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Part 2: Settings and Enemies

Delta Squad Areas of Operation

ORBITAL PERIOD: 256 standard days
RADIUS: 5,685km
DAY LENGTH: 30 standard hours
SURFACE GRAVITY: 0.9 standard

Geonosis is a barren desert world with a dense, breathable atmosphere. Its weak magnetic field makes it subject to frequent solar storms and major extinction events. Its most prolific form of life is red rock algae and it suffers from low ecological diversity with its sentient population comprised almost entirely of the insectoid Geonosians that make their homes underground to survive solar storms and meteor impacts. The planet surface is covered with earthwork mounds and spires. Inside these structures, the Geonosians have constructed sprawling labyrinthine hives containing living quarters and factories that produce droids and weaponry in large quantities largely for foreign corporations that can afford the price.

RAS Prosecutor

CLASS: Acclamator trans-galactic military transport ship
MANUFACTURER: Rothana Heavy Engineering
LENGTH: 752 meters
HYPERDRIVE RANGE: 250,000 light-years
CREW: 700
PASSENGERS: 16,000 clone troopers and support personnel

The RAS (Republic Assault Ship) Prosecutor was most recently deployed to the Corellian sector to protect vital Republic trade lanes. It is commanded by Captain Captain Martz of the Republic navy and carries a full complement of crew and soldiers. It was most notably involved in the Battle of Geonosis, having participated in the space battle and troop landings. Delta Squad was posted aboard and deployed from the Prosecutor for months and as early as the Battle of Geonosis.


ORBITAL PERIOD: 381 local days
RADIUS: 6,383km
DAY LENGTH: 26 standard hours

Kashyyyk's landmasses are covered primarily in wroshyr forests. Wroshyr trees are unique in that they can live for many thousands of years and grow to great heights. The native wookiees make their homes in villages constructed on platforms high in the trees and inside the hollowed out trunks of the massive wroshyr. Kashyyyk is home to a diverse set of wildlife, much of it dangerous. The lowest depths of the wroshyr forests are some of the most dangerous places on the world, being a lightless place several kilometers below the forest canopy and filled with large predators. The wookiees themselves call it the Shadowlands and it remains a place few venture.


B1 Battle Droids

B1 battle droids are manufactured by the Trade Federation owned Baktoid Combat Automata, the sister company to Baktoid Armor Works. They are outwardly identicle to the earlier OOM-series battle droids, but lack the independent and intelligent programming of the OOM-series, as well as the color coding to denote rank or role, instead often being painted a uniform drab brown.

They're slaved off of droid control ships that order them about as a whole rather than letting them think for themselves, though this is a major weakness, as the destruction of a control ship can render hundreds or thousands of B1 battle droids inert. They carry E-5 blaster rifles, but lack the skill to use them with much effectiveness, relying on massed volleys of fire to make up for this fact.

In-game: They're fragile, they're inaccurate, and their shots don't do much. Overall, they're not exactly something to dread. They can, however, quickly chip away at your shields and health if they have sufficient numbers. It will eventually get pretty rare to see them without sufficient numbers.

B2 Super Battle Droids

The B2 super battle droid was developed by Baktoid Combat Automata in an effort to resolve the problems presented by flaws in the B1 battle droid. In particular, the B2 isn't as completely reliant on the command signal from a droid control ship. They are, however, really damn stupid that way, and tend to only function in a very token manner on the battlefield, being able to register and attack things right in front of them, but possess very little in the way of memory and have limited awareness.

They're also much more heavily armed and armored, being covered from head to toe in thick armor, and can take an impressive amount of punishment before being destroyed. Still, the B2 uses many of the same parts as the B1 and its weaponry is modular and so can be adapted to more specialized roles if the need arises. Early in the war, Anakin Skywalker finally stopped whining long enough to find a flaw in the B2's armor that could be easily exploited with a lightsaber.

In-game: We don't have a fucking lightsaber. Electrostatic grenades make one or two a simple affair, but the sniper rifle attachment does decently against them if those aren't an option. One shot knocks off an area of armor and if properly spaced, each shot will knock it down to one knee, making their slow advance considerably slower. Combined with other enemies in larger numbers, they begin to pose a large, hard to remove threat.

A-DSD Advanced Dwarf Spider Droids

That picture isn't an advanced dwarf spider droid because have you ever tried to find a good picture of one? It's a standard dwarf spider droid. Anyway, the advanced spider droid is a formidable droid manufactured by Baktoid Armor Workshop for the Commerce Guild. Unlike the standard DSD-1 Dwarf Spider Droid, the A-DSD isn't meant to march at the head of a formation of battle droids, but to fight its own pitched battles on uneven terrain. It has heavy armor plated legs that can be brought together to shield its vulnerable sensor eye and protect it from any frontal anti-armor attacks. The droid is armed with a single high-energy cannon and two guided missile launchers.

They were commercially available for many years before the start of the Clone Wars, but their use was limited to being used to search out miners that refused to pay guild tariffs and they were limited in number due to the high cost of manufacture.

In-game: They aren't really as scary as they sound. If you stay behind cover, they tend to have a hard time hurting you and they usually remain stationary during a fight. Add other, more aggressive enemies into the mix, though, and things get a bit more dangerous. The same strategies apply, however. Keep shooting its sensor eye with whatever you can. The anti-armor attachment is ideal, obviously, but anything will do.


