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Part 29: Days 633-639: A Return To Normalcy.

DAYS 633-639

DAY 634: A Return to Sorts.

After my failed campaign in a non-existent presidential race, returning to news like this was oddly reassuring.

: Do you have any orders, Master Meteor?

: Kill stuff, I guess.

Welcome back, me. Hello, galaxy. Hello, Stockholm Syndrome.

DAY 635: Operation Overkill begins.

Good ship. I'll send it somewhere. Not really sure where. Hard to keep track of all my ships now, a good problem to have. Must remember to fire whoever names these things.

DAY 636: The Surge Worked!

: We did it!

: About damn time. Vanden nearly did that all by himself.

: *sniff*

: Good old Vanden. 'Always gets the job done', I'd say!

: We're beginning the diplomatic phase. We should have this planet and its many mines soon.

: Kinda slow...let's speed it up some. With wookiees!

: You can't kill away all your problems, Commander.

: I beg to differ.

: See?

DAY 638: Infodump!

Lightly defended. Future target.

DAY 639: Another Final Grasp.

: Another planet in Sluis falls, Commander.

: Rough times.

: Eh. It's fine.

: I've got a plan.

: Oh. Joy.

: The kid gloves are coming off.

To Be Continued...