he... he became foolish... he let his warrior nature get the best of him. So he would get intoxicated, and he would fight, and finally one day he would die.

Oh man. That's awful.

Sorry, but we must.

It was not easy for her.

She worked. She worked as hard as she was able, but over time she began to waste away. I later learned that she was unable to get enough money to feed both of us, and had to start borrowing from the Exchange, a band of cutthroats and smugglers. But even that was not enough... She hid what she was doing from me. She gave most of her food to me, so that I would be strong. But she herself was suffering deeply from it. In the end she could go on no longer, and collapsed at the cantina where she worked one day.

Oh no...

I sat by her bed for days as she lay there dying. I never want that to happen to someone I care about ever again... But there was still the money she had borrowed... She had never paid it back, and made no provisions for her death. You must understand: the Exchange is brutal. They care nothing for the life of a sentient being. They are the major suppliers of slaves on Taris.


You have no idea what it is like to be bound like a beast and treated as such. It was the worst time of my life.

And here we were on Korriban just now, making Juhani pretend to be a slave. I really wish the game had enough reactivity for us to apologize for that.

But the Jedi soon left to fight their war. And I was left with a dream...

I thought the Jedi didn't come to planets to free slaves, or care much about their plight in general.

And we both know what has happened since then.

Someday I may make it up to you, but for now, let us keep on the task at hand.

We'll get back to Juhani later, but there's more people to talk to before that. I think Jolee might have had something to say but forgot to talk to him at this point, but Carth definitely has something on his mind.

As for whether or not he'll be my son again... I don't know. He's so full of anger and hate... I wasn't expecting him to be like this. Maybe we can work it out. I hope so. I guess I'll have to wait and see. Thanks, by the way... for all your help.

Yes. What happens afterwards?

I... never thought about it. I suppose I always assumed that I would be dead once Saul was.

I'm not in the same situation, now. I wouldn't risk hurting you... or the others.

You don't think I would throw away everything we're doing here, do you?

If I saw Saul, however... if I had the chance... I don't know what I would do. I really don't. I mean his death has been my entire focus for so long.

As for what comes afterward... well, let's wait until I know that I'm around to see it.

Let's hope so. We'll have time to talk to Jolee later, but as for right now let's just get off this planet. I've seen enough volcanic rock to last a lifetime.

Our next stop is the Yavin station, because we've found some nice stuff Suvam will buy at a high price.

Huh? We were in hyperspace and now we've stopped all of a sudden.

Bastila is very confused about the situation as well, which is of course understandable.

Oh, crap.

Oh, crap. If Saul is there, Darth Malak won't be far behind.

And so, the Ebon Hawk drifts helplessly towards the Leviathan.

When the Sith attacked my home world, the Leviathan - which is Saul Karath's flagship - was at the head of the fleet. My family was destroyed that day and my wife died in the Sith bombardment.

As we're being pulled towards the Leviathan, Carth tells the whole crew the situation with him and Saul to get everyone up to speed.

Standing here and waiting to be captured probably isn't going to help.

Of course, we can't really try anything stupid either.

We just have to figure out who has the best chance to avoid capture so that they can come and rescue us later. It's a long shot, but it's our only hope.

Yeah, seems like the best plan would be to send someone who can save us as discreetly as possible.

Hmm... let's see now. Discreet... avoiding capture... I think we've got it.

On second thought, let's maybe reconsider.

No one's going to pay attention to an astromech droid, and T3 hasn't done anything in the last 15-20 hours so I figure it's time he gets to shine.

But we can rig a back-up memory chip with a timer. When it kicks in the little fella will be reactivated and he can come find us.

You can still back out of your choice at this point if you wish, but we believe in T3-M4. The little guy has got this... we hope.

We found a disabled astromech droid in the back of the ship.

Wipe its memory chips and take it to the junk pile. Maybe we can use some of its parts for salvage.

And here we are in the Leviathan's detention area. Can't say these accommodations are the best we've ever seen, but at least we're still alive for now.

There's Saul, who has undoubtedly come to gloat.

It was a cowardly act of betrayal! Your fleet bombed a civilian target into oblivion without warning or provocation. And the blood of those innocent people is on your hands!

In war even the innocent must die. The Sith would not accept me until I proved I had truly turned my back on the Republic by bombing the planet.

