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Part 37: Days 1010-1105: The End: Part Two.

DAYS 1010-1105: The End: Part Two.

DAY 1010: The Understanding.

The shock on my face registered plain as day. The Bulwark Battlecruisers were absolutely gigantic. I had thought them capable of defeating Imperial Star Destroyers in even fights. Admiral Ackbar showed the specs to me, and I saw how wrong I was.

This pair was a match for the Death Star. Nothing they had left could stand to face these behemoths.

Today's hindsight makes it clear why there were no further space engagements. The Imperials smartly ran for the hills, following some orders from Thrawn that were lost to time. Their meager space forces vanished, and the chase for the Emperor began.

All of this has been addressed in history books, so why then would I compile these memoirs? Read to the end and you'll have your answer, and hopefully I will be delivered the meter of justice I am due.

DAY 1024: The Fail Pile.

: What's it mean, Threepio?

: Well Master Meteor, we had already noted Jerjerrod had been active on Tokmia. Forces are in route to apprehend him.

: Ord Trasi's insurrection has been proceeding slowly. General Madine has suggested an assault.

: And finally, Mon Mothma is bad at her job.

: Oh my! I thought you had un-installed all those abrasive personality chips!

: I did.

: Oh.

: I knew staying near your bad influence was a terrible idea, Master Meteor.

: Beep booop buweeeeooo!

: What? Not from me he didn't!

: Bweep, duwee-ee-uh-ooooo?

: Not a chance, I don't swing that way. That would be all him.

: Assholes.

DAY 1047: He went where?

: Good news Commander!

: The abduction mission I sent succeeded, we have the last true Imperial diplomat.

: While that's great and all, did we really have to send our special forces superstars to go get him?

: I mean, shouldn't the Emperor be our top target?

: Han's Millenium Falcon has unmatched speed.

: The forces can get back twice as fast now, it's a good move.

: You sent 14 guys out in the Falcon together for multiple weeks?

: Wouldn't that be painfully crowded?

: Not if you get creative. We jammed Syuub, Mazur, and the other aliens into the storage space, heh.

: There was nothing funny about that. We almost suffocated.

: Heh heh heh.

: Heh heh heh.

: Send Jerjerrod to Triton. Leave an insurgency unit on Tokmia to bring them back to neutrality, and get back here yourself.

DAY 1048: Assault of Ord Trasi.

: I don't even know why I'm here.

: I know you don't care.

: Huh? What about?

: Ord Trasi. It's an Outer Rim Imperial-controlled system that-

: I know what it is, I don't care but I'm not an idiot.

: Actually, belay that, I do care.

: No you don't.

: Yes I do! It's a potential escape world for the Emperor.

: If we take it, they can't head there after we chase them out of Corellia.

: So get an assault ready and prepped, and go on my order.

: Funny you should say that, Commander...

: Oh. Well done then, Wedge.

: I don't think I can handle this, you being all attentive and positive.

: Maybe I'm getting high off victory.

: Or those pills.

: Or these pills.

: The red ones taste like smiles.

DAY 1064: An Accidental Meeting.

: Commander, I'm afraid I must desist in my uprising efforts.

: Why? What's the big deal? All the troops are gone, buildings destroyed.

: I wouldn't be so quick to assume that, Commander.

: You fought the Emperor? What the hell were you thinking?!

: I had a blaster and he didn't. In retrospect I'm lucky to be alive.

: I see. Where's Luke? We need his Jedi power bullshit for this situation.

: there a plan B?

: God that loser. Ready the assault, we've gotta go get Luke now.

DAY 1066: Assault of Yaga Minor.

: Troops hitting the ground now, Commander.

: No resistance, as expected. We've secured the capital, no signs of the Emperor.

: As expected.

: Thanks for the pickup, Commander.

: I'm now a Jedi Knight, like my father.

: Your father is the biggest genocidal villain in the galaxy.

: He was only pulled to the Dark Side by the sinister influence of the Emperor!

: Exactly, he's gullible too! Are you sure you want to be more like him?

: Meteor, shut up. I'm a Jedi Knight, and can train Afyon, Garm, Lando, and my sister.

: But you won't, because it's a huge waste of time. All we need to do is capture Vader and the Emperor.

: Can you let me have my moment? Even once?

: Ha ha, no.

DAY 1071: See? Who needs training?

: I've brought our approval rating on Coruscant to 100%, Commander.

: Really? Damn, that was fast!

: My Force powers have been working for me, making me a better diplomat.

: ...yeah, I would tend to agree.

: That is insane.

DAY 1081: I've found them, repeat, I've found them.

: Our fleets in position over systems in Corellia have new intel, Commander.

: Keep up the blockade efforts. Keep them isolated and neutralized.

: There will be no escape for the Emperor this time.

DAY 1084: With enemies, you know where they stand, but with neutrals? Who knows.

: The insurgency was successful. The safe havens for the Emperor narrows.

: Threepio, get me a cigar.

: You said you had quit smoking, Master Meteor.

: Just go get one, Goldilocks, I can't describe how much I love a plan coming together without one.

DAY 1087: The Pain Train is about to leave the station.

: Bothan spies report of a Thrawn sighting, Commander.


: Uh, sure, Commander. Sure.

DAYS 1098: Loose End Number One.

: Noval? I didn't even know he was there.

: We didn't either. We were just bored waiting for the Emperor to arrive, and found him on a patrol.

: What's under his helmet, anyway?

: Curses! These Empire Records seem to be full of Very Bad Things!

: Put my helmet back on, or else There Will be Blood!

: Oh God, put it back on! PUT IT BACK ON!

DAY 1100: Loose End Number Two.

: I got the big Smurf in tow.

: He didn't put up a fight?

: I Force Threw a pack of Lifesavers at him. Hit him in the forehead, knocked him clean out.

: Throw him in Pter's old cell in Triton. I have some nostalgia to relive when the war ends.

: I don't foresee living this particular ignominy down.

: Anyone mind stabbing me in the chest?

: Anyone?

DAY 1105: The Galaxy Ends With Us.

: As you requested, Master Meteor, the galactic chart.

: Looking good, Commander.

: I agree, they've been cut off from Outer Rim support.

: Their only friendly systems are in the Corellian sector.

: Victory is at hand, Commander.

It all looked so rosy. Everything was coming up Meteor.

Thrawn, this galaxy's Hannibal, has been captured. Their forces utterly destroyed, and their leaders cornered.

With all these successes and the war's finish at hand, how could I speak of injustices done to me? How could my next entry, my final entry into these diaries, possibly end in sickening shame?

Education awaits.