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Part 34: Days 835-850: Corellia Burns.

DAYS 835-850

DAY 837: The Battle of Corellia.

: Phew.

: I had to sneak past several layers of passive security measures...

: After subduing the Rodian mercenaries guarding the entrance of the Imperial headquarters on Corellia, I made an improbable ceiling suspended-wire entry.

: Disabling the pressure plates, I snuck around the facility and shut down several power generators.

: With the guards at full alert, I fought my way to the Governor's Chambers, and knocked Zuggs out after a brief mixed martial arts battle.

: From there I fireman carried him back to the shuttle, killing seventeen stormtroopers and blasting the Eastern Wing of the building with detonators.

: And so, I present to you Zuggs.

: I hope you appreciate this.

: Uh...

: I hate to break it to you Sarin, but...

: Yeah?

: We would have captured him anyway.

: Easily.

: Using a lot of Wookiees.

: But you can have an A for effort.

: Goddammit.

: Sometimes I amaze even myself. Did you see my miraculous escape?

: Han, we defeated all the ground forces. Nobody was guarding you.

: How do you think you defeated the ground forces so easily? All me.

: Whatever Han.

: Crix? Dismantle everything planetside. Scrap the planet raw.

: All done.

: Let's move on. To Selonia!

DAY 845: At Selonia!

: And we're clear.

: Wookiees go down the hole!

: They're already there, Commander.

: That was fast. We've got a good rhythm going now.

: Any suckers to pick up?

: You bet, Commander.

: Someday we'll capture an Imperial officer who doesn't look crippled by a recessive genetic mutation.

: Someday.

: Anyway, time to welcome back the rescuees.

: I'm back!

: Hooray!

: Congratulations!

: Welcome back to the fold, Princess!

: Get back to work!

DAY 850: The Second-to-Last Stand of Admiral Thrawn.

: They come in numbers, and shall once again crash like waves upon breakers.

: No no no! Not again!


: Ha ha ha ha ha!

: Deliver a few more killshots, Legion Commander.


: Afterwards, pull out. We are to support Coruscant, direct orders from the Emperor.


: Yes. The war takes priority over the battle. Make them bleed, then retreat.


: YES?

: We won?

: What happened?

: No sign of the Dark Trooper or Grand Admiral Thrawn, Commander.

: Are their bodies possibly buried in a bunker?

: Let it go Commander, they've flown the coop.

: I hate them so much. We lost thirteen Wookiee regiments to ONE regiment?

: We have to get Luke back. I want my own Force soldiers!

: Get Luke back? Why? Where'd my lov-BROTHER go?

: Oh boy.

: Admiral, how's the sector look?

: Completely empty, Commander.

: There are no production or industry centers left in the sector.

: Excellent.

: What will happen to the people here?

: Let them eat Bantha fodder!

: ...

: ...

: That was pretty lame, Commander.

: Eh, I'm off my game, it happens.

: Move on!