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Part 31: Days 683-696: Bad Times in Corellia.

DAYS 683-696

DAY 683: The Dark Days of the Corellian Campaign Begin.

: It's in the Corellian sector?

: Yes, Commander.

: And it's a standing structure?

: Correct.

: Well then I hardly think you need me to tell you what to do.

: Understood.

: This is going to be catastrophic in the long run, Commander.

: Do Jedi live forever, Luke?

: Not exactly, no.

: Then what're you so worried about?

: Our problem is to beat the Empire. The next generation can do the whole rebuilding thing.

: Mazur, take Freakshow there with you and go blow something up.


: This is so irresponsible.

DAY 684

: Target Gone.

: Mine too, Commander.

: Sweet. One more refinery and we can move on.

: Doing good here on Vagran, too. They're almost about to declare for us.

: What good is Vagran?

: They're a production powerhouse, Meteor.

: Eight mines, three refineries, that's gonna be a lot of explosions!

: What? Commander, those will be working for us!

: For a little while, sure. Then when they start going back to the Empire, we scrap em.

: I don't understand, why would they go back to the Empire?

: Leia, when you see what I'm gonna do to this system, you'll understand.

: Just keep at it. It'll be fun.

: And there it goes! Last building in the system! Let's ditch this barren rock and hit Duros.

DAY 685: Doh.

: We've arrived, Commander. Twelve brigades of Wookiees with guns, as requested.

: Launch the assault on Coruscant! Let history judge us well for this!

: There is a small hiccup, Commander.

: What's that?

: Two shield generators prevent us from landing. We cannot assault.


DAY 686

: Good job, furry. Get ready with Crix, the remnants of the incoming fleet should arrive tomorrow.

: We'll send you a memento of the slaughter.

DAY 687: The Slaughter.

The odds were good.

Surrounded and out-gunned, this was pretty.

: I distinctly recall telling you to stop losing B-wings.

: Sometimes its happens.

: That's unaccepta...ah okay. I guess it's alright.

: I swear, the way you charm me it's like you're a Jedi.

: Lando's getting uncomfortable.

: I hate to break in here Commander...

: No, please do!

: We've won over Vagran.

: Prep the planet for auto-destruct when we pull out.

: No.

: Planetary bombardment?

: No.

: Fine. We'll just scrap everything when it looks like support's going south.

: One last note for the day, Commander. The latest ship out the pipe.

: How many assault frigates is that?

: Six.

: I want a new one every twenty days. Put one on every system they control.

: We'll exterminate them like roaches after we cripple their industry.

DAY 689

: Fleet's arrived in Sluis Van.

: Assert some dominance.

DAY 691: The Weak-Ass Battle of Duros.

: Yes Commander, live holofeed coming in now.

: So, it's our anti-fighter cap ships versus a bunch of TIEs?

: Yes Commander.

: Over already, then.

DAY 692: The Weak-Ass Liberation of Bothawui.

: Our Sluis fleet's hit Bothawui. The Punisher is gone.

: Gone? So what've they got defending their garrison troops?

: Nothing, apparently.

: Nothing apparently, huh?

: Hit the button, Frank.

: Hit it again!

: And again! And again!

: There's nothing left Commander. In fact, our troops are securing the planet.

: And again!

: In fact, our work here has inspired Rebels on Praesitlyn to rise up.

: I'm still waiting for a compelling reason to not fire again.

: Hey look, a new prisoner!

: Yay, torture!

DAY 694: Duros Looks So Inviting.

: We've arrived at Duros, Commander.

: How's it look?

: Tough. At least three regiments, including some troops we've never fought against before.

: The shield generator renders bombardment ineffectual.

: Our only option is sabotage.

: Hop to it then.


: This is a large risk, Grand Admiral.

: Of course it is, Lord Vader. It's the only way to secure a large reward.

: The Dark Trooper project has been our greatest success.

: With you here to guide them, every step the Alliance takes here will be folly.

: In fact, it looks as though they're coming now.

: Ready the Dark Legion.


DAY 695: Complications Arise.

: We've gotten a message back from Roget, Commander.

: Play it.

: Fuck.

: Dammit Roget, we can't afford to-

: -lose too...heh, heh, haha, ohhh hahahah! It died?! Oh man! That's...

: ...

: ...

: That's terrible?

: A little late, Commander.

: Smiling doesn't help either.

: Look, a new Corvette! This day just keeps getting better and better.

: Sarin, go rescue Roget. We can't let Duros turn into some kind of Quagmire.


: Do you intend to interrogate me? I've had resistance training.

: I don't believe there is such a thing. Have you ever met a Noghri?

: To them, torture is a form of art. Exquisite lattices of pain wrought over the body's frame.

: To answer your first question, no, interrogation is unnecessary.

: I already know your friends are coming to rescue you. I let your distress signal reach them.

: Tomorrow Commander Virgilio will arrive in force only to find the Dark Legion.

: Dark Legion?


: Meteor will continue to fall into this trap, again and again.

: He'll never detect the tremendous force powers latent in these soldiers.

: And once we capture every leader he has, he'll have nothing left to fight with.

: Starships and industry he may have, but without Skywalker, without Mon Mothma, he will lose the heart of the Rebellion.

: Systems will turn on him, and look to us for mercy and decency.

: You're wrong, Thrawn. He'll never fall for your traps.

: Oh?

DAY 696

: Oops.

: Yeah, that qualifies as an oops. Hope Duros does better.

: Terrible news, Master Meteor!

: Uh oh.

: ...siiiiigh.

: Send more people in, we have to rescue them.