Droidekas, or destroyers droids, were designed by and resemble the insectoid Colicoids of the planet Colla IV where the vast majority of droidekas are still manufactured. The Colicoids created and then began making droidekas because of a displeasure with the numerous limitations of Baktoid Combat Automata's B1 battle droid. In an interesting turn, the Trade Federation later began to purchase them to supplement their droid armies, though they did it with more limited models. Early Trade Federation droidekas shared the same flaw of requiring a droid control ship to function with the B1 model battle droid. After the Invasion of Naboo, however, they were upgraded to function much like the B2 super battle droid.

The droideka folds into a wheel shape and rolls across the ground as its form of locomotion and unfolds into a tripod mounted weapons platform. It's equipped with two dual blaster cannons and is protected by a personal deflector shield, making it a rather dangerous and hard to remove threat. Rather than using photoreceptors like most droids do, the droideka uses composite radiation sensors, reducing or eliminating the effect of light-based distractions.

In-game: Their weapons are rather dangerous, but despite the presence of the shield, they seem to take damage as normal, with the shield counting as part of their health. They really aren't very durable this way, and end up being push overs, even in numbers, when compared to super battle droids. Any weapon seems to do decent damage, and electrostatic detonators seem to ruin their day.

IG-100 MagnaGuards

IG-100 MagnaGuards were designed and are manufactured by Holowan Laboratories subsidiary company Holowan Mechanicals. After the InterGalactic Banking Clan refused to hire Qymaen jai Sheelal's Kaleesh elite to serve him after his rebirth as General Grievous, Count Dooku commissioned the IG-100 MagnaGuard to serve as Grievous' bodyguards. They are intelligent, extremely skilled, and very resilient. They're effective enough that they've been known to be more than a match even for a Jedi. MagnaGuards are armed with electrostaffs fashioned from the lightsaber resistant metal phrik and are capable of operating after suffering decapitation, a back up photoreceptor in the chest allowing it to still see and fight after having taken what is normally a crippling blow.

In-game: Whether they're hard or easy seems to be a toss up. As long as they're not trying to kill you, it's easy enough to do a lot of damage quickly, though their constant hopping around can make them hard to hit. Teammates in sniper and anti-armor positions makes killing them faster, but if there's more than one, it can also often mean they can kill your squad faster, as they're no longer moving at all.


The aristocrats of the Geonosian warrior caste are born and bred for war, reaching adulthood at the age of six fully ready to take up weapons, but while they aren't entirely unintelligent, they don't match the cunning of many other sentient races. Members of the warrior caste are the only Geonosians with functioning wings and the ability to fly, making them easily identifiable. The Geonosians have no standing army and their warriors are often given peacekeeping and police work. The regulars of the warrior caste tend to be lightly armed.

In-game: Well, they can fly. They can also try to hit you. They usually fail, though each hit hurts a lot when they actually manage it. Of all the enemies, these are probably the ones with the glitchiest AI and will often ignore you or get stuck on things.

The elites are the genetically superior brethren to the regulars. They're more intelligent, tougher, sport a variety of cybernetic enhancements, and carry heavier weaponry. They are just as unkind to the lower castes and also have wings and the ability to fly.

In-game: Fuck elites. What, you wanted something more? They fly around and they shoot at you. Their guns do a lot of damage and they're much better at dealing damage than the regulars are. They also can take quite a bit of damage. The up-side to elites is that if they don't explode, they drop the Geonosian elite beam weapon, which is incredible aside from the time it takes to start firing.

Every species has babies! The Geonosians have a rarely seen queen in their hives that lays eggs that gestate little larvae inside them, as you might imagine.

In-game: They're completely harmless and they'll never do much noticeable damage. They like to move around a lot and are small and hard to hit, though. They're fun to light on fire with explosions.


Trandoshans are bipedal, reptilian sentients from the planet of Trandosha. They tend to be larger and more heavily built than humans and have the unusual ability to regenerate lost limbs if given enough time, but they have relatively short lifespans with few living into their 60's. They worship a deity known as the Scorekeeper and live their lives to commit deeds that increase their jagganath points, leading them to live what most consider very aggressive lifestyles. Trandoshan bounty hunters, mercenaries, and slavers are quite a common sight as a result.

In-game: The trandoshan slavers are short and rather stumpy, but are relatively quick and have plenty of health. Enough health, in fact, to survive one stab from the vibroblade. Some carry ACP array guns, which are very dangerous up close, and all carry two large knives that are quite painful. Both being close range weapons, they tend to be very aggressive, wanting to close the gap so they can do as much damage as they can. Because of their large amount of health and their aggressiveness, it's often a good idea to do as much damage as you can while they close and then hit them with your vibroblade.

Heavy Assault Mercenaries
In-game: They're tall, they have a lot of health, and they move pretty slowly. They carry Araykd LS-150 Heavy ACP Repeater Guns, which tear through your shields and then your health at a very fast pace. They don't do the huge amounts of damage in a single burst that slavers with their ACP array guns can, but with their staying power and near constant damage output, Trandoshan heavies are pretty formidable. Flashbang them or simply snipe them for the best results.

In-game: These are the basic trandoshan troops and they eventually become more common than any other type of trando. They have a fair amount of health and often have a habit of dropping down from where they aren't expected. They do, however, find themselves with some of the poorest weapons around. Their ACP repeater guns are very good at knocking out personal shields, but are fairly bad against armor. They will kill you, and quite quickly if there are a few around, but there are much more dangerous enemies out there. Even when they aren't killing you directly, having no shields with slavers with array guns around will ruin your day pretty handily.