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Part 26: Days 573-587: Villains Emerge.

DAYS 573-587: A Brief Return to Normalcy.

DAY 574: Re-de-building and Moving Forward.

: Hello Commander. I've made an important discovery!

: Oh, hey, another mind-reader...awesome. Just what I always wanted.

: Actually, he hasn't developed those abilities yet.

: Right now we're working on honing his combat potential.

: Oh, killing power. That's fine then. Nice espionage and combat ratings.

: Hello Commander. I've made an important discovery!

: Huh, that sounds familiar.

: Gravity well projector?

: It means it can prevent enemy fleets from jumping into hyperspace.

: When our fleet is complete, it will ensure we eradicate the Imperial fleets we come across.

: Wow, for once I'm not the one suggesting we leave no prisoners.

: I don't think that's exactly the point, Commander Meteor.

: Whatever. We gonna build one?

: Yes. I'll have Lando get one going in Norval II.

: Can't you use the other shipyard center?

: I suppose so. Why?

: Hello Commander. I've made an important discovery!

: Okay, seriously, what's up with-

: Someone started construction on another Death Star!

: Er...damn that Bevel! It must have been him.

: I think it was someone else I know.

: Now you're just being paranoid.

: SS Stupid Luke, Ha Ha Ha?

: Totally paranoid.

: Lando?

: On it.

: Awwwww.

: Destroy any plans for Death Stars, too.

: Awwww!

: Now can we get back on task, Commander?

: Fine. Just go blow things up.

DAY 576: Twin Ion Explosion.

: Things are unTIEing here nicely! Har har har!

: Goddammit! You fucking annoying freak! You say that after every mission!

: Hey, don't get your headtails in a knot, Sarin! Har har har!

: Serenity now...serenity more chance. You get one more chance.

DAY 580: No, It's Not! It's So Totally Not!

: There is a substantial Rebel fleet above Coruscant, my Master.

: Good, it is exactly as I have predicted.

: ...really?

DAY 582: There is Always A Master and an Apprentice.

: We're back, Commander.

: Yeah, I read about it on the news. 'Body parts everywhere'? Nice.

: Clear out the rest of the Interceptors and we've got ourselves an invasion to plan.

: The Gravity-Well Projector is ready, Commander.

: Alright. Bring it on down. I look forward to battles with no Imperial survivors or runaways.

: "No survivors". That reminds me of that one movie, heh.

: I am de Dwead Piwate Woberts! Der will be no suvivohs!

: Get another Mon Cal building. Make sure this one doesn't stink like the last one.

DAY 585: Everybody Booms.

: Are you sure you should be going out on sabotage missions, given the...y'

: I don't really know how to say this, but I'm not actually pregnant.

: What?

: Somehow a rumor got started, and...

: Wait, I'm sorry, when I said 'what' I really meant to say 'I don't give a shit.' Get out there and blow stuff up.

: We've started construction on another cruiser, Commander.

: It will be the pride and joy of my people.

: Great, what will it be called?

: Son of a bitch.

DAY 587

: Threepio, get in here!

: Yes, Master Meteor?

: I need to you to resume your duties handling the communications from the field.

: You do? After I betrayed you and nearly destroyed Coruscant? Why?

: I need you, Threepio. Some of these agents reporting in are too ugly to stand.

: I see, Master Meteor. The information indicates there are still a number of TIEs above the system.

: I see something else there.

: What the hell are those? Trained in the Force?

: Wookiees with guns up against exo-skeleton Force soldiers?

: I think I chose the wrong side.


: And the Dark Troopers?

: Operational, Admiral Thrawn.

: Begin Phase Two.