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Part 22: Days 500-514: Coruscant Falls.

DAYS 500-514

DAY 499: War.

: It is as we had feared, Master Meteor.

: Dammit! Not what I was hoping for.

: Hope is rarely a sound basis for strategy, Commander.

: We would be best served by bringing in a pair of cruisers and a contingent of fighters.

: That'd never work. They could just run and bomb more of our systems before we'd find them again. Look.

: It can dance around and empty all our unguarded planets.

: Then we could just put one cruiser and gunship on each system without adequate shielding or laser turreting.

: Can't, too costly.

: Even with this recent setback on Orto, we should have more than enough shipyards and resources to generate the forces needed.

: I said it's too costly. End of discussion.

: Meeting adjourned.

: Hmm...

: This doesn't make any sense, Commander Skywalker. Where has our industry gone?

: Don't concern yourself, Admiral Ackbar.

: Things will become clear soon enough.

: I think it's time I took on a promotion.

DAY 500: The Coronation.

: Commander, I would like you to designate me as Admiral of the Alliance Fleet.

: Um...why?

: In my time with Master Yoda, I enhanced certain abilities of the force.

: They are invaluable tools in battlefield leadership.

: Okay. Your plan?

: I'll take our ships in Sluis over to Corellia. They're doing no good here.

: Okay.

: When are you going to build more ships? We have the resources, don't we?

: Uh...don't worry, I'm building PLENTY of ships as it is. Plenty.

: You don't say...

DAY 502: Arrival.

: I've arrived. Now what?

: Get busy. Go in groups of 5 and 6, gathering intel around Corellia. Be careful about it.

: You got it, boss.

: How's Leia doing, by the way?

: Leia? She's about finished recovering. Why?

: Well, I heard that she's pregnant. I suppose I should let you know about something...

DAY 506: A Convenient Truth.

: Were you planning on heading out soon, Luke?

: Not really. I'm investigating our finances and industry. Something isn't right.

: Luke, you're just being crazy.

: No, really, the numbers aren't adding up. Something is siphoning our refined materials far too rapidly.

: Alright. Keep...looking into it.

: Dammit, how do I get rid of him...

: Tweeert! Dwooo tweet weee?

: That's it! Good idea, Artoo!


: Well, glad to see you're doing well, Leia.

: I've learned something from Han, and I think it's time we had a little chat.


: But that's impossible!

: No, it's physiology. She's just under three months pregnant. You've been gone for over a hundred days.

: What is your poin...oh.

: Yeah. Apparently while you were away, Han and Leia had a thing going on.

: What?! That nerf-herder!

: Yeah. So, why don't you go over to Xyquine and have a man-to-man with him.

: Oh...I'll do better than that.

: What?

: It might not have been him, it could have been ANYONE in Sluis during my absence.

: I'll remedy this. You'll see.

: Wait! I didn't...oh shit. Um...Threepio? Get Han on the link, I think he's in considerable danger.

DAY 507: What, They Weren't Bothans?

: We've received information about the Corellian system of Commenor.

: Neat, how'd we get it?

: At a high cost, Master Meteor.

: Outstanding!

: Wait, sabotage?

: That means...they weren't Bothans?

: NOOOOOOOOOOOooooooo! Damn you, Nothos! You're on my list!

DAY 510: The Prelude.

: Forces are in position, Commander.

: Good. You know the target. You have your orders. Move out.

DAY 511: Meteor Got His Wish.

: Remember you asking that we bring back a corpse or not come back at all?

: Oops.

: Yeah. Oops.

DAY 513: Uh Oh.

: Shit! That's an Imperial class Star Destroyer, not just a sissy Victory like the Master.

: We' trouble.

: Wait, what are those troops in the Punisher?

: War droids, Master Meteor.

: ...I think I just wet myself.

: We could sure use some Mon Cal regiments about now.

DAY 514: The Battle of Coruscant.

This was an important fight for us. It was a necessary fight for the Empire. Dominance was about to be asserted in Coruscant.

The Empire had the Victory-class Star Destroyer Judicator, a Carrack Light Cruiser, and an Imperial Escort Carrier. Oh, and about a billion TIEs.

Our forces consisted of the Pickle, the Zutaten, the two Corellian Corvettes, and five fighter squadrons.

The battle was far more equal than I would have preferred.

The combatants lined up. The fighter screen intercepts the TIEs between the capital ships.

As the two behemoths trade blows, the Corvettes help the fighters take out the TIEs.

The battle started well. The Judicator was being pounded by my Mon Cal and Nebulon-B.

Unfortunately, the Pickle wasn't escaping damage, either.

The Judicator was lifeless, dead in space. The pummeling continued for a while, though.

The lasers flew for ten minutes. With the Pickle's weapon recharged damaged, punching through the Judicator's armor was tedious.

Persistance was eventually rewarded. Only the buzzing of the Hydra and Gorgon were left to silence.

The Hydra was easy. It waited too long to flee.

The Gorgon's escape was halted as well. Nothing survived.

: We did it!

: The Pickle's hyperdrive is down, so I guess we're initiating a blockade, like it or not.

: Five fighters down, extensive damage on the Pickle, I can live with that.

: What now, Master Meteor? Do we plan for an invasion of Coruscant?

: Look at how many troops they have. We don't have enough wookiees yet.

: We're taking the alternate route.

: What do you mean, Master Meteor?

: What I mean is that my only plans right now are just keeping Luke out of my hair for the next forty days.

: After that, the SS Vanden Willard sets sail. And the war will end, in one fell swoop.

: Oh dear...