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Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic I & II

by GMArcturus

Part 1: Knights of the Old Republic

Protagonist (Ming The Merciless):

Just a typical scoundrel dragged into an adventure against his will. Very similar to Han Solo in that respect.
VA: Rino Romano

Trask Ulgo:

Your bunkmate and tutorial ally aboard the Endar Spire.
VA: Cam Clarke
Wookiepedia Entry: Trask Ulgo

Carth Onasi:

An annoying soldier that we won't be messing with too much. Has an annoying backstory too.
VA: Raphael Sbarge
Wookiepedia Entry: Carth Onasi

Bastila Shan

A very important Jedi that has the possibility of turning the tide of the war.
VA: Jennifer Hale
Wookiepedia Entry: Bastila Shan

Mission Vao

A young Twilek girl that thinks she has all the street smarts she needs.
VA: Catherine Taber
Wookiepedia Entry: Mission Vao


A wookie that is the best friend of Mission Vao. They have a very Han/Chewie type of relationship.
Wookiepedia Entry: Zaalbar


A utility droid we bought on behalf of Davik Kang under orders from Canderous Ordo. He seems to be friendly enough.
Wookiepedia Entry: T3-M4

Canderous Ordo

A Mandalorian mercenary that was an enforcer for Davik Kang but has decided skip town on Davik and the Exchange.
VA: John Cygan
Wookiepedia Entry: Canderous Ordo


An assassin droid that has long since lost the memory of who created him, but is nonetheless extremely efficient in the art of killing.
VA: Kristoffer Tabori
Wookiepedia Entry: HK-47

Jolee Bindo

An old hermit that doesn't see dark or light anymore.
VA: Kevin Michael Richardson
Wookiepedia Entry: Jolee Bindo

Vrook Lamar

A Jedi Master serving on the Dantooine Jedi Council. Doesn't think it's all that great an idea to give us Jedi training.
VA: Ed Asner
Wookiepedia Entry: Vrook Lamar

Vandar Tokare

A Jedi Master serving on the Dantooine Jedi Council. Has a little more faith in us than Vrook does.
VA: Tom Kane
Wookiepedia Entry: Vandar Tokare


A Jedi Master serving on the Dantooine Jedi Council. The history buff of the Jedi Council.
VA: André Sogliuzzo
Wookiepedia Entry: Dorak

Zhar Lestin

A Jedi Master on the Dantooine Jedi Council. Not much of an opinion on us particularly, but he does note that they need more Jedi to fight Malak's Sith.
VA: Brian George
Wookiepedia Entry: Zhar Lestin

Calo Nord

Considered one of the top bounty hunters in the galaxy. Don't let him finish counting to three.
VA: Lloyd Sherr
Wookiepedia Entry: Calo Nord

Darth Revan

A Sith Lord that presented a clear and present danger until he was taken out of the equation.

Davik Kang

A mastermind in the criminal underworld and operator of the Taris branch of The Exchange. Supposedly, a pretty evil dude.
VA: Charles Dennis
Wookiepedia Entry: Davik Kang

Admiral Saul Karath

A leading admiral in the Sith war effort and someone with ties to Carth's past.
VA: Robin Sachs
Wookiepedia Entry: Saul Karath

Darth Malak

Darth Revan's apprentice that eventually betrayed him and attempted to kill him in order to usurp the title of Dark Lord of the Sith.
VA: Rafael Ferrer
Wookiepedia Entry: Darth Malak