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Part 9: # Days 129-143: Meeting and "Greeting" Imperials.

DAYS 129-141: The Wet Mission

DAY 129

The fools on Kothlis had been turning on us for weeks. Every time I would turn on their holonet transmissions, I'd see more propaganda about how we were a destabilizing force of chaos, or baby murderers, or alien-lovers. The latter seemed the most vitriolic charge against us, and with the recent recruiting choices, I couldn't form a cogent defense. But really, who needs to when a blaster works just as well?

I had the recon report in hand, showing Pellaeon to be the Imperial agent, and I now had the man I needed to finish the mission.

And off went Alec Baldwin to administer a beating upon Wilford Brimley.

I also had intelligence reports showing Needa and a commando would arrive on Praesitlyn today. Yet, despite being the supreme commander of Alliance Forces, I can't cut the red tape on sending a goon squad to get Needa. The last report listed him as traveling in hyperspace, and I would need updated forms in triplicated, notarized and approved by the Intelligence Board of Regents before I could allocate funding to commission a trilateral governmental agency to investigate the feasibility of authorizing an abduction of Needa and prevention of terrorist act.

I sent the spies out, and made a mental note to simplify the bureaucracy when I became the new galactic overlord at the completion of the rebellion. Again, blasters tend to work well here.

DAY 130

Praesitlyn Terrorism Alert Level: Yellow

DAY 131

Praesitlyn Terrorism Alert Level: Orange

DAY 132

Praesitlyn Terrorism Alert Level: Red

I wonder when I commissioned that construction yard to be built in space. And resemble a bulk cruiser.

It was a setback, but I was afraid they'd kidnap someone or take out something I couldn't rebuild so easily. They cost me like 8 days. I would have to reciprocate. Intel reports provided me with some new targets on Sullust. The Empire was building up to something big in Sluis Van.

It seemed like the Macy's Day Parade of Ugly Imperial Officers.

Orlok is another facility researcher, making him a high-value target. Unlike Bevel Lemelisk, he has formidible combat skills. Must-capture target, it'd throw the Empire's research efforts into the stone age.

Dorja's mostly harmless. An admiral with an eerie resemblence to Hannibal Lector.

Zuggs is another combat/leadership focused Imperial officer. Not a huge threat. Reminds me of Joe Torre.

Brandei is another combat/leadership focused Imperial officer. Not a huge thre...I'm getting this sense of deja vu.

The forces arrayed against me are strong in combat, weak in everything else, and provide an incredible target of opportunity in Orlok. Why they wouldn't send him back to Coruscant is anyone's guess. Well, it's probably his face.

Another day, another system joins our cause. Our diplomats have done a wonderful job in the war so far, with Dodonna Lee and Crazy Uncle Willard paving the way towards a coup of neutral systems galaxy-wide. I might have to start paying them soon.

: I have secured another excellent addition to our cause.

: He'll be an asset, he's got experience in troop training. He can help me, *sigh*, develop your wookiee brigades.

: Oh hell yes! As a formality, can I see your resume, Carfax?

: Sure, Commander Meteor.

Troop Training? Yes.
Awesome? Yes.
Has interest in romantic relationship with Crapflaps? No.
So far so good!

Yep, so far so goo...wait...wait a minute...think...think back...


This is the first time any member of the Alliance has ever visited Hoth.

: So you were the Alliance commander at Hoth?

: Sure was. Lost a lot of good men there.

: You couldn't have been, we just found it! There's no way you could have been both there AND here!

: Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn!

: Watch out Commander, if you upset him he'll awake the things that sleep in the deep!

: Um, right. Crix? He's in your hands. I don't care if he summons Satan or Cthulhu, just so long as you get me my damn wookiees.

DAY 134

I swear upon my grandfather's ashes, I will someday bomb this planet to, well, ashes.

DAY 135

For a guy wearing a fisherman's vest, he's a complete badass in my book.

I miss the peace of fishing like when I was a boy. Four months I've been in space. A war at space. A war with no battles, no monuments...only casualties.

This business will get out of control. It will get out of control and we'll be lucky to live through it.

Another random war movie quote. Cue Amazing Grace. Fire his corpse into the sun. End scene.

DAY 138

The Empire's response was swift and toothless.

While we were blockaded, helpless...

But didn't bombard my multiple defenseless units. Weird.

DAY 141

Mon Mothma's been chugging out the heroes rapidly. Today's hero was legendary.

Mustache-twirling villain, but he's on our side. I think.

The man just saved the Rebellion. I have had to face two of the Empire's facility designers, while not getting any of my own. Now?

I'm gonna make it after alllllllllll!

DAY 143

: Threepio?

: Yes, Master Meteor?

: Prep the CTU for my arrival.

The next installment of Rebellion will take place between the hours of 5am and 6am on day 144...