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Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic I & II

by GMArcturus

Part 2: Knights of the Old Republic 2: The Sith Lords

A bitter old woman that has seen quite a bit.
VA: Sara Kestelman

Atton Rand
A smuggler with an interesting past.
VA: Nicky Katt

A technician that served with Meetra during the Jedi Civil War and has bad memories of said time. He also created a little remote helper that follows him everywhere.
VA: Roger G. Smith

Handmaiden (a.k.a Brianna)
A worthy half human and half Echani fighter that was serving as an aide to Atris before she joined our merry band of adventurers.
VA: Grey DeLisle

Visas Marr
A Sith trained under the Sith Lord Nihilus, but was sent by Nihilus to check us out and see what our deal was.
VA: Kelly Hu

A bounty hunter hired by an old Jedi Master to watch over Meetra and make sure none of the other bounty hunters captured her.
VA: Emily Berry