My wife died in that attack, Saul. And for that, I swear I'll kill you.

You used to be a man of action, not of empty words. Cling to your lust for revenge if you must, but spare me your tired threats. I've heard them all before.

What a wonderful individual he is. I guess that's what happens when you're Darth Malak's right-hand man.

Err... what?

The Dark Lord would probably reward me if I just killed you once and for all. But he may want to question you given the trouble you've caused him... and the history between you.

We have absolutely no clue what Saul is babbling about. History? Did we work for the Sith at some point, maybe in our smuggling days? Did we work for Revan and Malak themselves during the Mandalorian Wars, perhaps? Surely we'd remember it if that were the case.

The Dark Lord will no doubt torture you for information and for his own twisted pleasure. Eventually you will tell him everything. The Sith can be very persuasive. However, Lord Malak is in another sector. It may be some time before he arrives, so I suppose I will have to fill in for him until then. Activate the torture fields.

Lovely, thanks.

I'm sure you won't. However, we both know your friend's loyalties have proven in the past to be somewhat... flexible.

It is time to put your loyalty to the test. I doubt torturing you will gain me your true cooperation. Your will is too strong to be broken that way. However, even the strongest of heroes has trouble watching those they care about suffering. The interrogation will begin now. Each time you refuse to answer or give me a false answer, Carth will suffer.

Oh. Oh no. Not Carth. Anything but that.

I guess the writers were assuming a female player character would be romancing Carth, in which case I suppose this might elicit some kind of a reaction. As it is, though... oof. I don't mind Carth that much, but come on. It's Carth. I know I'd care more if Saul tortured Bastila, Zaalbar, Mission, Juhani, or... well, pretty much anyone else, really.

Well, just like the last time a crazy person was asking us a bunch of stupid questions, we'll tell him to pound sand.

Cute callback to the original Dantooine line from A New Hope, there.

I could see many players doing this on purpose just to fuck with Carth.

This first question was a test. Obviously Malak knew the Academy was on Dantooine, and it has since been destroyed by our fleet! Dantooine is an empty graveyard now. Nothing remains but a smoking ruin and the charred remains of your former Masters!

If Saul isn't lying about that, I hope the Sith missed all the people we helped on Dantooine. It'd really suck if the game went "you idiot, you helped all these people and now they're all DEAD" for the second time, and this time it happened offscreen.

Now... tell me your mission. How were the Jedi planning on using you to stop Lord Malak and our Sith armada?

Maybe he'll fall for this one.

Perhaps you need a reminder of the consequences of refusing to cooperate.

Let me guess, he'll zap Carth again?

So predictable, Saul. The Sith should try some more creative solutions.

Now, I will ask again - on what mission did the Jedi Council send you?

Gotta say one thing for Saul here - he's really happy to be doing his job.

I see I am wasting my time here. When Malak arrives you will learn my interrogation techniques are considered merciful among the Sith. I will leave you here in your cell with a small taste of the horrors you will suffer when Lord Malak arrives.

What, is Malak going to try to bore us to death even harder with a bunch of inane bullshit?

Oh. Okay. I suppose that works too.

[Some time later...]

The dark side has perverted him, Carth. Once you start down the tainted path it leads you ever further into the depths of evil. I fear he is forever lost.

I suppose I'm taking the news of Dantooine's destruction quite hard. First Taris, now the Academy... is there no end to the killing?

We should have felt a disturbance in the Force when the attack came. The fact that we did not is a bad sign. I fear the dark side is growing stronger, casting shadows our vision cannot pierce. I can only hope that some of the Jedi escaped. Vrook, Vandar, Zhar... I cannot imagine all of them being gone. In any case, we have lost our one place of refuge in the galaxy.

None of this will matter if we don't get out of this prison before Saul gets back!

I, uh... I have to confess something. There was a... there was a moment - just a moment - when part of me was hoping that you would tell him what he wanted to know. Just to make the horrible pain stop.

This is probably the case, to be honest.

The interrogation was a sham. Saul was toying with us. He didn't care what we told him. I think it was just an excuse to torture us before Malak arrived.

Next time, T3-M4 hopefully busts us out of here before Malak arrives, and doesn't break the game in the process.